Kucoin (pajeet trap)

Anyone else getting just'd on Kucoin? Specifically Aigang and Canya holders

What's going on with this shit, where are our moons?

kys scrub not even understanding what's going on this last week and what will happen in the next 4 weeks. just pls leave crypto and move on.

Anything can happen nigger

>not out-pajeeting the obvious KCS PnD schemes
At least do something useful with the btc you have left there.

I only trade in ETH
And i am 100% into alts right now, is that bad?
Should i be sitting in ETH?

What's happening in the next 4weeks user, only been in the crypto game for 3months, please advice on what you predict is going to happen?

get sum confidence; join some discords; make some internet friends; lose some money. then win.

Just dump those bags and move on. All the ico buyers are just dumping on you.

Well the #1 thing you should not be doing it trading alts on KuCoin. Holding ETH will get you nowhere fast unless you've got 6 figures to dump into it. If you do then go for it.
#2 never take advice from anyone here on what alts to buy. Practice patience on pulling the trigger on any coin, whales and PnD scams are everywhere. Study up and never make the same mistake twice.

>never take advice from Veeky Forums
I went from 100$ to 49k thanks to Veeky Forums

well my strategy is to hold 3 solid coins that have great tech and generally do real good (they are keeping me in profits right now)

Then i have a few shitcoins , that aren't total shitcoins but might not do well. These are the coins i day trade with and try to profit. Only reason why i bought Canya on kucoin is because new release coins on there would usually moon at some point. Well the market is fucked right now and i got rekt ;(

Holding some heavy bags of PRL, BNTY, and DBC on Kucoin at the moment. Hopefully that shit picks up again this week.

I hope man, PRL is a solid coin too was doing so well before. I refuse to sell at a massive loss, i'd rather ride this bitch to the ground.

But really hope this faggotry picks up soon. AIgang and Canya did nothing but slowly tank out of the gate. No nice rises to sell at

But I have fag friends, and those discord I don't trust, plenty of confidence.

>AIgang and Canya did nothing but slowly tank out of the gate. No nice rises to sell at
I FOMO'd hard on UTRUST and DBC

I held both of them for only a few hours each then sold them and watched the next few days as they mooned.

So I said fuck it and went iron hands into the newest Kucoin crypto called CANYA and it fucked me so royally hard.

The market better pick up soon anons.

Kek i bought DBC originally at 8 cents, but like an idiot sold around 16 cents because whale was manipulating it like crazy. I saw million dollar sell order next in line and i panicked out, now i know better.

I fucking sold all of them at the right time, then brought canya coin

>So I said fuck it and went iron hands into the newest Kucoin crypto called CANYA and it fucked me so royally hard.

Sure plenty of anons did, don't feel to bad. This shit will pick up, for fuck sakes this is no shitcoin like faggot anons want you to think. It should be ok

>This shit will pick up
everyone says this, but WHEN?

How many days? weeks?

Canya moon tonight plz


Fuck knows, I'm not da crypto gods

You are the problem
You're buying ico bags that already mooned
Get kucked

Yes!! Ever canya coin you buy you save a anons life, FUCKING DO IT!!

>already mooned
lol what?

You don't know shit dumb fuck
Kucoin lists new coins all the time that were ICO
They all have 2x 3x 4x 5x some 8x from list price

I was expecting at least 2x with Canya, as ANY normal person would based on previous history. Dumb faggot, now that we know the results you act like you knew this would happen all along.

Nope, pretty much all ico off load buys at a great price, considering this has a holders club, I don't think they are all dumping, it's mainly all the fags who brought it the night before on ED at $2, they all fucking sold out on ED for fuck sakes, their were no sell orders left

Tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down

Canya feel the weight of those bags anons?

yep, holding till 0
I'll feel good knowing i held
If i sold out now, and it mooned i would feel like utter shit. No fucks given, i got my good coins carrying right now although i'm a greedy jew and don't feel good unless all my coins are profits.

It's not going to go down to zero, we've found the fucking floor.
Whales are done accumulating.
Moon incoming.

All faggot anons act like they can predict the market and also act if they knew shit was going to happen before it did, fucking bet alot of anons threw money at this thinking the same thing dude, fuck what they say, bullshit thing is I never fucking looked in bnty and if you were here the day it hit Kucoin anons were shilling it and then their were threads telling anons its a pejeet posting and to careful and all this bullshit, two days later its the hottest shit on biz and I'm like fucking lucky I FOMOed into this, also lucky I sold ages ago too kek.
But canya coin I actually did some research and was sure it was a winner. Just going to hold and see how this shit pans out, pretty sure it's whales fucking this shit

I'm still going to wait user, I put 4k into this holy shit

wall street bonuses plus a bunch more canya news coming out this week


Herp derp. I started with 400 3 months ago, just ticked over 10k with no research done other than reading shit here on biz.

