Explain to me how COSS isn't the best exchange coin out there right now

protip: you can't.

kyc will become mandatory and you will be reported to the irs.

required for fiat trading

kuck coin baby

Easily the most undervalued exchange coin there is. That marketcap gives me a hard on. K I’m done.

COSS is SEC compliant and has best dividends. Once its slow problems are fixed, it will be #1

The engine on the website is complete shit.

Do you honestly think they'll be able to handle the amount of volume they would experience if they became a fiat => crypto exchange. It would wipe their servers off the map for months and we'd all most likely be goxd.

new engine in February

They would have to be completely stupid to implement fiat before the new engine. No way they're that dumb. Especially given how serious they are with this fiat stuff, with their big compliance team etc

fiat coming by end of Q1. engine comes before that. Sorry bro you're not gonna buy lower than it is.

exchanges take off when they proactively add new coins. coss doesn't do this AND they have a high listing fee. this shit will never take off

Q1 2018 is going to be huge for COSS.
-new design
-new engine
-new crypto
-new users

If the engine isn't fixed by February I'm more than likely to dump by bags at that point. If it was anything like the UI update it's gonna dump hard. It looks terrible now.

Oh don't get me wrong, I agree. I own 12.5k COSS. I doubt it'll be this low again. I was just saying that there's no way they would do fiat first.

Related: try signing onto the mobile site. It is the best exchange mobile site I've seen.

Did you fall for FUD?
Whales are all in, leave it to them.

>Related: try signing onto the mobile site. It is the best exchange mobile site I've seen.
Entirely agree. It's the only exchange that actually doesn't look like shit on mobile. However, the desktop experience is absolutely terrible. It makes a lot of sense though given what COSS is trying to 'be', and that it's based in Singapore.

>t. holding 20k COSS

Given how they handled the new UI after many delays and the decision to release a new UI before a new engine, I don't know if they will be able to pull it off lol. I'm also giving them until end of Q1 to sell off my COSS even though I got in early unless the release of the new engine also turns out to complete disaster.

Is COSS trustless? Today's dip has me interested for the first time.

COSS will be the best by far. Normally I hate FUD'ing faggots, but this time I don't mind them because it's giving me plenty of time to get as much COSS as possible before it skyrockets in Q2

Source. Because Rune said in no uncertain terms in a blog. no kyc. no trading.

come get me irs faggots

cefs is 3x cheaper than kcs on a cost payout basis atm

BNB is massively undervalued right noe hombre. Better get in quick


Dont tell them HAHAHA they are so fucking braindead for not noticing CEFS let them buy when its 5 BTC per coin