Tron TRX

"I'm so upset about my investment choices I'm going to post nudes of myself on Twitter just to feel even shittier about myself"

Holy fuck, is this really what crypto is becoming??

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> $13m marketcap
> 1.5mil circulating
> 50mil cap circulation

$9 per coin is a steal

biz, its your decision to get rich. you have to move the funds and make the moves.




Nice tits, but some cucks probably dm'd her and sent her some BTC or ETH

IRON HANDS ... will grab dat ass

kek, she probably lost 200 dollars

Toasties get roastied

At least she's worth looking at I guess...

Its not this bad, this is just typical women feeling instead of thinking and being unable to cope with loss and risk

Are you this retarded to not recognize a fake account? Holy shit, please keep your money out of crypto with a -10 IQ

this thread is VERY comfy :)


follow her biz

she said she'd post another at 320 followers

Fake ass shit

this is the dankest timeline

The account was started in 2012. If it's fake she's waited a long ass fucking time to use it.

Wow, the female psyche is weird.

Btw, you're an idiot - she's not posting it to feel worse about herself. She's flaunting her high sexual market value so that men flock to her, compliment her, drool at her, in effect confirming her high value so that she can feel better about herself. I.e. she may have lost a lot of money on Tron, but at least she still has a lot of power/control over man due to her femininity.

just fuck my shit up senpai

>Veeky Forums falling for catfish profiles on twitter


>identifying and getting social validation by doing something respectable
oh no, my coin dumped, time to go back to
>identifying and getting social recognition with my genitals
Never change Stacy

If real id fly her to the Mediterranean peninsula and fuck her daily til her pussy was smashed out while managing her portfolio and send her packing home with gains and roast beef lips.

Which one of you is this

Bruh is this chick for real. She talking about posting more nudes. Lucky day for us lol. Why people play with money they can’t afford to lose I’ll never understand. Such a shame she’s not very bright cause that body is on fuckin point m9’s

i wonder if this actually works, do people still get cat fished in the current year?

this. Fuck you guys are autistic

>24 tweets

baiting numales into getting sympathy donations

she didn't just start posting today, this account has been active for some time. must've deleted all her old tweets... you can still see them here:

oh i just realized op is the catfish


>down 25% in one day

AHHAHAAHA so glad I didn't buy in

If the fucking site is all in chink don't buy lmao why would you ever buy into something so sketchy

Also I guess this is the friend who shilled her into tron

so obvious it's a long time in making fake account, only retards will jump it.

I offered her money in DMs she outright refused.

>roastie lips

Spoken like a proper virgin. Jesus christ dude that’s not how that works. If you’d ever been with a woman you’d know that

nice nip piercings. good choice whichever user frauding here


Nah. I was looking at coinmarketcap to see what took the biggest hit today, Tron was 2nd from the top. Decided to search the cashtag on twitter for the REEEEE fest and this was the first thing that popped up.

post the pic please

Obviously fake since the first tweet was 1 hour ago, but still funny.

tell her to post feet

if she refuses, she has strong hands, but the endgame is obvious.

Top kek

Thanks normies for your money

My wife was a virgin when we met and she has a small outie and she hates it. I'm okay with all the roastie bashing but I wish the meme about outies would die, that's really not how it works

This is some r9k tier shit right here.

not at all. That's a bang on description of sexual market value.

r9k is hatred stemming from inferiority


no wonder she believed in tron

>My wife was a virgin when we met



Women were a mistake.

How much trx to fuck this bitch?



>Pierced nipples

Degenerate slut. Sold the peak and took her money, glad I did too.

Ah, the good ol "I was born with a blown out pussy" excuse.

Be gone, roastie.

Damn she hot as fuck, i wanna buy her

>probably so emotionally riled up she even forgot she can get at least part of her money back
>deletes everything, including 2FA (including she uses it, lol)
>finds out later she fucked herself over double
>cries even harder

>all dis money
>still a virgin

Veeky Forums dilemna

Guys if we mass report her instead and get her Twitter banned she might actually an hero.

Veeky Forums is the new /b/. Pump that report button

>including was supposed to be "implying" lol
what is this board doing to me. i'm slowly turning pajeet.

>I offered her money in DMs
Pls fuck right off

Apparently her account was “compromised”.

Didn’t even take the ‘ol biz method of buying high and selling low

unfortunately, twitter wont report just a random roastie for posting nudes, she would have to endorse trump or something right wing instead.

this is the guy who made the fake account you naive imbecile

It'd probably true though, why else would she pose and post a nude

shes fit af though

I sent her 1 BTC, no one deserves to lose it all.

baiting for sympathy donations

they look sexy you faggot

I sent her 2 BTC, no one deserves to get just 1 BTC

Just post the pic OP you faggot

fuck, whoever that is, she's primo

Yeah she's almost too hot. Makes me think it might be fake, a girl like that has 0 reason to take risk and girls like that usually don't have the hardest time paying rent. She has a models body.

Theres nothing sexy about hard prices of metal sticking out of a persons body like splinters.

> t. Roastie
>I-I lost all my money but you're a virgin

So triggered

this. look at that 'girl's post-history, ''''she'''' hasn't posted anything until today lol.

Is she talking to herself?
I never understand these twitter monologues

If instability and chaos are sexy to you, sure. I've had my share of crazy and it's not worth it more than the initial experience.

why sell tron with a body like that

i sent her 4 BTC. no one deserves to get just 3 BTC

I hope the pic is a pink wojak. Otherwise this is all very anticlimactic

Incoming tits boys!
Get ready to PnD!

lol tron is pure comedy, top kek

>normies getting JUSTED
Was this our end game all along

this is fucking pottery. these stupid niggers and roasties thought they were all going to be rich. "we wuz investors n shit". literally taking investment advice from tyrone the playa on twitter. fucking kek

Nice tries

>account was “compromised”.
Fucking how?




Nice try Op

>"we wuz investors n shit"
whales dumping the normies

she's subtweeting the cryptochad

here you go faggots

she's deleting everything


HE's PAJEET. Images are from internet.

Old accounts are acquired all the time through bruteforcing, seriously how new are you

Doesn't matter
She lost it all on étron and now she will make more money than you, who did great investment, because white knights will donate

Is this real? No wonder there are no women in crypto.