Anyone else scared of making it because of baggage?

anyone else scared of making it because of baggage?

I used to steal my friends parentes panties and I think one of my friend recorded it with a secret camera like 4 years ago. He's never alluded to it, but I remember when it happened his dad came home for no reason after I was stealing one of his mothers panties. If they have this recording and release it when I make it, I will be done for and publicly shamed for the rest of my life.

worried about taxes


I think REQ will moon soon then maybe I'll get into MOD

That's why I will never tell my ex about my gains. I hit her and the guy I caught her cheating with.

god bless you

>I will be done for and publicly shamed for the rest of my life
For stealing panties when you were a teenager? That's just "Boys will be boys" shit.

I was legitimately worried about making it because for the longest time I had no answer to the question "what would you do with your life if you won the lottery", but I figured that out and ever since my life has been on an uptrend.

God I hope your right

Lol when I was 15 I got so fucking blacked out drunk at a guys massive house party i started pissing out a window onto my friends, started furiously masturbating in a corner and ended up getting my head shaved and covered in permanent markers. There's probably 100s of photos and with the Apple cloud they'll be around for good.

I went to college in another state and I'm 22 now a senior, whenever I visit my hometown and catch up with everyone literally nobody cares enough to put that much efforr (yet). Apart from 1 guy a year older than me who's life turned to shit, fiancé left him and now makes min wage scuba diving to recover dead bodies, he's nice enough but I know if I make it he'd be the first I'd deal with.

That'll just serve as more inspiration for the people who will look up to me once I release my book: From boozer to bitcoiner.

I am right, the only reason you'd have to feel embarrassed is if they belonged to an old woman/landwhale, and even then you'd just get flak for your taste. Yah it's a little pervy, but that's exactly the kind of shit you'd expect from a teenage boy.

If you had been recorded stealing a little girl's panties though, then yah, you'd be fucked.

Scuba diving to recover dead bodies doesn't sound like a min wage gig, sounds pretty great actually.

hes right bro I got busted stealing my cousins panties.

boys will be boys

I was caught busting on my little cousins panties how fucked am I?

if i really make it all i really want to buy is an estate for my friends to holiday or live on permanently if they need to, i'm assuming somebody who didn't get an invite will flip out and try to cuck me or it will backfire in some other way. it makes me feel like i can't do it, that i'd be better off continuing to accumulate in secret forever

youll be allright bro.

Boys will be boys

Kek. And they are secretly waiting for you to make it because of what?

How little? Potentially very if they can prove it. Something like that could very easily destroy your chances at ever having a social life or a family.

Don't steal panties then you filthy degenerate.

Also, how young were you at the time? If she was 11 or younger and you were 13+ then I'd say that would be potentially very damning.

I kinda molested my cousin when I was 10 yo and he was 6
we are both adults now and he is kinda slow so he never addressed it.
Is that boys will be boys kind of thing?

>kinda molested

Wtf is this thread

>Is that boys will be boys kind of thing?
Depends on how the fuck you'd define "kinda".

Boys will be boys *jedi hand wave*

we touched penises and tried to make him fuck me in the ass but since neither of us knew at that time how the fuck do you fuck nothing came out of it since no boner

what concerns me is that he is borderline tarded now

>Makes min mage scuba diving recovering dead bodies

Never change Veeky Forums.

I wonder this too.

Rape accusation. Girls get drunk, guy gets drunk, but always man's fault. I wasn't totally inebriated, i remember the whole thing, no red flags during act but apparently i raped her.

respond pls:(

I have a mental list of people that I either want to pay off with an NDA or kill.

I always made sure to have no skeletons in my closet, because i always assumed i'll make it.
I never had any doubt that i'll be rich someday, and i always made sure there was no blackmail material on me, since i'm 16.

Of course, i spent ten years masturbating and playing video games, so i'm not making it yet, but now i actually started to get money thanks to crypto, so i'll make my first business by 2019 if all goes well.

Ye, this I made some stupid shit when I was young too, don't let anyone put you down because of your past, that only works in stupid people

always videotape. Better to get charged with a secret videotape than rape.

has anyone else become retarded after touching ur dick?

Jesus Christ. I think you're fine, user, and thank you so much for destroying my sides just now.

that was anons only time having his dick touched im afraid


dunno I dont keep up with hookers

Even better is to never leave your room. Can't be accused of anything if no one knows you exist. God I'm lonely....

One day I made a m4t (male 4 tranny) post on Craigslist and included my face, body, and penis in the ad. I chatted with a few people but nothing came from it since I'm not actually gay and it was mostly for the ego boost.

It haunts me every day that someone who saved the pictures or took a screenshot could literally destroy my future. This was a few months ago. Should I be in the clear in a few years?

I'm thinking that if I'm every 'famous' and it comes out I'll just have to pull a Trump where I basically say idgaf.

u have nothing to worry about. from that story alone we can safely say youll never be famous

>tried to get his retarded cousin to fuck him in the ass
Just do humanity a favor and kill yourself, faggot.

if youre not a burger you can literally hire a hooker online and she'll come to your place. Hookers are like therapists, except you can fuck them, so theyre not a waste of money.

If you are a burger get a passport faggot. You have no one to blame but yourself for being lonely. Time to man up and go bang some hookers son.

For posterity.

kill yourself

I already have a somewhat sizable alt-right YouTube following of a few hundred subscribers. I'm hoping YouTube + crypto can save me from wagecuckery.

This shit is funny and yer a fagit.

Dude, we don't want to be famous, we want to be rich, there is a big fucking difference. My friends have a shitload of recorded tape about me when I was wasted and doing and saying not cool things 12 years ago, it happened to know they storing it on a hard drive. If I make it very thick I will hire someone to destroy those tapes.

>Le alt right
>Fucks trannies
Sounds about right

Yes, actually. Thinking of moving away if my coins moon

There was this incident once I was little, my cousin and I rubbed our two dicks together and I even tried to put it in his ass. It was awkward as fuck when I couldn't get it hard enough to shove it in, so nothing more came of it. I'd be fucked if it came out I had attempted gay, incestual sex as a minor. We've never spoken of it and I don't want him to bring it up so whenever he is around I act like I'm a retard. I think he's actually buying it


no lie, this got me cracking up.

>I don't want him to bring it up so whenever he is around I act like I'm a retard. I think he's actually buying it
This thread is gold.

thanks user, I actually chuckled a bit



Yes, I can think of several examples which I can't really share

Some I can't even remember due to being black out drunk

Shit scares the fuck out of me... my dream is to actually be a fairly successful artist (music) and the thought of being in the public eye and having some either true or completely made up story come out... jesus

I've been incredibly successful at making terrible decisions my whole life so there's a lot of things that could come out...

Not to mention I had a little "phase" in school so there were a LOT of rumours back then amongst my year group...

Ugh makes me cringe to think about

My last ex is a devious bitch as well she could make anything up about me