Shut up I'm accumulating

PASC is next

single digits soon. get out

Hope so. I'll buy more

Why? I mined several pasc and accounts in the summer. Why sudden growth?

Stockin up.

Devs said they fixed and stresstested nodes, live fix should be this week, then its going binance and moon


triple digits soon. stay in

It's fast because there's no XoW, it's hardly crypto

>No XoW
Its a front-loaded PoW coin you inbred.

this coin has everything. Speed, 130m coins, no tx fees, devs seem to be on their shit. What's the catch here?


it doesnt do anything else its just a currency

they talked shit on iota but are just as broken kek

Bitcoin, too doesn't do anything
its just a currency

It's supposed to be just a currency though. It's not trying to sell some useless bullshit.

Seems like a better version of btc

and its one of the reasons bitcoin is absolute garbage, thats the only catch I can think of

nice meme kid

Bitcoin at the very least is backed by lots of electricity wasted. This isn't.

All the pow is on the exchange so they get overloaded and disable deposits and withdraws every other day

There’s pretty much no room for improvements, it can’t really do private transactions or smart contracts in the future. But as a currency it works exchange well.

Weren't they fixing those issues?

Yes just like they were fixing it since all of December and then they kept going down anyway (just like xrbs price now)

Wait until someone hardforks it

not exchanges,
but the nodes have syncing problems

it was like this for the entire last year
no new node can sync with the network, from beginning until today
nodes which are synced, also get out of sync with the rest of the network.

marvelous coin isnt it?

last dip
Binance + RaiExchange will change everything
If you're not in, literally, unironically kill yourself

It's holding in a sea of red for right now

Rai exchange was supposed to launch like a week ago lol its not happening with all these node problems

come on nigga, just give it time. Everything will be all right very soon.

I just bought over 3k xrb at bitgrail when one retard sold 9k at 138k sats lol

40B cap EOY, no sweat