Market Crash?

This guy on tradingview has been calling market crashes to the 1%. He's saying to load up on shorts between $13,500 and $13,800.

Also claims to have insider info and everything seems reasonable so far...

He mentions BTC dumps after BTG pumps. BTG pumped yesterday...

Thoughts? Is this the end of crypto?

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Let me see...

damn the btg shit adds up

he sounds like a nice lady.

More than likely just a coincidence


If he's right they'll find him and murder him for this lol

thanks just sold 100k


Dead man walikng

at least use different pics pajeet you dumb faggot

Oh so this is just coordinated pajeet fud to buy cheap coins from us then
Fuck this

Why, I forgot to add the link to the first one...

You should be thankful I'm nice enough to remake it

> BTC -0.67% will not go over 15,000 again.
What? Ever? What are you a fucking idiot?

>BTC -0.67% will be pushed down to at least $1,000 (it will take a long time, at least a month or two but the initial sell off will be fast)
I'd sell all my shit and put everything I have into it, so would everyone else preventing it from getting to $1,000 in the first place

>A transfer from BTC -0.67% to BTG 4.42%
Lol alright I think this is the evidence everyone needs that this guy is full of shit and has no idea what they are talking about

>I have been able to notice some patterns
Insider info, your friends info, insider trading or patterns, which one is it?, why do you think patterns hold the future instead of actual happenings?

> I know a guy who helps manage a medium sized mining operation and he told me some things
I am a manger at a medium sized mining operation, what the fuck would we know that is so special that you fuckers don't know? We make sure the machines run and that we are making profit and keep an eye on difficulty and so on, we don't see the future.

>I am sharing this because I am already in position and have been for some time.
Yeah well I am posting cause I have been doing this shit since 2010, dipshit has no idea what he's talking about

>BTC back to 1k

That would be glorious. Even if I lose money, just the sight of normies getting absolutely fucking JUST'd would make it totally worth it.

Just think about it. All the TRX, XRP and LTC normies losing 95% of their investment.

fuck these pajeets
good call, user

Yeah expect a market crash from this guys chart alone!

You need to have 2 threads going for this fake bullshit you pajeet faggot?

>I'd sell all my shit and put everything I have into it, so would everyone else preventing it from getting to $1,000 in the first place
I'm not the pajeet but: if that was the case how come this same thing didn't prevent it from dropping from 19k to 10k almost overnight?

Did you actually read the shot his posted... LOLworthy

Agreed. They do know the general public owns less than 1% of btc.

If that's where they wanted it to go, it would go there

Pretty sure Jihan Wu owns it all

Too bad if Craig wright is satoshi and dumps it with Roger Ver for BCH

So, should I forget about btc and buy bch instead?


Based rusty shackleford

what does shorting/ going short mean?

Get the fuck out normie

So basically if it goes over 14,000 he's wrong lol

What a fcking idiot

like you know

It means that you will be shorted by the whales

And you will panic sell

leverage trading I think. Betting on whether it goes up or down? idk user just did some quick googles

Can we keep this thread alive for when btc reaches 30k?

Shorting means selling fool

It's probably just some pajeet fud
>2 months old account
>somehow got the "PRO" flair (probably other pajeets voted him)
>only 1 post
>2 posts here at the same time with the same text and picture linking that one post

it's 13,700 now lol

until it gets to 14k is enough

He says it won't hit 15k ever again, not 14k

aint noone pumping this thread for that long

Why would a miner knowingly participate in depreciating the asset they mine, that's fucking retarded.

If btc's price gets too low it's becomes no longer profitable to mine

Plus, anyone shorting BTC is about to get their nuts squeezed off. He's full of shit.

plenty of coins they can mine, they don't give a fuck which one it is

If btc dies no one will care about crypto ever again

This guy is full of shit lol , i'm not cashing out then losing money cause some pajeet thinks btc will crash to 1k. highly unlikely

I'll throw $500 on his short, fuck it... 12500% profit, worth the risk to me

It means borrowing an asset at a particular price at a particular interest rate with the expectation that it will drop in value. After the value has dropped, you return the assets current value with interest to the owner and you keep the money between the short value and the bottom value.


