DBC is a scam shitcoin get out

OK so listen. I'm a deep learning research engineer at a major silicon valley company. Specifically, I do work related to mobile deep learning & running neural networks locally on your phone. (Without communicating to a server.)

I read the whitepaper for DBC and it's pure shit. None the less, I thought shitcoins were traded on hype alone and I thought I could trade shitcoins with the best of them and I got burned on DBC (not too much, I lost only $4,000).

You should get out and into a non shitcoin if your trading thesis is based on fundamentals. As a deep learning expert, I just want to say to Veeky Forums THERE ARE NO FUNDAMENTALS HERE THEIR TECH IS SHIT.

If you think you can trade shitcoins that's great and best of luck, I just want to say that this technology *IS NOT REAL*.

If you think I'm just LARPing or something feel free to ask my anything.

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Is that trolling? 97% of ICO's don't need a blockchain and a coin at all.


No this is not trolling. Just sell,

explain why their tech is shit and there are no fundamentals? why can't people sell ai processes through the blockchain?

Veeky Forums, when you see few days of FUD regarding a coin, something is up. they want you to sell low so they can buy cheap

the pattern is obvious for some months now, same thing happened with OMG, NEO and other coins. Random anons impersonating engineers discouraging others so they sell super low.

Just, hang on to your coins for few months and buy even more. DBC is a company tackling multi-trillion dollar market, it's on NEO platform, has to be legit since it goes under NEO Council review and has to fork 500 GAS to create smart contract ICO. If that doesn't encourage you enough, forget about the DBC and come later when it grows.

You can sell AI processing through the blockchain, that's fine, but the problem is you can't do it in a trustless and decentralized manner.

For example, let's say you want to do a training job on a forward and backwards pass for a CNN. What's stopping me from just returning a network with Random weights and calling it optimized? You would need to split the job between at least a few different random nodes and replicate any computation. This is very inefficient.

Furthermore, most AI inference is going to be run locally on a phone, NOT on a blockchain.

LOL if you think I'm impersonating an engineer, you're welcome to go all in on DBC. I'm just letting you know that the fundamentals for this aren't there. If you think you can time the market and ride the shitcoin wave on this one, good luck.

All markets down, exchanges only allowing the ZOG to join, governments trying to FUD crypto, Wallstreet throwing their bonuses at crypto, Koreans about to go full civil war for their crypto rights.

Meanwhile the ZOG consolidating their positions for EOY, while anons trying to sell at a loss before the biggest crypto bull run in history.

Just lol..

> ZOG is going to be buying DBC.

He thinks the ZOG will stay in X2 ETH/BTC

He thinks the ZOG will actually trade instead of their portofolio managers

He thinks the pro traders dont research and getting into alts

The crypto king is yet to reveal himself, and nobody knows who it will be, perhaps it will simply spawn a barter economy with millions or billions of coins so that the ZOG can never fully enslave us ever again.

We are all in on DBC you fucking no good nocoiner, while you FUD for your masters or simply a useful idiot who FUDS for free.

> nocoiner
I'm all in on LINK

the absolute state of linkies, I'm sure you faggots getting paid to shill link but to fud other coins?


This must be the stupidest shit i have ever read.
DBC is top 5 coin to hold.
Go stay poor somewhere else faggot.

link is half of my portfolio

Whats your buy order at?

Yeah that's great and all but if you want to make real money join the best pump group

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inference yes, training no

fellow ML engineer (compressed deep learning).
OP is right, the fundamentals are not good with this coin and the whitepaper is just a sequence of buzzwords in bad english.

However, this is true for 99% of the shitcoins out there. Once this recovers it will give good gains in the short term as people will eat up on the AI memes, in the long term however...

just curious as to how many people here that are holding dbc are also holding link?,bought at 160 eth and need something to sway me into selling

Topkek at this FUD. This is almost a copypasta now. Why don't you post proof of what you claim to be?

Also, if you're in Silicon valley company, you should watch this interview since it's so highly related to it.


Whales are pathetic, I hope a hitman comes and knocks your door

pure cringe. who are this random niggers?
is the chink again reading a script?

You realize in the interview where the Chink read from script wasn't the CEO and he even mentions it in the beginning of the interview? Your FUD is bad.

i am not even FUDing friend, I hold DBC myself since .08

As another person that dwells in ML, OP is right. The fundamentals are lacking here, the WP is crappy and this coin is just fucking H Y P E.

It is FUD, you back up your arguments with emotions and things you've made up. Faggots who don't have anything to back their arguments with should be ignored.

i havent made any appeal to emotions.
I just said that as someone who reads ML papers on a daily basis the whitepaper is below any reasonable standard. I will sell my bags once it hits ~80 cents.