Do you guys hate money?

Do you guys hate money?

Mooning like crazy, not a scam, concrete proof recently shown this is real.

150m circulation, < 70m marketcap.

Get in on the ground level or regret it forever.

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shh user its too early lemme accumulate


literally put my money in 2 hours ago at .27 and now its .40. being this early in this project is fuckin nuts ahahahaahahahahah. they got a pos model too so hopefully this boi is gonna get that masternode if they have them boiii

shhhh, still accumulating right now. Post this in a month or two faggot

1 billion coins.....there are 1 billion coins.... good luck mooning when they flood the market.

your loss

Partnerships with Huawei, Microsoft Research and IBM

and its like 40 cents you fucktards

Looks interesting.


also go on the fintech site and look at the sponsors list retard. fudding like an idiot could be the cause of missing out on a 50x moon mission

What the fuck is it


Bought myself 13k INT this morning at 2000 sats. Feeling good.

Was just looking for a low cap coin, cheers OP

BTW how did you find this OP?

I'm trying to get better at spotting these early

Yeah that’s great and all but earn real money at this Pump discord server discord gg/YQqTCqt

Get out of here with your scam PnD groups

why you care so much about idiot missing x50 while you can have it yourself? sound like a pnd scam desu.

What coin is this user? I need to research.

How to withdraw from coinegg? USA is not on nationality and I’m not trying to upload ID card am I screwed?

Where can i find some info on this every int coin search doesn't show shit for this coin there's others called int

You can just put your USA info in they don’t care - just put country as Canada and then upload USA documents

no website?

Found it.

Website wont load for me ass ho

Wtf this roadmap says nothing bought 100k

i spend 10 hours a day researching crypto. On biz (thought just for news, never take biz's advice without DYOR.), and on reddit and telegram. This particular one I heard from a telegram group I was in. I saw the FUD and was able to swing trade the weakhanded FUDDers today and turned 1btc into 2.8btc worth of INT Today. Feeling so fucking comfy for the 100-200x moon ride. Now is probably the last chance to buy before FOMO. 900k sell wall on okex will go down tonight.

Because I already maxed out my liquidity and therefore marketing this strongly benefits myself and you, trying to be transparent as possible here, I want it to pump (which it will), but we can both profit.

They are working on a new whitepaper for the near future. Everything will fall into place.

I dunno I'm not trusting chinese fucks after what happened to tron ohh forbes 30 under 30 my ass

Not buying into your fucking chinkcoin with no info other than a fucking slide in moonrunes.

Tron was over hyped shit, even normies with absolutely no clue on crypto invested in.

Even if this coin becomes like Tron, we still have time to make money.

This has actual credibility, killer partnerships. mainnet will be released 31st of Jan. No shill bullshit like Justin sun either. The ICO for this was 6 months ago and has only gone 6x (til now), because of how under radar the team has been working before advertising their product.

1 billion coins.... enjoy the losses once they flood the market you pajeet.

> killer partnerships

just rumors, no any confirmations


>2,779,530,283 coins in circulation

nice FUD.

Team already mentioned they will use large amount of coins as a reserve for funds.

it is good being in this lil guy early

buy the rumour, sell the news

real deal: here is an article:

google translate it if you need

This is the fucking easiest 10x ever, you're literally retarded if you're not on this.

this shit seems like a scam... just look at some of these posts


what is this from?

Finwise Conference 2018

alright faggots. i broke. just bought 1 LTC worth. 600 INT are in my folio.

Finwise 2018 conference in Macau, picture is legit also, not photoshopped. I'm in the jibrel network telegram group, they were there as well and sent some pics of this wall of sponsors

this thing is doing over 1million usd volume on coinegg alone lol

Website doesnt even load properly. Shitcoin

can you link me to the telegram?

those are the co sponsors for the event you fucking imbecile, it doesnt mean they are partnered

Yeah that's great and all but if you want to make real money join the best pump group

discord gg/YQqTCqt

nobody said they were partners.. check their website though and you will see their partners. huawei, ibm, microsoft research group, some chinese pharmaceutical companies, yeahhhhhhh boiiii

I never said they were, brainlet.

where the hell do I buy this?

coinegg if your in the states

all most ready to fly eat 200k sell wall in 15 mins

Hey if I bought 1btc worth on coinegg which has 110 btc volume for it would I have trouble selling if when if it 10x's? Sorry if this is a dumb question

This shit is gonna dump so hard after you all FOMO in. Fucking ultimate kek

t. retarded, literally.

This token logo always reminds me of this.

If you'd be able to read chinkspeak you'd realize they are worth shit atm. The IBM partnership is just with a small subsection of the company, same for Huawei. Its like saying you have a deal with the government, but only actually have it on a municipal level.

inb4 Fucking greedy kikes don't even bother to do proper research.

thats why i like the coin

It clearly is a dick

I was here when NEO was ANS, and people said the same thing about their microsoft partnership

You're a brainlet, stop trying to impress anons

Bla bla, come with some solid arguments instead of hurr durr i was right before. Fucking cucks.
You're gonna get fucked so hard when you get chinkdumped. Enjoying this already.

poorfag brainlet mad :(

why do you care so much? You fudding this hard is pretty suspect
Just a taste of what is to come

Fucken mongols wont let me withdraw. Guess the system is so crowded that it doesnt register the fact that they already approved my identity.

No, I simply dont want people to get sucked into another chinkscam. Fucks sake, i want crypto to boom but all these shitty scamprojects are holding it back so hard. Get the bigger picture, retard.

daily chink scammy pnd

got in at 2k sats, friendo

stay poor faggot

Can this be bought with eth on any exchanges?

Yes, I bought it with ETH on