World of ether game

Going to be BIGGER than all the crypto asset games. JUST DROPPED. Eggs still CHEAP AF.

>actual team page. Cofounder works at github
>rare and legendary monsters
>leveling and unlockables
>eggs rn cheap as all fucking hell
>translated in 5+ languages so everybody’s gonna get in
>print money with breeding
>prices going to skyrocket when morning hits and press starts in different languages

Get out of crypto if youre scared of making these returns.

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>eggs increase .00035 eth w each sold
>only at .04 rn

why should i trust this nignog team?

fuck are you talking about

thats what i'm talking about

this is like getting pajeet-ed but worse

The CTO heads the Unity team over at Github, also they run the largest Ethereum meetup in the world. Pretty solid

uh okay? u answered the question yourself of why u should trust these ppl. u put their descriptions right there

No Aryans no investment faggits


lulz developer trying to shill his shit game on /biz but can't explain why white master race excluded from project. KYS

Is that all it takes to scam you?

white people

This is the cleanest game i've seen so far. The way of introducing new species to the market is smart.

how many eggs you bought lads? 10 here

bought 8 eggs

Just buy EGAS and hold it...13mil max supply and the price is sub $0.10 - at $1 it will only be 13mil market cap and even if it turns out to be a scamcoin thats still 10x returns.
Take a look@

takes a while for them to show up in wallet tho, only have 5 rn

managed to get 2, about to get 2 more

I'm not falling for any of this garbage. Until I can get a digital asset like a crypto kitty for less than 10 cents and till this whole ponzi garbage practice of "buy x and get 0.00001x dividends" stops, I will not partake in any of this bullshit.

This is a direct iteration from Crypto Kitties.

The claim to fame of these guys is that they hold meetups and you're shilling the fact that one has a job at github. Nothing new here. No originality, just trying to cash in on the coat tails of an overhyped, already faded fad cat game.

Ethercraft is actually bringing something new to the table. As far as I can tell it's the first game to give monetary rewards based (at least in part) on skill in the game and time invested. That and the team apparently hangs out on discord.

I'd bet these people are able to give themselves legendaries, then turn around and sell it on a fake account.

I choose nerdy people over the types that copy a fad game

egas has been good so far i +1 this

FOMO'd in and bought three

Also lol @ this viral marketing bullshit

This is carpet bagger shit

reddit thread

dude how do you know they aren't nerdy? You hung out with them?

Maybe I'll neck myself one day for buying 10 eggs instead of a Pep's token. I love the potential of both projects, just happened to get closer to the ground floor on this one

nah ur gonna end up getting a lugia


fuck i want this bad but the game seems like its going to be just a stale pyramid scheme

Behold...the coagula

fucking wew
>3 jews
>3 niggers
>a nigger called (((goldman)))

actually two of them are named Goldman

how many eggs u got bro? PS thanks for making this thread. Assuming you aren't a viral marketing carpet bagging scammer, post an eth address so I can gift you a common monster on release or something

Seriously why are you newfags buying this? Might as well buy BitConnect.

are you fucking retarded user?

what are you? 13?

My moneys on tezos !

the art style and fomo for me. If I was new I would probably be more cautious and hold my eth, these eggs could hatch into nothing for all I know

you must be 18 years old to use this site. what are you implying?

If I don't get a rare or legend I'm bringing out the rope. I bought one at 0.6

>Implying youre fucking 13 years old for liking a “cryptocollectable” game based on “collecting monsters” like pokemans

Wow an actual visually pleasing Ether game, haven't seen that since CryptoKitties

We literally haven't even seen any art examples. It's just Etheremon-tier buying named eggs, but you can't even look at your collection of named eggs. I prefer Etheremon artwork more from base value, but it still seems nice.

why in the fuck have almost 250 eggs been bought...?

Because when the game is released and each egg is going for 1 ETH (or potentially way more, who knows, could get to CK-level hype), people want it to have been a steal to get in this early
Also, the art seems like it'll be nice, and the team seems relatively dedicated even if it's a bunch of nignogs and a soyboy

Have some more monsters on their IG, can u respond to that with ur phone and give this

seriously. The fud for fuds sake is pointless, the eggs aren't getting cheaper, just go to a different thread and hide this one

these games are all the fuckin same and fucking suck cock

when will someone actually make a *good* crypto game of some substance rather than some pokemon collectible shit

what are your criticisms on this game. it has actual game mechanics and possibilities for depth and actual good art and not lazy 8bit stuff


the sun and ocean monsters look fantastic

this one is promising plenty of substance, see

Updates from the devs in their telegram -

Monsters can be shiny - meaning the first person to discover a monster might be special (there are 200 to discover originally). After that, as monsters are unique, the person to get the 201st monster would have theirs commissioned.
>"Hey so there are 200 monsters with a chance of discovering a new one. You could be the first to discover #3 and be given the credit for it and receive a shiny/gold. But you could also pluck the 201st one in which we have to commission an artist to make the one you 'mined"

Battling is one on one, so even if you only get one egg, you won't have an issue

death monster is crazy

>bought his first bitcoin all the way back in 2013

nigga I mined my in 2010 and the only thing I got for it is my father calling me stupid because I bought videogames with it

Yeah that’s great and all but earn real money at this Pump discord server discord gg/YQqTCqt


You sound like a scammy Twitter post


Because when the game is out, it'll be more than $3000 to buy an egg

press will come


All of these "games", make it very apparent that the earliest adopters, will be ones who benefit the most. Every one of these are FOMOing the end user to buy now so you can make the most money.

At a certain point (a couple weeks, months, etc.), why would new user's want to get into this game? They want to get into the newest clone that just came out so they can be an early adopter for that one instead.

I get it that most of you guys just want to get in, and make money. But from a game standpoint, it's fucking retarded.