Good luck with your margin call, faggot. Anyone with a short position better cover or they'll get crushed. Ever seen a short squeeze before?

That's one speculative trade, good luck with that lol

>a short position better cover or they'll get crushed. Ever seen a short
This looks like a squeeze to me now...

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Yep...shorty's hate'n life right now. Here comes 14,000

He said to 13,800 in his recent update, lets see what happens

Damn this dude could be right

It stopped at 13,800, now it will correct for a minute and smash through to 14,000

Unless he really is a god lol

If it doesn't get to 14,000 it's forming a head and shoulders pattern and it will probably drop to 12,500

Sit and pray.


Anyone short right now at 13,800 will lose everything they have. This is the gayest fucking LARP i've seen in a while

>it's gonna crash to 13,800 but then smash through to 14,000.
Are you people looking at 1 minute charts? Do you have any idea how fucking volatile BTC is? What's wrong with you?

Why you so against the call, you're actually being irrational. Are you a paid BTC shill or just long on btc?

>bitcoin will never break $1000
>bitcoin will never break $2000
>bitcoin will never break $3000
>bitcoin will never break $4000
>bitcoin will never break $5000
>bitcoin will never break $6000
>bitcoin will never break $7000
>bitcoin will never break $8000
>bitcoin will never break $9000
>bitcoin will never break $10000
>bitcoin will never break $11000
>bitcoin will never break $12000
>bitcoin will never break $13000
>bitcoin will never break $14000
>bitcoin will never break $15000
>bitcoin will never break $16000
>bitcoin will never break $17000
>bitcoin will never break $18000
>bitcoin will never break $19000

You're missing 20k. List seems incomplete

It's not about 1 minute chart. It's about the daily chart.
This faggot probably has seen the formation coming and started FUD.

But the head and shoulders thing is real, it means a big dump is coming. So let's pray it hits 14,000

Is 14,000 the important number?

lel nice job user

Do you even understand how shorting works? Do you really think this dipshit is shorting BTC on margin? If so, you're both funking retarded and should be euthanized.

If the other shoulder is higher than the head, the pattern is broken and it's a rising wedge instead, which means a pump.
So yes, 14k is important.

So you think no one is short on btc now with margin. You're funking retarded.

Doji formed on the 30min candles, this dude is right. Short this fucker!

where do you see head and shoulders?

I'd wait another 30 for confirmation of reversal.

If they are, they are shitting their pants right now. They'll get crushed. Do me a favor, explain to me how a margin account works. I don't think you have the slightest clue what you are talking about.

It didn't hit 20k

lol you set your leverage, it hits a certain price and you lose it all.

In South Korea it hit 25k.

Yeah, let's send eth to a random contract to get rich

What's the problem, dude said it ain't going to 15k


he would have margin set accordingly...

So, the fudder was right so far, right?
It didn't hit 14k


the absolute state of pajeets

I'm adding to my comment, wtf your problem


I'll use Veeky Forums how i like. smd pussies

It looks like he actually called it within 1% twice before too

Fuck it, I'm a believer

Although it could still easily break 14j

So what's going on guys? I'm not shorting or leveraging but should I exit all markets? I'm kind of scared

I'll counter your symmetric triangle with a bear flag.

Yes, time to get the fuck out

Yes, exit all markets. This dude is right

I'm out

Just sold 300k

Good luck y'all

fuck off pajeet

This guy is talking shit but he may be right if we don't break 14k


Why would they crash the market when there's plenty left to milk

Fuck this guy...

But is the market really that manipulated???

there’s no regulations, why wouldn’t it be

Because you can profit from shorting?