Shill me your best 10x short term

Sup Veeky Forums I made some nice gains on coss and dumped as soon as I found it the new UI gobbles up 30MB to load up (for reference, 1MB on Binance).

So I'm willing to drop about 50k in a new low or micro cap coin as long as the shill is sound. I'll drop the 0.5 ETH in the wallet of the most sound shill.

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i like your style op, i'm here for this. brace yourself, the pajeets are coming!

CFC, only because the market cap is 5k, and 24h voulume on cryptopia is 1.8 btc. You probably wont even be able to buy 50k worth without ramping the price x5, but that will be a problem with every micro market cap coin


define short term

ShipChain and IntenseCoin bro here

Just learn from me (I turned 3k into 70k within a month and will be a millionaire in march when shipchain goes live, i wont dump though)
I know how to make every one of you retards a millionaire, if you just fucking listen to me.
Doesn't matter if you only have 1k or 15k or 50k (1k ish minimum though for $1m+)

2 easy steps to MAKE IT if you can restrain your gambling-addicted brains from FOMOing and day-trading.

Step 1: Go all in on INT (Internet Node Token) on coinegg, okex, allcoin or coolcoin (not yet listed on CMC) NOW
- Sell mid to end Feb for 10-20x
Step 2a: Once ShipChain tokens get released buy them immediately on ED for a cheap 2-3x of ICO price (90%)
Step 2b: Buy IntenseCoin (Rebrand incoming in ~march) (10%)
- Sell everything mid 2019
>literally millions

Then buy lambos or bitches or yachts or do whatever you want with your money.

I am absolutely fucking sure this is the way.

Screenshot this.


Yeah that’s great and all but earn real money at this Pump discord server discord gg/YQqTCqt

I dont care if it's a nigger, kike or a professional street shitter as long as it's a sensible shill
I'm not here to pump and dump, I want solid fundamentals
Like 4-8 weeks

How do I delete this?

If 4-8 weeks is your goal definitely ICX, it's not a very small coin but it's at $10 and hitting at least $40 late Q1

PayFair. Escrow plattform for trading crypto/fiat like ...

With 10k PFR you will act as master node and get 1% of the traded volume. Highly undervalued because:

- So far only on ED (new exchanges probably soon)
- Team kind of full of russian nobodies/nerds (i'd like to call them vitaliks)
- Whitepaper gets overhauled in jan

In a bears market you probably want to sit nicely on your masternodes and others will too.. so the price will definitely go up. Don't buy another vaporwave coin with no product and no incentive to hold ...


I have been eyeballing ShipChain for sure, any idea when it's gonna be buyable? Gonna research INT and IntenseCoin now, would you mind shedding some light on these two?

Once it hits Korea on the 24th it's hitting a new ATH basically guaranteed. Also being added to so many exchanges and Korea is just a whole extra market that will be buying ICX (ICX is a Korean coin)

realistically, nimfamoney will do much more than 10x. but it's too risky for 50k, and too low volume atm. sorry i couldn't help you.

Explain why it'll go up so much?
Yeah i know leddit and fags and all that but just literally look at it.


DBC. Backed by NEO, solid dev team with white paper that tackles an interesting problem using AI (the paper could use a better translation however). Their marketing isn't great, but devs seem to be listening to that and preparing to make changes to website, approach, etc. Also, the price is being suppressed due to recent listing on Huobi and subsequent trading competition re: maximum volume.

Current market cap is $243m. This coin could easily 2x-3x within the next seven days. That would bring it from current $.22 to ATH in the low $.60s. I expect $1.50 by end of March.

eth: 0x769c9afccee564713ed9d3517fa31ecfdd6077a5

extremely low mcap (


Market cap 12mil

Will be over 100 in a few weeks.

Dyor tho

define short term

Telcoin. Hall of fame rating from Ian balina who normies love. Only at 2.5ico price at the moment. On ED or IDEX.

My eth address 0x01698A2Da6f935d5836bb8448B6FcCe23e8ca353


Masternodes make transactions instant
Anonymouse like moner
40kk marketcap
going out of correction right now
$0.006538 per coin -> $1

Thank you: 0xe1EA0fEd8Bb7649fe4A095d7f7a30b9e4BFFF744

>Heavily shilled
>Currently being manipulated while whales accumulate
>Real use case

Easy 20x


Imma get uhhhhhhhh

proof of you having at least 0.5ETH

Buy CHSB. Check swissborgs website, and telegram.

ITNS - they are launching a physical router this year.

Imagine with the mainstream exposure crypto is going to get this year:

"IntenseRouter - Secure VPN router, BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY INSIDE" will sell like candy


(GRC) GridCoin
(ETHD) Ethereum Dark
(DOVU) Dovu



Pls dont fall for the INT shill.

If you really want a nice coin with a working product, low marketcap and 10-50x potential you go with Fluttercoin (FLT)

Before visiting the website and dismissing it, join the discord, checkout the updates on bitcointalk and understand the gem it truly is.

