Best **OTHER** ETHER DELTA coins

throw me your best pick

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Is this shit safe to use now or is it still fucked?

Mywish on a nice dip


doing my first test run now, small volume, we shall see

I agree. Working product that appeals to normies.

dubs, now it's guaranteed to explode

Remember my ID when you're on the moon.


Without a doubt Payfair. February will be an interesting month if the devs deliver

scam coin with 12 year old developers

only pajeet coin worth buying

I'm about to put .25 ETH into this but etherdelta is taking forever with transactions. How high is your guys' gas limit at?

HBT. Look into it, partnership with major telecom company.


it's been good. There's a post on reddit that marked the fucked up public address that was stealing everyone's shit. I've bought 30+ Ether's worth of future moon mission material. I'll tell you what it is after I'm done accumulating.


Why do I keep seeing this? The dudes all have degrees.

You're still early to get in the rocket.

whats so special about NIMFA?


Literally nothing. Don't buy it.

Or maybe DYOR. Not gonna post an essay every time someone asks.

>particle-js in background

no thx