Satoshi's vision

>satoshi's vision

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BCore spamming the mempool, nothing unusual.

spam the pool make higher fees nothing wrong with dat

Live by the sword die by the sword

I was shilling pfr and prl here for you on /biz since both were 0.07 and 0.01 respectively. Get profit on egas and make me (and you) rich.
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>chink cartel actually clogs btc mempool with bullshit transactions
>bcashies always like "nah thats bullshit stfu faggot btc just sucks!"
Cant have it both ways bro

why not join satoshi's actual project

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See how cheap those tx are? You can get a next block tx by paying a tiny fraction more than those tx, and it'll go through.

The fact that users of BCH with hundreds of UTXO can consolidate is a feature. Unlike BTC where these addresses are below the dust limit.

I'm not some BTC fanboy or anything. Honestly I just don't see a point in BCH. If the issue is TX costs are too high/slow, why would you go with something that only slightly temporarily fixes the problem (and is mostly owned by a few pretty obnoxious individuals)?
If you want to replace it, pick one of the new blockchains with MUCH higher TX throughput and essentially free fees.

The goal of bch is to create the ultimate do it all coin. The end game is to kill alts.

good luck with that

what the fuck is bitcoin core? is that another fork?

what is this shit even? you spam that everywhere, why you so keen on it?
explain yourself or be a bot

>wtf is bitcoin

The state of biz ladies and gents

>hashpower dictates block times
>Adaptive block size is coming
>BCH currently has about 10% of the hashpower
>implying this would ever happen if BCH had even 15-20% dependable hashpower

Miners mine for money and nothing else. BTC is going to down trend vs alts over the next year. BCH can literally do everything else other chains can do, plus it can scale. Given the hashpower this bs doesn't happen ever. Also if you're paying more than a cent for BCH transaction you're paying far too much.

blockchain pruning is not a difficult idea. half a dozen coins already have it and it greatly eases scaling.
but neither btc or cash have it, so they will fail.

My opinion is whoever delivers on scaling solutions this year is going to be winner. BCH's roadmap is looking to take much of this, other projects may as well (point me in their direction, pls). Second will be privacy. XMR will run that show unless it is proven that 2nd layer is just as safe as 1st.

If you do some research it might terrify you. Bitcoin should've always been working toward what BCH is.

Nah thats just newfags that joined after Jan 2017. Actually I still consider 2013 faggots new.

XLM/XRP, XRB, currently seem to have pretty solid scaling strategies. pruning + sharding. xrb is less tested.
NEO & ETH have solid plans but untested methods. ETH plans to use lightning in addition to sharding (NEO just sharding IIRC) but lightning has a guaranteed centralization effect.
pascalcoin is bitcoin but with pruning. waste of time IMO

there's also universa but who knows if its vaporware or how it's supposed to work

ok bro. i'm really scared.

what the fuck is a memepool

>blockchain pruning is not a difficult idea
>but neither btc or cash have it, so they will fail.

It actually says in the whitepaper that you aren't allowed to do that. (well, you can, but whatever coin you create isn't bitcoin) Also, mempool isn't on the blockchain.
Nodes don't even have to store every block after they've caught up, just the UXTOs.

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