How to really make it, legit version

ShipChain and IntenseCoin bro here

Just learn from me (I turned 3k into 70k within a month and will be a millionaire in march when shipchain goes live, i wont dump though)
I know how to make every one of you retards a millionaire, if you just fucking listen to me.
Doesn't matter if you only have 1k or 15k or 50k (1k ish minimum though for $1m+)

2 easy steps to MAKE IT if you can restrain your gambling-addicted brains from FOMOing and day-trading.

Step 1: Go all in on INT (Internet Node Token) on coinegg, okex, allcoin or coolcoin (not yet listed on CMC) NOW
- Sell mid to end Feb for 10-20x
Step 2a: Once ShipChain tokens get released buy them immediately on ED for a cheap 2-3x of ICO price (90%)
Step 2b: Buy IntenseCoin (Rebrand incoming in ~march) (10%)
- Sell everything mid 2019
>literally millions

Then buy lambos or bitches or yachts or do whatever you want with your money.

I am absolutely fucking sure this is the way.

Screenshot this.

Other urls found in this thread:

Screenshotted, will bite your dick off if this is all untrue

and i will literally suck it off if it is true

Internet node token, kek.


I gladly accept the bet.
Just do it for once, I'm one of the good anons that have a little bit of altruistic spirit (even though i dont believe in altruism).
Not dumping on anyone, not scamming anyone, I just want biz to make it alongside myself.

bbut my ven

show bobs and vagene
serious. It's the chinese Iota, like NEO is the chinese ETH
completely flying under the radar right now only 40m market cap

There's an optional step:
just 80% into SHIP, 10% into ITNS and 10% into cryptocurve ICO.

Thanks famalam. Give me your name, I'll give you well wishes if your advice takes me to Jupiter.

You can call me biz-Daddy (wishes will get routed to me).

>literally can't buy any of this shit...
>can't withdraw on coinegg if in US

What did you buy to turn 3k to 70k within a month biz-daddy?

see pic
first bought ITNS with 3k credit card
turned it into 20k with ITNS, sold and bought DBC at like 10c
sold DBC at like 20c and got into shipchain ICO last minute with 38k
>left 2k for trading
invested into COSS, UFR, SGR and some smaller shitcoins and turned it into 30k within 2 weeks, also did some very good arbitrage trades with smaller shitcoins (buying on etherdelta and immediately selling it on another exchange for like 20-30% profits)

Now went 28k into INT and 2k into Telcoin

That's how I got my 70k and it'll be much more.

sorry wrong pic, see pic now
itll be much more when Ship starts trading, planning to hold well into 2019/2020 though.

Buying into a 1billion total supply coin and expecting to moon.

>what is iota, what is cardano etc...
Also circulating supply is only 150m for now

tfw im actually already at 85k, not 70 just checked, INT has mooned faster than i had expected..still not too late, only the beginning.

my entry was 25-26c
dont be scared to fomo on this one
easy 4-5$ in 2 weeks

I'm from the US, wtf do I need a passport for? I'm not going to visit some shithole country

let us know when it's on a real exchange americans can use


Are the exchanges he mentioned not available for the US? I never bothered but they sounded like shit exchanges like cryptopia

you can also use your drivers licence
point is: you can easily get an account
better hurry up though and deposit those ETH to buy INT asap, its mooning and it wont stop.
you can withdraw a month
itll be too late then
anyone can register on coinegg, its like binance or kucoin, based in china

they are all available for US, their registration form is just shitty and doesnt list US, but actually just select china or UK or whatever, put in a drivers licence number
I got approved within 30 minutes

giving the Chinese my drivers license...
GTFO here pinko commie

enjoy your fiat panda

btw did i just cause this fucking candle with this post? hope not, wanted you guys to get in

i cant ok

just tell me this, should i keep studying crypto or will i be a bagholder if i jump in 6 months from now

no i'm blind ffs

have fun getting absolutely shit on by whales

which exchange?

6 months is a lot, nobody knows what stuff will exist then
so just try to get 1k now
co sponsors, bottom, 5th from left
Total issued volume: 1 billion INT
Number of
shares outstanding: 150 million INT Private placement deadline: 2017/08/14
Private placement volume: 150 million INT
Private placement costs: 1 BTC = 166666 INT (¥ 0.168)
ICO Time: 2017 /
08/20 ICO Total: 100 million
ICO Costs: 1 BTC = 100000 INT (0.28)
Share Allocation: 35% Pre-sale and Early Contributors, 25% INT Funds, 15% Business Partnerships, 15% Investment and Ecosystems , 5% team, 5% community.

I've no worries

which exchange boyo

Alright OP I am little high, so I put in 2k on INT just now. I also got the shipchain airdrop coming.

Need some clarification OP. Are we supposed to buy into ShipChain in Feb with the profits from INT, then sell again after ShipChain 3x's from ICO and go all-in to IntenseCoin?

almost, go all in on shipcoin (90%) with INT profits and 10% into ITNS with INT profits

My recommendation is to go ALL IN ITNS right now. Price is about to explode in 2-3 days at least 2x.

