Why is everything tanking?

Seriously, what's going on? When will it end?

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>tfw you're /comfy/ in NEO

.mfw xlm doesnt tank, just slithers along.

i wasnt expecting this big of a correction, but maybe its healthy.


Eh..i knew i should buy it

Same my portfolio hasnt moved

right? comfy.

It's not really that big of a correction. The overall market cap went down about 10% in the last week. I don't know what I'm talking about, but it seems that it can go a lot lower, maybe even to last September's numbers.

None of the exchanges can handle the influx of users so we don't have as much new money coming in, they keep locking people out




AT $4.25




I think all the normies got scammed by tron and ripple and took out all their money

strat is moooning! get in nerds!

Darwinism my friend.

tanking? my FUN is in the green today, maybe it's just your shitcoins

this coin was supposed to be good though

Sad lol

Big market correction = sell all your shitcoins. Sorry you had to learn the hard way.

its going back up soon desu

This...normies always fuck shit up. The idiotic market cap increase on xrp and trx caused caused a very skewed total market cap increase which was bound to end in a disaster when someone with a brain decided to cash out everything on those positions.

You must be new. The market tanks all the time.

What is tanking? I'm all in APPC and Brianne also looks green. Maybe bittrex is selling again

Because to many faggots like you entered the crypto my dubbies prove it!

Because right now BTC is in a symmetrical triangle correction. The market makers/whales are waiting for BTC to make a move to decide if BTC will tank or moon

If bitcoin goes up a lot from right now then we'll see movement otherwise, it'll take a week

Flat trajectory, stellar snek

Invest all of your ETH in ICOs

Seriously, easiest 30x is the MGXL ICO

If you don’t put at least 1 ETH into this monster, you deserve to be broke

I’m trying to accumulate, asshole

if BTC starts mooning right now, alts will get double whammied so fucking hard, it'd make the run in Q4 seem like a fucking joke.

people are making fun of this though

still gonna moon despite any FUD

idk, i'm up from last weeks mini moons. Comfy, stop buying shit.

skycoin never tanks. best bear market shelter I've seen in my 6 years of watching crypto.

This is a fucking scam. Literally do any research on this piece of shit before even considering putting anything in it.

>he believes the FUD
you deserve to remain a broke bitch

why do think it's a scam?


Reverse google image search the photos of the team. Read the whitepaper.
Also, bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2702346.0


Scam fgt

thanks user

Magnalis website is slow as fuck. Let's make this easier to invest in an amazing ICO without needing to sit through mindless registration.


^Magnalis Deposit Address. Send ETH and receive MGXL tokens.


^Token Contract. Under 2 Million left. Note that the token holder is the deposit address.


>no janet yellen or fed

this picture is useless


sent you 100 eth. How to get MGXL tokens?

Elliot wave retard, we're headed to point 2, hodl until the next pump or be eternally btfo

Only got REQ and ETH. lost a about 30% but still /comfy/ as fuck.

Healthy correction. But if you see BTC break 5k support. It's over boyos. Doesn't matter where your shit is. No new money going to come in. Pink wojacks 2-3years.

No problem. I fucking hate scammers like this

>Elliot wave
Elliott wave, retard

when is next pump?

Yeah... no. Fuck off you piece of shit.