EthCraft, get in before to late

Get in before its to late anons.

get paid to play an rpg (playing will give you gold erc20 token which can be exchanged directly for eth ingame)

buy now and get bonus from people buying after (yes ponzi but game literally less than a day hold this will moon once asians catch on)

already have japanese translation finished.

what are you waiting for?

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Do I have til morning (7 hours)?

sooner the better but gas prices are fucked up rn so might want to wait for that to settle down

I can't believe it's picking up again. Is it getting shilled somewhere else now?

>ANOTHER erc20 scam
Based Vitalik is a fucking prophet.

where are your loot crates user

think they are worth it?

mine were but I got them right at the start

the prices on these dont inflate as fast as the etheremon did; therefore allowing more people to accumulate at cheaper prices

get in while you can, otherwise get your pink wojacks ready

Uncommon loot crates are the shit right now

Buy jolly hats. Remember santa hats from runescape? Yeah. Buy them. Buy them now.

how are you going to show off your hats in this game? wasn't the whole thing about santa hats was that you can flaunt it around?

any jolly item right now is a steal. they will be gone in 48 hours and never to be sold again

whats the website?

nothing on google

Also: These are the easiest ROI atm, few bought and high useability:

>3 pairs of gold knickers
>5% extra gold/eth and instant dividends
this is how you play ethercraft, anons

aren't the current items available to purchase until valentines day?

Kek shilling your purchases

it really does look like a scam, you can't win shit by playing the game and the coin will never rise

You can sell your purchases on ED if you find a buyer and auction sell.

this is what you should be doing user
it's a scam unless the game comes out and works. otherwise you are wrong about
>you can't win shit by playing the game

Assuming the dev doesn't just close the game tomorrow and laughs.

t. etherchad

In-game gold, tentatively Gold Pieces (XGP), is an ERC20 token which will serve as part of the core of the Ethercraft game world and item system. Gold will have two core functions: Firstly, it will be used as an intermediary for everything involving ETH transfer. Let’s say you have an item that you no longer want but which isn’t in high demand on the secondary (player) market at the moment—no problem, just sell it back to the shop (NPC) contract for a modest sum of gold. Want to buy an item for sale by the shop? You’ll need gold for that. Did your hero emerge from the dungeon alive and even victorious? Oh, it looks like he brought back some gold pieces.