I was the one here shilling the fuck out of IoT Chain (ITC)

I was the one here shilling the fuck out of IoT Chain (ITC).
Who fell for my ruse and bought?
I bet you're feeling might stupid right now ahahahahahaha
I got out at $7.5 you mad, bro?

got out at $9.5 on OKEX

will rebuy at $0.25

i bought... im down $4,000. im honestly not mad but i am really sad. i trusted you user and you betrayed the community. im a poor student so that's alot of money to me :(

If you had done LITERALLY any research you would have realised it was a scam straight away.
Idiots like you who buy into scams so easily are why cryptos have a bad name and haven't gone properly mainstream yet.
You deserve everything you got .

i looked into it. looks like they are following the roadmap and i also read a lot of articles on IotChain since DAG coins are hot e.g. Iota and XRB. if you knew it was a scam why did you shill it :( user you are suppose to help others not bring them down. this community is fairly small so why screw an individual over? if you wanna do that go to reddit man..

btw the telegram has 10k followers, the testnet is coming out Q1. why do you say its a scam now?

Shut up faggot.
This community is just as bad as reddit, just slightly less cringey.
You don't know what you're doing, you shouldn't be investing in crypto

What a turd you are! I didn't buy. I get that you want to make money but having fun and enjoying yourself by doing harm to others is just wrong

Yeah that’s great and all but earn real money at this Pump discord server discord gg/YQqTCqt

hey man leave Veeky Forums if your gonna act like this. we don't need individuals like you. we all want to make money and you shouldn't trick people like that otherwise you will one day regret it.. crypto is still fairly new so stop being a faggot yourself.

XRB and Iota did so well, and ITC hit $9 before. i think with time it will hit $9 again in the next few weeks. I read the whitepaper and Iota has always been held back by the high centralization cost, security issues, scalability issues and data loss. ITC seems to be able to overcome these issues with technologies stated in the whitepaper, especially DAG, which seems to be the next go-to technology compared to blockchain. I am hopeful that ITC will succeed and bring IOT to greater heights, so I am going to keep it.

It's not my fault that you and so many others here are idiots.
If I didn't take advantage of you, someone else would.

it's still a good project, don't worry too much

exactly bro. if this dude is making money, why does he have to hurt others? especially those who work hard for our money... i wasn't born rich and this is disappointing that someone will screw over others just for fun

>bragging about making pennies

Typical gook

>>bragging about making pennies
SRS, this is the type of dude who will brag about stealing a homeless guy's money. its pathetic

Damn you’re a piece of fucking shit dude fuck you

Lol you really are a piece of shit aren't you. You should kys, no really its for the best.

Daily reminder to not buy any coin with chinks or russians behind it! only trust european unions and american devs!

This is hilarious

this is just whales accumulating, is it not?

eventually it will go up....

Tell me how it is! I was thinking of buying some soon is this a good project ???

^ !!!!!!!

how do racists like you make money?


I doubled my money and my ADD led me elsewhere. I actually learned about it from some discord so if you're that guy, thanks. Otherwise fuck you for your greedy intentions.

Holy Shit your id - JEwd

>I actually learned about it from some discord so if you're that guy, thanks
Was it the aussie crypto discord?

Good job on the PnD OP.
Now I'm accumulating and will say hello on the way to the moon in a few weeks.