I will say that if this is shilling it is close to elite-level. So if nothing else there's that and you deserve some money for your execution.

I'll throw a few K in and see what happens

to be clear:
1. put 1k (or whatever you armount is) into INT now
2. Sell INT in mid-end Feb for 10-20x
3. Assuming 20x, put 18k into SHIP, 2k into ITNS
4. Don't even think about selling in 2018

HODL and drive lambos in 2019

dont care if you believe me or not, draw your own conclusions about the projects and then decide on your own.
>pro tip
just do what I say

What to do with 50% of your millions in 2019? Put it into pic related

Wish I could do that now already.

Why are you doing this OP? Who are you?

sad thing is i unironically could gamble on this easily if bnty hadn't fucked all of my gains this week

I would also recommend buying the ITNS before the INT long term hold.

I don't know. I think you guys just deserve to make it too. More fun. U can call me Crypto Daddy
Just cut your BNTY losses and go all in on this.

Put your INT orders between 2000 and 2300 sats, would probably get filled on next little dump (no guarantee ofc...)

OP is a massive fucking faggot though

Yeah. Today is 15th of January. They post updates on 15th

>easy 40%

well there's some truth to that
so if you like a gamble you could flip an easy 50% on ITNS today and THEN go into INT, but youll have to hope that INT waits for you.


Here is my BTC address

I don't want any donations, but in mid 2019 when youve made it, send me a "Thank you, I made it" with transaction note

>Thinks Shipchain will make him rich
>Hasn't heard of pic

fuck user i don't have 1k to drop in this but could prob do about 400. i heard the whale talk about shipchain so i just signed up to their airdrop for tokens.

Im holding 12k int now
If this turns out to be a shitcoin Im broke

go have a look at shipchain team
doesnt matter the amount, % will be the same
so go all in on INT for 400, hold till mid feb, sell and buy SHIP with proceeds
what price you got?
You will make it. Just dont be tempted to sell for a cheap 100%
sell mid feb-to march for 10-20x then all in shipchain

user what exchange will shipchain be on when its ready to sell?

Post your folio

first on etherdelta and/or radarrelay and/or IDEX, probably immediately upon token release

Now I don't know if the team plans to list it on a big exchange the same day they release the tokens, it's a possibility.
I would guess Binance or Bittrex but thats just speculation.

there's an airdrop starting today for the next 2 weeks.

actually i'll just follow your steps 3 + 4 down the line in March, will have 20K by then and meanwhile can see if you know your shit

both INT and TEL are not supported right now (not even on CMC yet) and the other 38k are in SHIP, which arent released until march

so yeah that is pretty much my folio atm.

that is actually a good risk-management strategy.

Nah nigga, you look at Flexport. DYOR.

Shipchain doesn't even exist yet. Do you have any idea how hard it is getting shipping merchants to migrate their legacy systems to something new? Of course you don't. Flexport has been doing this for years and make significant progress. Flexport is one of the hottest tech companies in SV right now.

But whatever. All the faggots who'll buy your SHIP bags at 2x won't know that. Crypto money is dumb money compared to seasoned tech investors.

Thoughts on ShipChain vs BlockArray?

appreciate the heads up user, will send you that note if it takes me to lamboland. i believe there are some good thoroughbred bizbros still on our ranks

Flexport is centralised though, while Shipchain will be a decentralised open ecosystem.

Seriously, look at Shipchain team:
Roger Crook (10 years DHL global forwarding CEO, Chief strategy officer at shipchain, core team)
AL PETTENATO vice president of XPO logistics
previously north americas DHL CEO
and they have an ongoing implementation of perdue farms (6bn chicken company) into shipchain beta right fucking now
and so many top marketing people and good conenctions
they even get featured in articles like this

maybe flexport and shipchain will even partner up?

shipchain has much better chances for execution than blockarray because of world class A++ team and connections into the industry
blockarray looks good too, though.

got in at 2700
so pretty much at the peak

as a poor college fag, let me trade my ABTC tmrw and see how it goes from there. But thanks for the advice

pretty good, at least you didnt chase at 3300 and waited for a little dump
guess we will go up from here

Will use this trippost for this week maybe, so you can blame me in case everything goes to the shitter (which it wont)

as 2 other anons have posted in here
you might want to look into ITNS for an intraday play, then enter INT
I entered INT first though and will hold till feb

>Flexport is centralised though, while Shipchain will be a decentralised open ecosystem.

Do you have any idea how dumb you sound when you say this?

>List ex-shipping people
Bro, Flexport is just shy of 600 employees. I think they know what they're doing.

It's cool the idiots in desperation have accepted you as their mentor and honestly I would put a little money on Shipchain too [like I said, crypto money is dumb money], but your bravado doesn't fool anyone. 3k to 70k is cute though.

Is ITNS available only on stock exchange?

