Arbitrage bots have done 200 millions trades in the last 6 months alone

arbitrage bots have done 200 millions trades in the last 6 months alone

IRS will have to go through all of this


where do i get a dang arbitrage bot user?

You don't think they can't automate that you brainlet? It's piss easy, the hard work is on the actual taxpayers part of recording the trades. all they have to do is verify them

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what if you dont tell them about trades and only about the overall wins?

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t. IRS

ive already determined that im far too brainlet for this.

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I'm actually sorry for you burgers, in Poland we have a 18% gains tax and below 10000 EUR bank transfers are not even reported to the equivalent of your IRS

>in Poland
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My tax accountant told me, : "There's no fucking way they can keep up with all these trades, they haven't made the exchanges issue anything, they are so far behind this, it's not even funny."

i've been making one but thinking about selling it instead of running it. reasons being i don't want an exchange to shut down on me, and API lag can cause slip trades that are unavoidable.

Really? I don't want to pay taxes user.

>Slav humour
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yea ok whatever how much you want for it? will it work on coinbase?

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Kek, couldn't refute the point that Poland is a shithole

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Another Slav here. Exchanges like HitBTC don't even require any sort of identification, so why would you willingly report your trades to the theft agency? You do know that taxation is theft and that crypto was invented to overthrow the state - and gives you the tools to do so, right?

it is a shithole, like most of the US, but you don't compare California to Alabama

polonibot genius x is the best one

>he thinks anybody is actually going to report their trades

200m trades is bush league. That's a day's worth of activity, maybe a morning of activity, on any major exchange in the world.