what icos have you invested into recently, Veeky Forums?

>block array

as well as wanchain, but that was a few months ago

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Jibrel, only ICO I'm waiting on at the moment but will buy into Nucleus Vision when that opens up. Previously participated in ICX, LINK and REQ.

whats her name? pearl something??

I too bought into axpire. Not sure how I feel about it. Dev team has been having issues with the roll out. Only put in a small amount of my portfolio though.

Art and axp my first 2

Alexa "roastie" Pearl

> presale still opened
> low cap
> working product

I just looked at her Twitter, peak Weimerica.

aXpire all in but still not reveived my tokens

Probably the biggest one is Magnalis
>30 cents per coin
>10,000,000 supply
>partnership with COSS to bring crypto to retail
>Binance has 2,500,000 in their hotwallet
>June Binance Pump Incoming

If you don't put at least 1 ETH into this enormous monster, you deserve to be a broke loser.

All in on this.
Got my tokens within a day.
My dick gets hard thinking about the gains I’ll make.

mine too, user.
mine too.

Here you go




is this the one where the site crashes your browser for a minute? i'd rather stay poor than give money to those faggots

After Cappasity's partnership with nvidia broke yesterday, i've signed up for their
utility token sale in march ARtoken go(dot)artoken(dot)io/ggg99 only 7 days left to sign up.


Jibrel is gonna do great when it hits exchanges

Looks reasonable. Was going to put some ETH into beetoken but now that I've seen this I might go for Magnalis instead.



Put 1eth into carVertical. I'm ready to see where this goes

its a literal scam. google it. this guy shills it with the same copypasta and reposts it when people point out its a scam.

ethorse and copy track

jibrel sounds too good to be true

Psst ill give you a hint of the best ico q1. Something about insurance backed by ex ceo of the largest insurance company in over 5 countries. Also hockey.

That better be negro seed


Yeah that's great and all but if you want to make real money join the best pump group

discord gg/YQqTCqt

pajeet stop


> Pre-Sale was sold out in 7 Hours
> German company based in Frankfurt
> Real product
> Very good b2b Partnerships
> They want to implement AI saving system for cryptocurrencies for the masses in their already existing saving app which is used a lot by german people

Apex, whitelisting just ended, so now the shilling can begin.