Sub 600 sats TRON

I hope you're happy.

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They did this to themselves.


>le tron won't fall below 600


lol at trusting the Chinese

I-Its on sale

Doubling down on this yummy dip

Ive accepted my suicide after buying at .28

I will probably buy some when it reachs 500 kek

Below ico price when

What was the ICO price?


Imma all in when normies get out at 400 sats.

this is a welfare coin
>feb 1

64 sats

Delisting when? I'm not sure I can handle that amount of happiness at the thought of all those reddit tears.

>Bought the dip at 644 today
>It’s still dipping

Oh boy.

>reddit tears.
you really think those are genuine fucking people? The majority must be bots/cheap gook child labor or something???

I don't get why this hss this much volume
Is like people want to get JUSTED
Sometimes is better to cut your losses and move on instead of watching this whole Joostening in real time

Fuck that's brutal

Bots are putting up walls and bouncing between each other for 3-4 sat profits
Thats literally the answer to any shitcoin with 10k+ volume

>buying TRX ever again

normies btfo

Sold this when the white paper news came out. Made a good profit.

It's a shame though. I had decent sized bags and I think the creator could have shilled it to the moon.

Now it'll be spoken of in league with confido.


Now they are, but there's plenty of people still holding those .20+ bags praying they can still retire when this bounces back.

Stupid bitch deserves it.
God it feels so good to watch these vapid normies get rekt


You should've seen BCD day before yesterday

sold at 650 on the original run-up. feels good now

Man, everyone who didn't have Tron got basically 500 for free on Binance. That in combination with a Pump that went x20 can't be natural.


>the beyonce of crypto
Can't think anything funny about that comparison someone help me

>this was just 10 days ago
Wew lad

>bought at 12

Really not happy atm, but now I'll keep it until it truly goes to shit

Okay tronnie my hands were tested already you can start going back up now

Yeah that’s great and all but earn real money at this Pump discord server discord gg/YQqTCqt

lmfao ahahah

No escape now, feel the pain with the normies

Never trust China. Never forget that.

Any suicides yet?

hahahahah faggots how heavy are those bags feeling now? SUB 400 SATS SOON THERES NO FLOOR

Damn, I really shouldn't gloat in face of other's despair but...

Yeah, this moron and all the newfag normies who were saying "TRX to 15$!!!" were definitely joosted and deservingly so. Hope this sends all of them crawling out of crypto.

Just sold, expect huge pump now

whales are accumulating


Whelp, it just dropped down to my original buy price. I'm out. Good luck to whoever else is in this utter and complete shitcoin.

Buy order are looking pretty shallow on Binance...

i dont get it. are you people mentally retarded? this coin is done. it was done literally a week ago why are you still holding/buying this shit? not only is the hype gone but its also revealed as a scam. seriously why are there still threads about this coin?

Theres little to go but up from here. Sentiments are going to change when they get their main net up and 500,000 chinks start developing for multiple hundreds of millions of users.

I am. Yes.

Whats the realistic best case scenario for TRX?


prepare for maximum JUST

Anyone else ready to swing trade this pajeetcoin?

Easy 10%


All holders Jonestown themselves.

>all indicators are flatlining

550 now :)

Thought about it for a second, then it dropped another 50 sats

Smart idiots develop something decent on their platform.
Justin Sun moves to America and driven Americans join the team

This is gold.

The only reason Tron gets so much hate on Veeky Forums is because so many of these retards FOMO'd into the hype and got burned. It's really not a whole heck of a lot different than many other projects of it's age. It has solid developers, a CEO with connections, and a massive target market. Veeky Forums just holds a grudge because so many of these idiots bought in at $0.2+ and ate shit.


How heavy are your bags?

Might buy in again if it hits 400sats

going all in at 510~

selling at 10% profit

stop loss 500


see you at 400 sats I guess

Not heavy. I bought in at $0.03 and sold half my stake at $0.22. Still sitting on the rest with a stop-loss at $0.04. I bought TRX but this ain't my first rodeo.


960 sats here

It has a carpet bagging Chinese CEO that made a (likely, money sinking) Snapchat clone. Copied technical aspects of the white paper nearly word for word.

I want to stress that I'm not the kind of idiot that refers to all Asians as Chinese - and I only mean Chinese from China - but they are BIG time scammers that clone everything we do.

Where you here when this place (and the world in general) was more about stocks? Member TSLA bro?

When Tesla X was the Chinese made a clone with some of the exact same physical features lol. Look up Le Eco. Look up how Chinese VC's fuck over their portfolio companies and pull out of giving them money they agreed to give, likely screwing them on the term sheets as well.

That country is SHIT imo. I wouldn't trust anything that comes from there.

Look up BABA criticism lol. Fucking carpet baggers

T-that's just whales manipulating prices to buy l-lower!! THIS IS GOOD FOR TRON REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Omg, don't you guys get it. Chinese are the biggest manipulators of currency and now alt coins. Sit tight and don't buy in to the FUD

I already lost some of my gains because bcd, but this thread reminds me that there's always someone who's in worse condition than me.
I feel better and feels bad at the same time

>post yfw you just heard about this pajeetcoin

I pray i pray i pray for an ETH or BTC run right now and this chink coin finally fake dies so i can get in.

not bad, i got in at $0.05 and sold at $0.25 as soon as the rumours about him dumping his bags surfaced

If you just heard about it, you don't belong here

why would you want to get on board of a sinking ship? also your ID literally tells you what coin to buy (((0x)))

bought at 25cents. I will hold on for however long it takes to sell at 26. Even if its 40 years.

It's a shit coin but it still has the highest volume for days. A good announcement can pump any shit to gold after a huge downtrend.

sell or double up?
I got in at .03 cents
it would be silly to not atleast hodl till 2021 right?

The volume is high because of chink bots
Look at volume on any exchange besides binance

Wow. Is it just me or is he a genuine moron?

He had a decent thing going. He could kept at it and kept at it and pushed through into something halfway decent.

>trusting the Chinese

Chink. Call it what it is

India is only a wannabe China (Being serious about this. Google around)

its dead, this happens to shitcoins every year. it was one big pump and dump, your money is gone.

buy the dip

Starting to look like it'll break the 500 sat buywall

That means you think Tron will outperform everything? Why not just take your small bags and put them into a more promising coin that is more likely to 3x.

I bought in at 4 cents what do? Should I sell?


Yeah it's not lookin good right now, although it's still #1 in trading volume so there's that.

days really do feel like weeks in crypto

ur a fucking delusional idiot for not selling at 2000 sats

>TRON is a block-based open source global digital entertainment protocol that is cross-protocol for digital entertainment.

read this and tell me in your own words what TRON is and justify how it has billions of dollars in market cap

protip: you can't

Wait for it to go below 4 cents so you can sell low

told you as it was crashing to sell. no no no doth protested too much. i made several memes to help tornies they wouldnt listen.

decentralized internet! facebook! netflix!

This is the most enjoyable JUSTing I've seen for a while, I wish I'd bought TRON just so I could panic sell it.

>it's still #1 in trading volume
number one

What the fuck? If anyone here bought after reading that fucking kill yourself lol