Which shicoins will die out eoy 2018?

Which shicoins will die out eoy 2018?

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Cardano- I understand this will piss niggers off but this is heavily research focused and no marketing.
This brutal and rapid market will drop these bags

Link, Tron





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>BTC dieing within 1000 years
um sorry sweetie

Remember guys: JUST SODL it!

Why do you have ripple in that list lol. Ripple is one of the few shitcoins with a use case and adoption. Ripple will be top 5 maybe even top 3 for the next 20 years. The answer to this question is very simple but you need to divide into categories. Store of value coins, anonymous coins, platforms, and payment solution coins. The 5 coins you listed in that picture will be the future but you also need to include EOS, NEM, and NEO.

Sad but true pic

Top 3-5 next 20 years for ripple? Hahaha sure buddy

no pls :(

Ok maybe 20 years is pushing it because crypto currencies may not even exist by then in the form we know it now. Forgive my blind optimism.

Ripple will fall out of top 5 this year
Screencap this

>guys /pol/ told me da joos are bad
>twitter maximalists said XRP is da bankster coin
>I regurgitate everything /pol/ and twitter "OGs" blow down my throat
>im a crypto anarchist, new paradigm, down with banks!!
>ecks D XDXDXD

This is the state of new/biz/. Not one original thought or argument that hasn't been refuted extensively for the past 2 years. All the bleating, larping, teeth gnashing in the world won't change the fact that XRP is and will continue to dominate 2018.
No, horseshit like doge, tron, iota, cardano, bat, ltc, nem, etc, dash are not going to outperform it.

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many bitcoin/ethereum clones will. ltc, bch, etc. when the bear market hits normie money runs dry, which were the only people buying those coins, but institutional/fund money will keep buying the coins with a real future, with a non-copy and pasted codebase.


I really like EGAS, it looks like a scamcoin but even if it is, at this price it can still go 10x before it gets dumped. check it out.
Take a look@ coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/

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