I see a lot of idiots saying that this will go to 8k. Well I say, who gives a fuck???? Maybe it will and maybe it won't...

I see a lot of idiots saying that this will go to 8k. Well I say, who gives a fuck???? Maybe it will and maybe it won't. Either way that is healthy market activity. Bitcoin has dipped a hundreds times in the past. If it dips to 4k by March I won't be worried. I will still be holding, because even if it goes under 1k, then the next week it will be 40k.

That is just how crypto works. We have to hodl and we have to buy the dip. Every time that the global marketcap hits a new low, I increase the 80 thousand dollar loan I already have with the bank. This will make me so much money.

Bought high and my bags feel heavy right now. It'll bounce back eventually

BTC will never flip. its brand is tied to tightly to the health of the crypto market.

Exactly. Fudders will always point out our huge bags, but before I started getting in the negative, I was up 10k. YEP! TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! It's crazy.

Clearly I couldn't have made those profits without at least major financial skills. This is 100% a massive bull market. Bitcoin will go to 100k by EOY even if it drops under $500 by June.

Ethereum is going to make bitcoin look like a joke.

Probably. I see people saying that Ethereum has peaked because of some RSI bullshit, but they don't understand crypto.

Ethereum will go up 30000% by the EOY. Some guy on my messenger showed me the math. This is a totally new way of doing things.

topkek.. ETH only looks good to normies.. there is still much better tech to be discovered.. (EOS)

something with such a retarded name will never be a threat to bitcoin

EOS is up 40.84% for the week though vs ETH's 12.33%.

This is a bad sign because it shows that EOS is a real crypto. In order for something to be a successful cryptocurrency it needs to dip. That is just how crypto works. I try to buy things that are in the red for the 7-day average, because it when my portfolio goes down it will eventually go up.

*EOS is not a real crypto

Maybe or maybe not.

Either way I just lost another $3000 over the past hour, so I think I'll treat myself to an expensive dinner tonight for my investing discipline. The more money I lose, the more money I'll eventually make.

That's what people don't understand about crypto. You have to burn money to earn money.

pretty much this.

if BTC shows weakness it means the foundation of the blockchain is corroded. even though its decentralized, the percepted value can be altered by mtgox like events.

until there is a technology radically different from the blockchain rather than just coins claiming more uses and upgrades, you wont see this #2, ever.

the amount of people who say they will buy at 8k zone makes me confident it will not reach there
all dips get bought

You are an idiot. The foundation is not fucking corroded. The more Bitcoin drops, the less risk there is of us losing massive amounts of money. We can't lose money that is already lost, but we can make gains from then on out. I pray each day that it drops and each day I am rewarded.

You do not understand crypto. This is a new paradigm like the invention of computers. It is not a fucking bubble.

Exactly. I will still be buying at 3k.

I will never stop buying this massive bull market, because when you've found a good thing you can't lose.

lol everyone wants BTC deep down inside

I'm going to hold my bags for comfy and steady gains even at 8k

OP is right, and understands crypto well.

Crypto has been going up a lot because it's extremely amazing (probably the most incredible thing ever invented), and even if it goes down 99%, it will go back up, and it will keep going up forever, because it's crypto, and hooooly fuck, CRYPTO. Those who "get it", get it.

Great minds think alike.

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You understand. The price goes up the price goes down. That is how markets have always worked. It doesn't mean that crypto is on a downtrend just because Bitcoin loses a few thousand in a week.

Bitcoin has defied all market expectations up until this point. Within a decade a single Bitcoin will be worth 30+ million dollars.

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Just to continue with what I was saying, one group of people that doesn't get it, is boomers.

Haha, boomers are sooooo stupid, when it comes to crypto!!!

They don't understand that this isn't like ANYTHING that has come before, and supposedly reliable laws of economics and human psychology don't apply here, because crypto.

Only people below 30 or so can see this, because they're a new type of people who have never existed before and are rewriting the rules, and their experience on this planet will be totally unique. So long, old patterns!

OP is right. Just wait for btc to hit 1k, then buy. Insta 40x gains.

You know you're right. It isn't in a bubble. What you see is the realization happening in real time that this invention is going to challenge fiat and the banks. Why would anyone the themselves to the banks if they are not needed? On and on it Wil rise and decline only to rise higher because it's purpose and utility will prove itself over and over until we see only steady rise. 800 billion dollars is nothing compared to what banks handle or the amount of money being held out there. Just keep hodling we are only in the begninning.

Exactly. We are the early adopters. Newton's third law or whatever. What goes down must go up. Einstein proved it himself.



>bitcoin will always be huge because it's always been that way

I wish I was old enough to pay attention to the dotcom bubble closely. There would have been so many overconfident idiots like OP bragging about their pets.com bags

>I increase the 80 thousand dollar loan I already have with the bank

It always amazes me how small minded people like you can exist. You are probably a racist too. You are probably white.

>t.retard who unironically compares the first crypto with pets.com and not with amazon/google

Surely the enlightened and intelligent people who dumped their apple/microsoft/amazon/google stock during the panic must be VERY proud of their high IQ now.

>because even if it goes under 1k, then the next week it will be 40k.
>40x in a week

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