Be me

be me
still a teenager
have a ferrari and mercedes
(paid for it myself not daddys money)
200,000 in the bank. own place. 2 million in crypto
all girls only approach me for money and because they know im successful
I'm also kind of attractive
how do I make it that girls will love me for who I am. Every girl wants me to bring them to sephora or some shit or some expensive shit or spend money on them and Im a dick when I do

What do i do bros. Im so fucking lonely

Sell your house and cars and live a normal life under cover until you find yourself a wife, then get a prenup and reveal it all

idk bro i was thinking about that. or maybe living a double life. buying a shitty honda civic and pretending to live with my parents.

Pretty much this. You're always gonna have gold diggers if you're flashing you shit around. Act normal, live normal and people won't suspect you're rich. Still enjoy the finer things every once in a while, but remember to still say every once in a while "oh I don't know if I can afford that". That's the only way you're gonna get someone to want you for who you are.

yeah man

Decided not to dump my $$$ on an expensive car when I was 17 because of the insurance. How do you do it?

through my fathers name. but I trust him 100%

get a daily work, cover yourself from luxury. continue to trade while you're working for people. live double life and live to the fullest. enjoy.

,dr. phil

yeah but how would i meet a woman bro. like everyone that knows me knows me as "the prodigy" and shit

Start dressing and living like you're poor or lower middle class, find the love of your life and once you know you can trust her (preferably an extremely zealous religious one who thinks divorce is evil. If you're a Mormon or a cult member or something then finding a girl who will never divorce you is pretty easy) and she's completely dedicated to you, and then you reveal your fortune.

Read the millionaire next door. Hangout in the library and nerd hobby clubs

Nice larp faggot

idk man why lower middle class. i could seem like im doing good for myself but not like to the point that I am. Like i could have a small apartment and stuff

send me eth and ill teach u the ways of being a normie

yo man lemme tell you sumthin. if you gonna get a girl , you will get em . doesnt matter what you do . if it's time for you to get em in life, you will get em. chicks are everywhere man, asians, white, black, hispanic, ginger. it doesn't mean you couldn't get hot chicks from working. just learn some new skills. get into a community. find a girl that clicks with you, a girl thats not into money.

im not even larping dude i need advice. dont be a cunt I dont have anything to gain from this

move away somewhere else or pretend you lost it all on one big trade if your pride allows for it.

i do brazillian jiu jitsu but its hard to be in that community when everyone knows you from your past life. know what i mean?

find something that you like, get into the community if you don't see a hot chick there proceed to find new skill to learn and repeat. enjoy life.

>owns ferrari
>complains about gold diggers

fuck off larping faggot

+1 for cute Mormon waifu

>Be me, crypto multimillionaire from ETH, Antshares, various others.
>Still wagecuck at a restaurant cause I want to keep it concealed and myself humble.
>The system cucked me.

Get a normal job and buy a normal car to get to that job. Be rich on the DL.

i do life theraphy sessions, but i don't think you need em. you'll do just fine. you're overthinking and over reacting.

The Mercedes. Ferrari is in the shop rn

>Oh, now it makes sense.

get into something you like, cooking, playing games, art, crafting, thers bunch of things you can do you just don't see em.

don't reveal your wealth to women until you've fucked them. even better, don't ever reveal your wealth--let them "accidently find out" after you've already fucked them.

if you've fucked them, they've already committed somewhat to something else about you and the financial success is just a bonus.

remember, being able to create wealth is a genetic indicator of intelligence.

Stop larping you fucking retard. that should be a good start

congrats if true.

being lonely sucks, but its something you need to get comfortable with.

never discuss crypto. if you must, just pretend or imagine having 100x less. talk in those terms.

forget the cars and swap into a cheap car. something nice but economical, like a Ford Focus/Dodge Dart with all the bells and whistles.

If the cat is out of the bag and everyone in your circle knows you have that much, you're best off moving away or try some user internet dating. Gas money/train ticket/etc is an inexpensive method to get around if you decide to meet.

Always be frugal, don't be embarrassed to whip out coupons etc, or discuss cheap options. "Yeah I could meet up, it'd only be $50 in gas to get out there/got a $140 round trip fare from priceline/etc"

Again, if you are young and driving around those vehicles, you may as well move to the ghetto, keep your doors unlocked and then not act surprised when your stuff is stole by the local niggers. Go fishing for women with gold digging bait, will get you gold digging fish on the hook. Buy your clothes from walmart/target. Levi's, Wranglers. Get yourself out of the materialistic mindset.

get tinder and dont mention your education or money. thats what i do. just looks and talk to them but barely care. I only talk to the girls that message me first unless i know them

The good start is every girl is gonna want me for fucking money.


bread on hood if not

>flaunts wealth
"they only like me for my wealth"
no shit you dumb mother fucker

>how do I make it that girls will love me for who I am
who are you OP?

For a start, sell the Ferrari and the Mercedes. I know it is maybe a dream come true, but you must be paying your ass off in insurance (you *do* have insurance, right?) because you're young and you own 2 sports/luxury cars.

But it's not only about money being spent. You're asking the impossibly by showing off so much wealth and expecting people - friends, girls, family - not to take that into account when approaching you. Do pretend you're middle class; get an average car (not even an *above* average car, as that could still attract attention to your money), don't talk about money, when people ask you about investments or crypto pretend to be a normie.

Do understand that although much is said these days about money being evil and such, people are more materialistic than ever. And women who are attracted by your money and your cars are not really worth your time at all. So what you do is show them that when it comes to what you own, you show them something they won't be judgemental about.

Hell, even if you find someone who loves you for who you are, don't dive in and show them your wealth until you can be /entirely/ sure they won't steal your BTC wallet and run off with Jamal.

Good luck user.

Have you been to a library in the last 5 years? They’re literally homeless shelter 2.0

heres an idea, move to a rich community where ull be looked down upon because its all daddy's money and u havent made anything urself

>2.2 mil new worth
bad descision senpai. get a nice subaru or something and get a ferrari when its about 1% of your net worth

Easy man just say you were hacked and all your funds are gone. "Sell" your stuff because you owed money.

Lmao the fuck is this
Now tell us to buy UFR

Im assuming you want us to ask how and then your gonna tell us which coin to buy
Shills be gone

I and others gave you good replies, you ignored it and instead you replied to the useless cunt.

have fun killing yourself in the next 5 years

Heres my mercedes
When can i find gril

which model is it?

2017 e300. i couldnt afford the s class at the time

thank you man. i might just do that and say fuck it

buy uFR

are we gonna have these pussy nigger bitch threads every day from now on?

That's the best thing to do. Pretend that all your cryptos got hacked and stolen and now you've got next to nothing. Talk about how you must have just gotten lucky in the past because now you just keep making poor investments

fuck you

Just go travel, hit the hostel dorms, expose yourself to the unknown... don't flash your money with your stupid short peened red car.

Find a girl you have a genuine laugh with, even if you're not 100% attracted to her.. don't treat her like a princess, it's your money


Go to Europe, Asia.. hit the hostel dorms..