Here is how you really make it

Here is how you will make it Veeky Forums, I grew 10k to 20M doing this shit for 6 months.

1.Stop following that twitter sham posted on the other thread: 2. Stop losing money like you just did with INS and LRC by following that post
3. Follow a coin with good tech and use cases

That's really it. Chasing get rich quick schemes don't work.

all in on link got it

Chainlink is ching-chong scam.

What do you think of BAT?

>Follow a coin with good tech
>shit ton of different coins using the same tech


To give further context, I invested into NEO, XRB, XLM, and ETH. NEO made me the most money.

If you want a recommendation as of now, I would take a risk in up and coming projects like PFR/INT/HPB. For long term recommendations, VEN, REQ, and ETH will never dissapoint you.


ICO or exchange listings?

Post delta

ICOs were great and then started to die down a bit. Nowadays though, they can be risky.

However, I believe ICOs are back in business. A recent one I invested in is block.array which I still suggest buying when it gets listed on exchanges. Look for NEO ICOs and honestly just any ICO that has a good project and focuses on good tech.

The current wave in this market is good tech. The next wave will be products that offer real mainstream services

I'll bite:
1. What was your initial investment?
2. When did you invest?


I like how HPB's team sounds like the roster from Dynasty Warriors.

and when to sell?

I haven't done my full research into that, but from my initial thoughts, it looks good, especially the team.

As of now, my expected moonshots are block.array, INT, and HPB.

Another tip: Use multiple resources to cross-verify information. Don't rely on biz soley or on reddit solely. Most people are shams and are trying to make you buy coins for their own benefit

What do you think about ACT? Looks promising at least.

As mentioned in the post, my initial investment was 10K. Most of my gains came from NEO, and hence why I'm starting to focus on these Chinese gems.

I also did some margin trading on the side that did me wonders, but this is EXTREMELY risky and some of my friends have lost tens of thousands for this, but just wanted to mention that. You can do this on Bitfinex.

Thanks whale bro, I have 3.5 btc tied up in app coins @35k sat. appc...INT looks like the best of all those. Do you think today is a good entry.

Also whale bro, what other resources do you use. Veeky Forums is starting to feel repetitive and just constant bag shilling with a gem every once and a while.

i hold half your recs (+omg is all i got) - but only 1.5k total invested - it is my 2nd week.... i don't trust the market to invest more into it... scared money don't make money or na?

10K all in one coin or diversified?

Have you just held on to your investments the whole time or did you trade after a prolonged period?

When does block array become public?

Also, how can you get to 20M and keep going? My plan with my $700 was invest it in VEN, ZRX, and OMG, hodl for a year hopefully growing it to $10,000, spend the next year getting that to $100,000, then finally capping off at a million or two. Buy a house, whatever other necessities, get my final portfolio of saved money to $5 million, then whatever I made after that would either be donated, used for family issues, or be put toward growing a business.

Do you only have $10 million because of taxes, or are you one of the lucky ones that barely has to pay any taxes due to your county + long term hodl?

Yes, today is definitely a good entry. By app coins, do you mean APPC? I was going to invest in that, but was a bit concerned (just off first impressions) from their marketing. However, from my initial research, it seems as if it is one of the few coins that actually has a company containing hundreds of thousands of users behind it, and that should not do you wrong long term.

TL;DR Literally 90% of the coins out there are either shams, exit runs, or good tech but just really not needed.

The key is to find good tech that is needed or at least have an actual purpose behind it, like REQ.

Get mooncoin?

cuz like if you really made your money x2000 and you think those are good picks then that would make me trust my judgement as far as this go (i legit have been trying to learn about this shit including the tech behind it lightweight since may but really got into it thru December)... but like my living sit is fucked and i cant lose any more money than that and have any hope of changing it in the next 6 mo.

Where do you even buy this thing? Their website is down and all I see is "Monero 2.0".

