Your one hidden low mcap gems

With pros and cons.

Mine is $MOIN, a privacy coin.


Only ~6 million mcap, 7 million coins in circulation with a max of 21 million

Technology exists, works, is sleek and continuously being worked on by a team as well as community of dedicated autists

2018 is pretty much gonna be the year of privacy coins and from a standpoint of technology, economics and features, MOIN is a top dog

Absolute moon mission potential


No whitepaper

Team is dedicated autists so they prefer working on the tech, as a result the marketing is basically 0

No mobile wallets (yet)

Now you show me yours.

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This is nice. Im in.

What's the matter, user? Not done accumulating yet?

well well well, thank you for taking over the torch !

Here's another one for you

Market Cap
$25,621,041 USD
1,866 BTC

Circulating Supply
160,865,454 VSX

But 62 mil is locked on Masternodes so a 98 mil CS

$0.159270 USD

End of the month they'll have a new website, news, roadmap

I got shilled on INTchain earlier today and glad for it.

It's the chinese IOTA with a 50M marketcap

+1, 25x mission max 1 month.

EZ gains r EZ

Looks promising.

Thoughts on Bulwark (BWK)?

solid find op

Shit, looks pretty neat. I'll buy like $200 worth

Mine is FLT

6 million market cap -

Lots of growth potential and new exchanges coming.

I'm in.

Right. My contribution is VIVO, it's pretty decent for mining and has been pumping recently, has a pretty active community as well. It trades on cryptopia and has a market cap of $14 million. My guess is that it'll top out at around $50 in the next couple of months. There's nothing really that special about it.

Here's the website:

how high do you think the price will go?

Sugar. 2 million MC. 3.5 m circulating supply. Easy x10. Check out their website and DYOR. Comfy hold.


EXRN - 150M circulating, 0.40 cents, $60M market cap. Partnerships with Microsoft, IBM and Huawei.

Verify (CRED) - 12M circulating. $29M market cap.

BitBoost (BBT) - 4.8M circulating. $9.5M market cap.

PayFair (PFR) - 76M circulating. $28M market cap.

No, this is the part where you shill us, I'm not even going to waste my time hunting up the specs of your shitcoin and what it does.

I have a good one. Dividend paying cryptos are going to be the rage this year once a few of the better ones start paying out. So find one early and get your teeth in before they even start making money. My current choice for this: Ethbits. They want to be the Localbitcoins of Ethereum. They're also doing an exchange which should be out (beta) this month. Less than 2 million circulating supply and less than $7 million market cap. For every $16k they make, each of their tokens are worth one cent in dividends. I bought at $2 and didn't sell when it spiked to $11, because I want a lot of these dropping money in my pocket quaterly. DCorp is another, but I'm still accumulating, so not going to shill it too hard. But just imagine getting in on Kuckcoin Shares when they were forty cents...

>two year old project
>no whitepaper
>no clear roadmap

fuck no, how can you buy this shit. yeah, drop a hundred bucks on it just for shits but come on



The hell is that coin

VEN is hidden low mcap to me
only 1.5 billion dollars for china's next try at demolishing the USD

WeTrust (TRST), thank me later.

> platform launch on Wednesday, 18th Jan.

>mooned hard already
These are idiots holding bags. Don't buy

how did you buy it?

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Atta boy!

>hidden gem
>already mooned and did a like 100x
just fuck off OP

ZOIN , No ICO, Not premined , no aidrop , zero protocol , target 200 $

Devs will literally lay it out for you if you ask them but ok

As I said they're autist s so the marketing is utter garbage but the work is solid

anti shill me anons

Low mc
Low circulating supply
Privacy coin
Pos+pow hybrid
An actual usable product, not vaporware
Somewhat volatile
Price near ath
Hasn't mooned yet

Very low mc, ~7m
Stackable, 15% reward
Decentralized version of local bitcoins
Not a usable product yet b/c development is not completed
>only traded on shit exchanges

TIOTOUR on ETHERDELTA 450k, price is currently at $0.16. Ur welcome