Why did it have to be niggers and kikes?

Just look at the team page and nope the fuck out of there.

There's no guarantee early adopters will benefit in this. The devs in the telegram are saying that your eggs don't open automatically - you have to open them manually. Monsters being discovered is based on when eggs are open. This means the person with the 700th egg could potentially be the first to get a specific monster, and thus be considered the one to discover it (which gives them credit as well as a shiny version with distinctive features that the normal 'unique' versions don't get), and if the 1st person to get an egg happens to get that same monster, they got cucked by #700. There will be ample notice given of when the game will drop, and you'll only be able to open your stuff when the game drops.

The only early bonus that I can see right now is that you'd be getting your eggs cheaper if you bought them early, as they increase in price by 15% with each new egg bought.

read the game guide. noobies will be at a disadvantage because theyll have to buy into the marketplace, yes, but the early adopters shud still be rewarded. and once that happens that noobie can still breed and level up and breed legendary monsters. go to the telegram chat jesus.

all im saying is these games either have no game mechanics or are anonymous because the devs are afraid of putting their reps on the line. this is the first cryptogame ive seen that has 1. game mechanics, 2. looks cool 3. isnt made by anonymous ppl.

All these ether games will fail when ether hits 2k, they aren't thinking forward. To make these games viable in the future you need to sell your shit at .001 eth. Problem then is tx fees are crazy (and get crazier with each no game and token), and that wont be fixed for most likely at least a year.

CK sure didn't fail. Etheremon has a fuckton of hype behind it and people are just waiting for trading and loaning to be released, especially since they have like 8 different languages translated and are preparing for a mass marketing campaign when they've got the game fully fleshed out.

The legit games are figuring out ways to work around TX fees

They are black.

Ethercraft only started development because of Etheremon, and it's using the same ponzi strategy for early money and support. It's a ponzi through and through right now, and when it's no longer a ponzi, it'll be be a gambling game where you're hoping that you manage to get a dungeon that rewards you with enough money to pay off your initial investment.

This game isn't a ponzi at all, so right from the beginning you know they're making a legit game. They have art that isn't just 8bit garbage that's hoping to leech from the minecraft and roguelike (despite the fact it's not even a true roguelike) crowds.

You cunts had 5 threads about your ponzi at any given time, fuck off and leave this one alone.

Im black too

If the price of eth doubles that means people buying in later it will cost twice as much to play the game. If eth keeps going up, nobody will be able to afford to play and it would be more valuable to just hold eth instead of buying digital items.

Also games can't affect gas prices, if the tx fee is high, its high for EVERYONE. The only techniques smart contracts can use is optimize execution and implement tx baskets, but it will ALWAYS be at least 21000 * gas price.


so racism is the best fud so far? maybe worry more about the color green than black.

on launch price increases by 15%. right now it increases at a fixed rate of .00035

Then you aren't a nerd.

Yes, it means later on, when people aren't buying from the devs anymore, they'll be buying from the free market from the people who are breeding their monsters. That's how CK works. People buy the cheaper monsters and work their way up from there. The only difference between early buyers and later buyers is that one of them gets rng via eggs and the other has to buy from the market (which can include buying eggs). Given how many people have weak hands even in Etheremon which doesn't even have its trading out yet, you'll easily be able to get eggs for way cheaper prices through the market, too.

Games can work around TX price in numerous ways. State channels mean you can be allowed to play a game a lot for only one tx investment, centralizing themselves and leaving the data decentralized, adding options that are less resource heavy (Etheremon's gym vs castle costs, for example, which significantly reduce the tx price even when it's expensive for everyone), or even iexec partnerships.

do you need two eggs to breed them?

No. From what I can tell, they just asexually reproduce

that's a chink and a spic

exactly. the price of eth going up makes no difference unless you are buying eggs from the dev now instead of holding eth.

"Breeding requires both a male and female monster of the same type, eg: a life male monster can only breed with a life female. The offspring will be an egg of a random life type monster. Breeding increasingly rare monsters increases the probability of rare children."


in ~20 egg sales price will be 0.1 per egg


did u get thru im trying to buy more

godspeed user, luckily buys have slowed. I keep some eth on metamask for this exact reason.

me to and i just bought one..these cavebeats dont realize that black people only get involved with making shit like this when they are extremely overly dedicated..good sign for my pockets

OP, thanks again. I'll see you in a future thread

also you faggots made the price jump up like a bitch in the time it took me to transfer the fucking eth. i was gonna buy 5 but said fuck it and bought 2

5 more minutes, I promise!

Got my second egg, you can pump it now :)

That’s a beautiful Italian man what are you talking about

Who will play it?

CK did fail. it's pretty much dead now, even gen0s are on a steady slope down

People who want money, and people who like battling collectable games? It has trading, breeding and battling. You can make money just like CK.

But when it was more alive, people were making bank off it. There are better projects coming out now, so people are slowly quitting CK. Literally the only reason CK even started trying to do anything else other than just releasing more traits is because other competitors came out that had more to their game.

CK had no depth thats why

this thread is so fucking pathetic. you have shills posting fake replies to each other trying to bump this thread. this is not how you market a game, it just looks sad. dont touch this shit with a ten foot pole.

If you want to buy in in a month when eggs are going for 3 ETH, be my guest. There's absolutely no tangible benefit in you being shilled the game right now other than to tell you this shit is literally the cheapest it'll be right now. There's no dividends and it's not like you're going to buy my bags when the full release is here if you buy in now.
Just be glad there's not 5x threads at any given time like the ponzi games.

EGAS has a 13 mil max coin supply and the price is sub 10cents right now. Even if it turns out to be a scamcoin it will definitely get pumped to $1 before then and that will only put it at 13m market cap.
Take a look@