>Do you have any idea how dumb you sound when you say this?
No, I don't. Being an open blockchain ecosystem will have its implications, such as being used by everyone because it's free and not country-bound? Just have to use the token system and pay with it.
you think ex CEO of DHL with 10 year experience doesnt know what hes doing? +Sharktank guy + many other 3PL company guys on the team? I'm not saying Flexport is bad, Im saying ShipChain is different.
yes, for now. But there is one user on their discord channel that offered 10 BTC for a cryptopia listing, hes awaiting the reply from cryptopia, which will most likely accept it, so ITNS will moon in such case, also monthly update today

why is INT blowing up all of a sudden?

Semi unrated question, but curious - thoughts on COSS or AChain?

>Being an open blockchain ecosystem will have its implications, such as being used by everyone because it's free and not country-bound? Just have to use the token system and pay with it.

Nigga, what? Have you ever worked in a real company before? This shit does not matter to enterprises.

>you think ex CEO of DHL with 10 year experience doesnt know what hes doing? +Sharktank guy + many other 3PL company guys on the team?
I'm sure they do. Does this experience magically enable them to take market share from a direct competitor that has 60x the employees with a fully working product? Lol, fuck no.

The Shipchain guys probably started based on seeing Flexport's success and figured they could get dumb crypto money to back them to make a copycat product. No seasoned tech investor would look twice at this shit.

I'm out. You've made some gains in crypto, as has everyone in the recent bull market, but you have no clue what you're talking about.

because its undervalued and is being found by people on twitter, the telegram group size has tripled this night
Load up as many COSS as you can if you have a lot of money and want to live off dividends for the rest of your life. havent heard of achain yet.

so we are expected to buy now at the ATH. dunno man, im a bit suspect of this

im kinda sketch on sending money to coinegg without getting verified first. im a burger. do you think the price will be stable for the next day or so?

listen up faggot

shipchain sold to private pools and then canceled the public sale

so keep you bags pajeet, we don't want them

>ignoring the benefits of a decentralised system with 100% uptime vs a centralized ones where you pay for the (((proprietary))) platform vs decentralized one where you dont pay for the platform
why are you even in crypto?

I bought in at 1800-1900, so also pretty late but feeling pretty comfy.
you can do it, you will 100% be able to withdraw it once youre verified.
i really dont know, i got in as fast as i could.
it was thousands of people actually. also some bigger funds ofc, thats to be expected.
lol youre not getting my bags, im actually going to load some more when it hits exchanges.

Yeah that’s great and all but earn real money at this Pump discord server discord gg/YQqTCqt

just leeting you know ICO price was $0.28
taking BTC increase into account since august the ICO pain threshold is actually much higher
so we're pretty cheap around here.

youre not even crypto daddy

why do you sound like a pump & dump pajeet

int is getting shit on hard, are you sure user?

is there somebody else tripping with cryptop daddy? didnt know that.
anyways i dont fucking care if you want to take my advice or not

I just know that itll make me a millionaire and everyone following it.

>int is getting shit on hard, are you sure user?
looks like it grew 80% actually

im not gonna FOMO this shit, ill keep an eye on it for now.

where and how can i buy INT?

bought 1800-1900 shilled it at 2000-2200
how is this bad? 30-40% up?
much more to come..
I would FOMO into this, its like saying you shouldnt have FOMOD after kcs bullrun from 1 dollars to 3 dollars
this is >$1 this week.

Hey man, do you have discord? please add me:


my funds wont clear till end of this week.. DO I HAVE TIME user OMG

Coinegg has the lowest price atm
just deposit and buy first and get verified afterwards, it took them 30min to verify me
didnt list my country so i just used UK and put in my drivers license number and they approved it

I think blockchain can really revolutionize the shipping/logistics industry which is why I think ShipChain/BlockArray will be huge. Roadmap for BlockArray seems pretty solid, realistic goals imo. Still a bit butthurt I missed the crowdsale by seconds. The only thing that has me nervous is the team, which you also pointed out.

If I had 10k, reccommended split between either?

you dont think this will be a problem when you have to withdraw funds or anything?

i'm from the US and dont see an option for 'US'....

i cant find how to deposit into an address on coinegg...

ok will note, hope i wont forget it, cant add right now. but basically just follow what I said.

btw guys it doesnt get more easy & obvious than this.

straight fucking cup&handle

why is INT (internet node token) not on coinmarketcap?

8k SHIP, 2k ARY
or 10x your money first with INT and then Split 80k into SHIP and 20k into ARY

OP convince me youre not some caramel coloured street shitter please.

I really want to believe you I really do.

any idea when ship on exchanges?

no because it was the same for me. check my earlier post where i posted a screenshot of their twitter response
finance > deposit?
because flying under the radar
easy 10x from here..

What was the ico price of ship?

I've favorited this thread and I'll look back on in tomorrow. What's the latest I could begin step one and still make it on time?

god damn it why do i want to trust you so bad

also wtf coinegg only accepts btc - that shit takes forever to transfer exchanges

it doesnt, click on the btc icon more options dropdown

INT is already mooning. Too late to get in on this?

I went all in on this OP, will kms if i lose it