Good point. This is why I have moved 50% of my funds into fiat already. If anyone tells you that they expect a bear market or a bull market, they're speaking out of their ass. I did it to hedge by bets, but I personally expect this wave to continue for a long time (however, the shitty coins will die off).

I don't even know if crypto can conform to bear or bull terminology when altcoins do whatever they want to do. It isn't even reliant on BTC anymore.

I had to pay taxes.

what other resources do you use other than Veeky Forums? do you have an user crypto twitter?

My feeling is that if SPHTX:SAP::XLM:IBM, it's going to be a winner. However, both are very long term hodls. The speed of development on ERP shit is really fucking slow, and adoption is even more slow. Right now I'm trying to decide if I want to diversify into SPHTX or just accumulate more QASH. I'll probably do the latter.

I use Veeky Forums to troll around. Veeky Forums is definitely not a resource. However, I have noticed some of the posters seem to catch on to (what I believe are)
my most recent gems like HPB/INT/PFR.

Most of the stuff here, in my opinion, should not be considered a resource. I'm sure you have sound enough judgement to figure out why.

yeah that has been my startegy to take 5k to 55k in December. I Swing trade support based on crypto twitter and TA, only stay in 3 swing strong FA coins with real investors behind them and no hype scam chain bs...strat,eth,btc, ven, link, 0x, ../

then i stack in btc, ven, or eth long term

Which one are you talking about?

What is INT? Intellicoin? I don't see any active markets for that on CMC

It should be noted (just in case some people are doubting the math), I did add 25K more from fiat a month after I started, so it wasn't a pure 10K -> 20 M.

In general, I consider myself very lucky, since this is not the normal trajectory.

Do you use cryptopanic or where do you begin your shit coin research? Github?

>I Swing trade support based on crypto twitter and TA

Whats TA?

Intchain. Their website has huge Chinese portionsright now, but that is the case for many new Chinese projects that come out due to English not being the first language, and not enough of a focus on marketing.

It was recently on Okex and Coinegg.


Would advise against this. If it is working for you though, go ahead.

Fuck off normie

Ah, OK. Thanks.

About to head to sleep. Will try to reply tomorrow anons. I truly do want you all to make it. As of now, even if the market is not conducive to massive 100X gains over the next year, we are still just getting started.

do you spend much time on crypto twitter? You can spot breakouts with a high probability and its a solid hodl coin the risks are essentially zelch if you have strong hands.

Yeah that’s great and all but earn real money at this Pump discord server discord gg/YQqTCqt

Last comment: I progressively added fiat throughout the 6 months after the initial 10K and the other 25K in about 10K steps.

So, again, I did not make a 2000% gain from holding the 10K. I was already blessed (fortunately) with a good career that totalled out my overall investment from fiat to about 200K.

So it is still a very good return, but I just don't want people to think something like that is easily possible. As with any investments though, only invest in what you can afford to lose, and never think that something will continue to go up, just because it went up in the past.

Love BAT. ADC (Audio coin) and BAT are good holds for me.


When did you know when to buy and sell? What signs did you see?

Nice. For anyone interested, my risky (but moonshot level) picks are: ADC, HPB, INT, PFR.

Long term holds: REQ, NEO, VEN, and ETH/BTC

Will I make it Mr whale, I found 2/3 of your picks already. Got pajeeted by Fun and Aix.

I'm unironically doing this. If my capital went over 4 digits maybe I could go play around, but with what I have I feel I need to be disciplined.

trying that technique with AST... wish me luck anons

You said you made money off Neo. Ok, then what was Neo's dividend originally called? Also what exchange did you buy it on back then?

The best holds for 2018 are: BNB, KCS, XRB and ETH. Hold them tight and you're gonna be rich. Don't buy any pumps, don't daytrade. Just put your money in them and relax.


You can't win all the money circulating in crypto. Don't be greedy.

>No proof
Why do you kids have to shitpost... pajeets arent enough?

what exchanges is INT listed on?

Now that you’re rich, want to angel invest in my ICO? [email protected]

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