I also only trade in eth pairs on ED.

same here

i wonder when the bottom is reached o.O

for now i made around 50% loss haha

Bought 80 dollars worth at first minute on KuCoin

Oh well, lesson learned. DYOR.
I was going to buy $500 worth but had trouble transferring ETH so guess I'm lucky in a way.

I bought over $1,000 worth shortly after listing. Just end me now. Like other user said I’ll hold til 0 i don’t even give a fuck at this point. everything’s in the red anyway so

How much you put on this user? 70% down reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, refused to take a 30% loss at first, stupid fucking jew.

Calling it now, 6+months trending between $0.60 - $0.80. Moon at end of Q3 when they announce integration in platform. Moon will be to $4.00.
Anons will be bullshitting about their 3x gains, while crying they found a safe exit at 20% loss.

Please tell me the price, seen an someone buy this at 0075 was it you. Pisses me off because I fucking waited like 30mins as it dump then it started shooting up and I brought in and it fucking dipped again, fucking knew to wait longer, Straight just'Ed here, and I know cunts brought higher then me, worrying if any are still holding, put $800 ausfag dollars on this cuntcoin, would rather have a bath with a toaster then watch this shit dip any further, please get go the fuck up all ready or find a decent floor or do something positive please!

fuck this coin

I remember i bought it at 0.0022 eth and sold 50% of my stack when it's listed on Kucoin....
I come back to check the price and this is much worse than i expected. I should've taken binance and other exchange being closed as consideration.

Don't you dare, you shut your month user, I swear to God if that happens I'll fucking make 20 threads a day advising how fucking great canya coin is, bad time for any normie asking me what coin to buy, fucking canya everytime. Portfolio is 5 digits but I want my $800 back fuckers

Yeah that’s great and all but earn real money at this Pump discord server discord gg/YQqTCqt

I think that's the joke. I put less than 5% into this, but it's my most watched coin. I put FU money in, and I should give two shits.
Don't take your moon shots on working product. Only do it on hopes and dreams of under $1.00USD coins. Forged white paper = good, working product and team = bad.

I swear too God I probably would take that 20% loss right now, never felt more just'Ed in all my crypto trading, want to cut the fucker who made this cunt coin and the nigga smart enough to sell his bags so high, fuck he must be laughing

Yep, any bullshit coin that is cents and just the most trash of trash I'll go all in from now on, seem to be best approach in these times

Nah senpai I bought in at $2 and sold half at $20

Ed fag, and for real some fucker FOMOed that bad and brought it at $20, fuck sucks to be him

I spent three days combing through 112 coins.

The coins that I wrote off as shitcoins (ADC, Linda, and NIMFA) all mooned while the coins I think have a genuine future are falling.

I will now exclusively buy shitcoins that scream "scam". I will of course diversify, but between shitcoins.

around 1k, at the moment im around 450...
sucks desu!


I can't even look

I wonder if these whale faggots are gonna bring it down to cents so they can trade it around easier. And rip off newfags easier

I'm just watching as my money burns, ffs
I hate this coin, let me break even


Pajeets are the most populous race in the world

Pajeets are the future

Put an extra $2k AUD into KuCoin I'm telling you guys

mooned hard on dbc then i lost it all back in last week

i put 50% on canya and 50% on aix expecting at least one to go 2x, and i just got just'ed hard

Yes dude wtf. BTC is now 30% of the market ETH is hungry as fuck

are you know to crypto? it could be till december when it jumps up again but it always jumps back up

Please... stop... make it stop...

Just in case you don't know how too

Nah it was high $6 range. Doesn’t matter though getting absolutely JUSTed either way. Fuck this coin so much. I can take solace in knowing so many people are in the same boat though. Maybe by the end of the month we’ll be singing a different song.

Dare me to double down on this though when it/if hits a floor

I mean, in hindsight, it's an 'app' with 10k users, and no one in Australia has heard of it.

Really, they'd be lucky to be valued at 10M, let alone the $190m (and falling) it is now

About the same price as me, fuck I almost pulled out when it dropped but was like no don't be a fag and fomo Sell

why dont you guys use the situation for yourself and buy more if it gets the cheapest. wait for it though - the bottom is not there yet

market cap is around 70-75 million

Same shit my dude. First and last fomo buy. I knew based on mcap right out the gate it didn’t make sense to risk it, yet I did anyway

>bought at $5

Lesson learned Veeky Forums hope you are happy

CMC is saying that there's 100,000,000 of them tho

37m circulating supply, market cap is based off that