Its a PoW PoS PoT hybrid with a working wallet and currently only on cryptopia. Devs are puming their own cryptogains into the product, no ICO, no premine. Two forks end of January and beginning of February. New website coming (community project, everyone can submit a homepage, bounty is 10k FLT + 1 LTC)
Allready in talk with bigger exchanges.
Join the discord and dont fall for pumpin groups.

Hope that helps


Flutter seems like the same scam as ECA... dont fall for it.

OP left


didn't know they were launching a physical router.... that's pretty cool. i'm a big itns fan, but i don't think it will 10x in < 8 weeks unless that get a large exchange listing + release the browser plugin. excited for the vpn marketplace though, that will ensure the coin's success, unlike with privatix, which requires you to use privatix vpn. good business strategy.


how does flutter seem like a scam?
its obviously not

What sets this coin apart from other blockchains?
Shill me on the fundamentals, dont just 'buy this'
So far I'm the most bullish on the INT shill, Fluttercoin seems like just another pay coin with nothing other coins dont seem to have, but please prove me wrong.

Whatever ended up happening with ECA? There was a post on /r/altcoin one night shilling it hard then coinsmarkets went down within 24 hours. Then, coinmarketcap stopped updating ECA price/volume. Is it just gone?

ShipChain and CoinMetro Token is probably going to do a 50x, considering the hype and demand

int currently being pump and dumped by whales

dont fall for their scam

who am I kidding, you will fall for it anyways

go ahead, buy a coin that 50% in the last two hours, see what happens

No idea, but that coin has alot of false claims circulating like instant transactions and it doesn’t even have a website

check out me Coinmetro it's main ico is starting in 37 days check the website.


If you want something truly small, BBT. $9.3m market cap. Good team, CEO comes from a nanotech (only has one master's degree from Harvard, not two like posters are saying on Reddit btw). Heavily decentralized marketplace which is masked by the TOR network. The best comp to it is SysCoin which is a $468m coin.

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Telcoin is a disruptive concept. Partnering with telcos to deliver a currency delivered across mobile networks. Disruptive ideas are the ones that get attention. Not all these me2 coins you are being shilled. Good luck op.

op can suck a big fat dick. Invest in DOGE nigger buy that lambo


INT is being shilled the same way HPB was few days ago "Muh its chinese, there is not much western media covering, its a gem bla" When its being shilled here bags have been loaded allready and people will dump.

Where do you have 5m mcap, working product with wallet, two incoming forks, website update, incoming PR starting February and a 100sat a piece price?

I wont shill it more, you'd have to join the discord and see for yourself, i guess.

page 70 of the bitcointalk youll find a link

IntenseCoin is like an encrypted decentralized VPN or some shit. Join their discord the admins are cool and answer anything.

Also got a 50 million token burn announced

A BIZ tip off a few months ago helped me"make it" now i have more money than I ever fucking deserved.
Listen or call me a shill, doesnt matter.
If youre not in on any of these youre literally never getting out of the slums.
Most have all the promise, working product, tech, fundamentals, buzzwords, solid whitepaper and teams that normies and pros look for in an investment.
Biz helped me make it, now allow me to help you and pass it a long.


Do what you want with the information. Personally wouldnt wait on Qash, wish or SYS. All about to have parabolic year.

page 70 on bitcointalk where?

Just tell us, dont be a fag

hes talking about gay ass fluttercoin

making it seem mysterious to make you fomo

UFR is the obvious choice here.

>Great whitepaper
>Incentivizes people to seed dead torrents
>Alpha being released within a month.
>New exchange next week.
>Veeky Forums is constantly trying to fud it to accumulate more
>Criminally low market cap

Buy Upfiring if you want to finally break even on all your shitcoin losses.

Unironically this

>already mooned
sounds gud!!!!!!!


I'm with you on this one, but there are some fudders who wamt to accumulate more UFR I guess, but the breakout is now and noone can stop us

+1 to this, it will go up again when the alts stop bleeding

Keep an eye out for MobileCoin, It's a project that had a feature in Wired a few weeks back and is being developed in part by Moxie Marlinspike (read his wikipedia page) who is a god among the infosec community.
This coin is not listed or in ICO yet, so DYOR but I absolutely trust that this coin will go huge if you get in as soon as it hits the market.



Yeah that's great and all but if you want to make real money join the best pump group

discord gg/YQqTCqt



Check out something like this (but forget 10x, 2x more likely) slash TKXXhsV
might as well get in on the ground floor on a pump and dump group and get the coin before its announced, at least they have a plan and are growing pretty fast. you can sign up and get referrals, or copy their method to create your own group. You just aren't going to make any money trading shitcoins without insider info you're basically playing roulette but with worse odds. Everyone's been doing well only when the whole market's been doing well. pump and dump groups like the above discord at least give you a chance to make money.. observe a few pumps and see if you could have got in to make money, then try with real money when you feel confident.
They also do a .1 LTC giveaway so there’s that, use my invite then join the channel when its time

Don't worry OP, even tho you missed the 80c low it's still not too late to get in. Strong hands my friend we can only go up from here. UFR 4 lyfe

CAPP - Nvidia partnership! Go check it out on their twitter...

