The Chinks went to far

Their greedy swing trading has started a downward trend.

What do u mean u mean koreas crackdown...whats that about

They're not swing trading. They are keeping the price down until their buddies and business partners get in. Typical chinks.

Just how they always planned. Now they can buy everyones bags at a discount and repeat the cycle when the next news announcement comes out.

This shit is a fucking scam and what happened (or didnt) after cig announcement confirmed it.

it's true - greedy fucking gamblers - they have no interest in anything positive in this tech. They need to GTFO of crypto

it was actually the gook justice minister


Bullshit they were all in when ven offered it to chink businesses and investors at 5 cents. This is just what they decided to do with it. Every chink who wanted this garbage already has it and is participating in this massive scam.

This whale myth is retarded, there are not insiders manipulating the price intentionally, people put up high and low walls. Then they balance them out on the low bid purchases and the high ask sells.

This is trading 101 stuff people, stop thinking there is a conspiracy.

sick of this shit, man

If they were just swing trading why the fuck would they stop the coin from mooning by putting up these walls after the news broke yesterday?

Because you can make money on the way up and down if you have enough of the supply. As long as the market is reacting and swinging you are turning profit.

They don't care where the price is they just want it to move, straight up is not a preferable method when trading like this.

I’m sick of you faggots talking as if you deserved an easy moonshot
You did no research. You did no homework. You just bought this because it was shilled really hard
If you don’t have the patience to wait for a bit then just fuck off

>it's gonna moon I swear you're just impatient

This board is about discussing the market. If you only want a positive circle-jerk and not honest market analysis go to Reddit for your hand jobs faggot.

Its my money and I want it now!

Good please sell. Buy a better coin

ANY other fucking coin would've shot up if it received the partnerships VEN has achieved


Actually you faggots are bitching and moaning because you figured you would get free money from the latest announcement. And quite frankly it’s pathetic as fuck.

they can and they will
that said i have some still

>hurdurhur sell u bagz I buy hurdurfur
What's it like holding a coin that drops in value even after a major partnership is announced?

It was the final squeeze

See this

Chinks are the jews of Asia.

t. worked with them

VEN has somehow breached the time-space continuum. If you look at the historical charts, you will see we have risen 7x over the past 4 weeks. However, as anyone who has ever held VEN can tell you, the price never moves, and in fact only ever decreases after buying. The only explanation is that buying VEN shifts the investor into a parallel universe where every whale conspires against you, and only you, in order to stagnate the price at whatever you bought it for. The only way to escape is to sell all your VEN, after which the price will inevitably continue along its previous trajectory of doubling almost every week.

I can just imagine the op sitting there, glass of soy milk in his hand, autistic genderqueer partner fast asleep on the futon, dreaming that one day his bag of walton will one day be able to cover xir's transition.

I’m up over 500% on this bag you poor nigger. Lol

It's because CryptoFU and Lila, who worked on Walton early on and were able to manipulate and sabotage it for their own gains, have moved onto VEN. They now work full time with VEN, who probably don't know any better. They and their friends accumulate and accumulate before news gets sent out, and then dump whenever it pumps. Check the chart history of WTC against past news releases. Big pump followed by bigger dump. This pattern will start for VEN, with this group now balls deep within. Feels bad man.

Chinese have been scamming westerners for as long as they have been trading with the west. No reason it wouldnt happen in crypto to.

They had no incentive to let you get rich also. If you bought in above 2 or 3 dollars you are about to get fucking molested.

Watch what happens in the dead zone between now and end of feb. A great bleedout while chink whales buy back all the coins they sold for half off.

If this went back to $2 I would jizz my pants because I would be able to afford a mjolnir node or whatever it’s called


just HODL bro XD~!!!!

If you can't beat the whale sell walls you have to join them. Put a sell orders above the sell walls so it looks more intimidating and also buy orders at some panic sell levels.
Just take 10-20% profits from back and forth its not going to moon ever.

Not hard, he bought around 1.20.

What the are you implying read the fucking charts.

This isn't FUD or some rumor bullshit, The swing trading was steady and we were looking like an upward trend but they pushed it to fucking far. Now the downward trend has started.

I can imagine you sitting there jerking off to trap hentai, and coming up with these complex fantasies about people participating in this board.

I bought this because positive unannounced news dropped. It's my experience that you will at the very least go up a few percent, not sink 30 fucking percent. You don't have time to research with unannounced news, fuck even if I did why would ANYONE think the market would react so negatively to a partnership like this

Everyone is looking into the black hole screaming "dumb vennies" when all we can hear are partnerships being yelled into our abyss
And as we spiral down further, the price remains the same, yet btc falls from our pockets and the salty walty smiles get whiter and brighter

god help us all

>major partnership announced
>price dumps
>Hahahahahah!!!! cHeCk m8 wAlTy

This. Why does Veeky Forums become happy when they start to wake up?

They're a disaster.

i cant hear you down here!!!!!

Is this how people act when they are in denial?

>thats the joke

>VEN announced PBoC partnership
>price falls to $4.71


And ppl told me to hodl after I bought in at the ath. I should've sold. FUCK YOU CHINK COIN SHILLS, FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOOOOOOOOU!!!

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