Here's something that'll knock your socks off

Here's something that'll knock your socks off

holding zcl, etc, & spreadcoin. all the forks : )

This guy knows what he’s doing

All in on ZCL though, hope I can catch the ETC train by ZCL fork

Holding 40. Just a waiting game at this point.

will we get airdrops if we have it in bittrex?

i was just about to ask that as far as i know they wont announce it till they announce the fork date but exchanges are likely to partake

1. Complete the new wallet. Make sure it’s all 100%
2. Announce fork date and block height
3. Bittrex announce if they will support fork
4. Possible get listed on new exchanges (Binance?)
5. Hype, FOMO kick in hard
6. Fork

All this needs to happen before EOM. Whales accumulating atm, price is suppressed. Once No.2 happens though we’ll see ZCL at $500-600 and before the months out we’ll see $1200-1500.

Just have some patience.

It'll be happening in the next few days I think. Rhett's twitter is heating up

im 33% in


I trimmed a small amount of ZCL just to get a good ETC stack. I think people are underestimating how big the ETC pump will be. & honestly, Spreadcoin is shit & the fork might not even be real, but the price could still pump before the 31st lmao.

do I need to use the new wallet, then the old wallet works fine?

I think so too. Fork announcement tomorrow or next day, then shits going interstellar

I’m thinking sometime in the next week but not monday.

My only problem with zcl is that it's going to dump so hard after the fork and I'm not sure I can time it right. I'm waiting for bitcoin private to dump initially then I'll buy in. Less potential gains, but safer imo because I don't want to get stuck holding bags.

Bought 2 on cryptopia. How I get fork?

keep dreaming delusional forkie

No. Electrum wallet has to come first before it's announced

I don't understand why biz isnt talking about this 24/7 i mean it is a coin that could potencially go 1000+ in less than a month and it is still $200

two ways I know of.
one if an exchange supports the fork, you're account will be credited. Though i don't think any exchange has said if they'll support the fork as of yet.
two, store them in wallet you have the private keys for. then you can claim them once the fork happens.

because BZC WILL go to 1Billion rupies end of this week

I really wonder what will happen to BTCP, where it will trade at. I'm thinking at least $600, then I think it will be quite a good long term hold. Could maybe hit 10k and long term it could overtake Monero and perhaps even BTC

Hum, i see.

I've only got 25% in ZCL atm, tempted to go 60% in, (got VEN and REQ), what does Veeky Forums think?


Unless they really fuck up the announcement it's going to go up. You can sell before the fork for barely any risk while still profiting, or hold longer for the btcp (not sure myself what I'll do, probably some of both).

Do not sell any ven until February 27

this coin will make me RICH

All of us, my indian friend.

a-am i going to be able to f-finally afford a toilet senpai?

I have two. Should I sell one before the fork to cover my investment and keep one for bcp, sell both, or keep both?

Given your poorfag situation i would take risk and keep ZCL in hopes for +1K

I mean keep both so you have both btcp

That’s risky senpai. Think they’ll be worth more than BCH?

at only 3 million supply this is finna blow up isnt it?

I have 40 and plan to dump half pre-fork in case BTCP is a flop or the fork falls through/is cancelled last minute etc. I would do this whether I had 2 or 2000.

Less money you have the more risk you have to take

It won't take over Monero

Unlikely yes, but nothing can be ruled out in crypto

Is that fear what im smelling?

Look at the market caps/prices of other bitcoin forks. Bitcoin Gold which is complete trash has a market cap of 4.5 billion and is $270. Bitcoin Private (if they pull it off) has significant advantages to bitcoin so I think the potential reward for BTCP is very high compared with the risk.


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