>pajeets shilling a shitcoin calling those not buying it pajeets
never change biz

no one wants your bags

>TEL has the potential to transform finances be engaging folks worldwide who was otherwise disenfranchised from the banking system. In other words people in remote areas will have access to send money among one another as long as they have a "featured" enabled phone.
>As Telcoin enters mass adoption there's a solid opportunity to disrupt traditional banking by leveraging telecom. This is advantageous because disruption of an industry is enhanced when it enables another industry. In other words let's let the telecom industry do the heavy lifting for us to fight the battle against big banks
> Early movers stand to gain tremendously from any appreciation in token price. In other words, Telcoin just ICO'd. New participants can take advantage of a new entrant into the market place ...

go to coinmarketcap
search flt
bitcointalkforum page 70 somewhere in the middle a link to telegram and discord.
im HRTN, you can drop a msg.

off to work, laters and gl with whatever you pick

Get in 10mill total supply and 30 cents pre ico sale. thank me later.

Noone of you are shilling the fundamentals, only the hype. What is this coin? What sets it apart? How competent is the team?

>great whitepaper
How to spot a shill, the paper is a joke.

agreed. most people will think its too expensive already but i see this going to $50B+ market cap very soon

you will be able to mine magnalis via mobile data in a 5g network, which is revolutionary and never was there before. you can also pay your transaction fees with your mobile data.

- cryptocurrency of the KIK messenger
- already integrated in their social media system
- got great acceted by the community
- has now scaling issues because ETH to slow and plans to migrate to XLM (for you this migration will happen automatically by the exchange)
- will expolde when faster and when added to more exchanges
- already in top80 crypto marketcap
- very very cheap which looks attractive and produces high potential for growth


>already in top80 crypto marketcap

Where did you learn how to shill user?

just check it out, dood


network of different marketplaces.

this is like the fucking internet except for blockchain holy shit.

how are you guys not 100% on this shit yet.

FLT dude here again, on mobile.
Whats your definition of shortterm?

Cause flt will 5-10x till feb 15th but will do 20-30x eoy

rare shillJetcoin
-4mil mc
-allows athletes to manage them self
- whole own ecosystem shazam
- gonna hit more exchanges soon
- big talent 300k insta follower will be signed q2
- Sponsor of a league 1. soccer team,millions will see it

tl:dr normies will love it easy x 50

is there even a question 0x421550e61bea1e60a21cc708ddcd9fba6f262080

What did you end up going with?

this sounds fucking interesting. Normans love sports.

Ellaism. Don't miss this

So I did some research on this coin and all I read is 'muh ethereum premine' and frankly IDGAF if the founders are loaded. As long as the platform has the potential to be adopted by industries thus having room to grow, what does this coin have that sets it apart from others?

Babb ico

xcpo on cryptopia.
And lucky for you all, it's on discount today.

hell yeah 2018 will be the year most people have their firstcontac t with crypto,i dont think they will in invest in shit, they have a hardtime understanding. So this will probably hit fucking alpha centauri in no time.


I'll be honest OP, there are no coins that I can confidently shill. Please go to a casino and have some fun if you want to gamble. There are almost no regulations in crypto market, and it is impossible to predict a "moon" relying on the information you are requesting/expecting. The "potential" of a coin is not what determines its price, its mostly market manipulations. Most people don't realize the importance of what they've lost before losing what they can't afford to lose. I know it sounds like I'm bullshitting but I strongly believe that the risk you are taking is not worth it, at least not for me.

Also, if you are going to send some ETH, I want to let you know that I will cash it asap and get some good whiskey to drink with friends and family.


Can provide timestamped photo of me and my friends drinking whiskey if you are into that kind of stuff.

Tron it's dipping hard and the money that I was supposed to buy a rope with to kill myself has gone so low that I now have to jump in front of a train to kill myself.

Please buy my TRX at 20 cents so I can at least afford a noose.

Elix. Look at the success of it's competitors like ethlend, then realise that it is releasing its product in q1 this year. It is a pretty obvious x10 but maybe it can go higher.

A token where a centralized party borrows you fake money so you can gamble on memetokens, nice.

Genesis Vision(GVT)
Investment platform uniting exchanges, brokers, traders and investors.
Costs $24 today. Was $9 2 weeks ago. $6 a month ago.
Has a circulating supply of 3.7M. Total 4.4M
Has a $90M mcap
Very under the radar as they're working away on github (
They are partaking in iFX Expo next week on 23-25th as speakers
Expected to be $500-1000 EOY.
More here if you want to DYOR
Whole team has Linkedin profiles if you want to take a look
This is a super undervalued coin that will take off soon.


UFR, short term 10x when alpha is released

Oh and to add one more thing. ignoring the recent P&D two days ago, it's already hit $50 ATH a week ago. so it's currently on sale