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I bought it at $4.50 too.


>$0.76 now



That's a big drop. What does the coin do?

nothing. absolutely useless

lol man, I was surprised as FUARK when it went to $4. I was thinking of buying at the ICO but the website looked like shit and it was just another random coin so I didnt.

I hope you guys are aware this coin hasn't even properly begun cratering.

loses u money

i thought thered be a bottom somewhere but it has no uptrend in sight. the coin is useless , instead of paying with whatever currency you want using the app you have to use canya coin, how inconvenient is that? bullshit idea. I only invested because i thought everything on kucoin pumped after initial dump. this coin after any amount of research makes you realize what a real shitcoin is. I lsot over half my investment in this shit and just pulled out. save your btc/eth or whatever while you still can. I normally dont sell for a loss but this really doesnt have a future at all. this shit is useless

it's over

Who cares. Lots of terrible shit ideas succeed because normies are retarded.

For example, would you invest in a product that does nothing but steal your personal data? No? Well shit, you've just missed out on being an early Facebook investor.

Can someone explain me why did you all invest in LITERALLY AIR?

I mean, they have nothing, not even a demo or prototype to show. Some random dude creates a nice website and lists on Kucoin and you throw all your money to him.

You all deserve this.

Something was fishy when i lost 20% so i bailed lmao

Looks like NOW is a good time to buy

They did it because Veeky Forums told them to. This site is toxic if not used with caution. Probably invested in UFR to hahaha

Time to buy me thinks.

For the same reason I invested in DBC
the memes on here

>They bought BitCoin because Veeky Forums told them to. This site is toxic if not used with caution. Probably invested in ETH to hahaha

Arguments from about 5 years ago.

If the coin was useless before, it is useless still.

Fuk me

youre a dbc holder? you gonna make it, just have patience

i really hope your not comparing ufr to etherium

Don't be upset. The whole crypto ponzi will crash and burn soon anyway. Smart money is cashing out, the normies are waking up. Retards shills here still shill about their shitcoin reaching moonland by the EOY to unload the bags (no one wants to be the last retard hodling the noname scamcoins).
Instead of moonmissions in a lamboland /biz will become one big collection of pink wojak pics.

Anyone have an archive link to the canya thread that was up when it went live on kucoin?

I tried to warn people not to buy over 1$ and people laughed at me

So I'm guessing you're an Etherium billionaire now, because you saw its potential when it was an early stage unmooned coin. I bow to you ...
Wait what's that? You're not? You didn't invest in Etherium because you didn't know what would happen to it? Well shit, I better listen to your advice on other coins now too!

This coin is like bodybuilding. You are still new in crypto and you want to test your hodling skills to the max. If you are capable of holding this until it moons then I salute you. I lost more than 60% so far and I am still holding it, never sold at a loss, never will. On the long term everything moons even the shittiest of coins.

I think I remember you, took your advice thanks for that, it's worked out pretty well for me. Dont know about the rest you guys.


Thats the expensive lesson you guys all learn! Never buy memecoins without researching first. Don't FOMO!

Those pnd'ers are the ones that is constantly shilling shitcoins like this.

Everything is crashing desu, even decent coins.

I think I'll lose all of it. Currently -52%

Decents coins are pulling back like 10 percent max.

Coins like this shit will be -30 percent every date till it's dead. Its even lower than ICO price

This is a bad mindset.... You dont buy an asset to lose 60% of it.

Put a damn stop loss ffa. Going up is not guranteed.

You are new, you enjoyed the bullrun that started begin december.

That lasted for a month, back to the normal market where shitcoins die and stable top 100 coins go up

CAN is fucking my ass hard right now, portfolio isn't looking a besides fucking CAN. Still seeing notable gains on Upfiring plus its going up on a new exchange soon so hopefully I can bask in UFR gains to forget about CAN

This fampai. Just take a moment and quit checking your folios for a week or two. Zoom out !

>instead of paying with whatever currency you want using the app you have to use canya coin, how inconvenient is that?
but that's every coin

Falling for discord PnD meme coins. You deserve this retard.

>t. whale wanting me to sell at a loss
not happening :^)

>Tfw sold at almost literal peak

Yeah that's great and all but if you want to make real money join the best pump group

discord gg/YQqTCqt

Same, on Kucoin, the day it came out.

Same user I bought around 1500 dollars worth of CAN at $4.50 and now I have almost nothing

No its a legitimate trading advice. But okay enjoy your bags. Yeah hodl now youre already down 60% youve got not choice.

Trading is all about minimizing losses. Youre gambling at this point.

oh yes I will enjoy them when this moons :).

It's going back up



Also a better version of the site/app exists already: Fiverr
I saw this shit as soon as I looked up the coin, literally think of real world applications of blockchain and invest in those coins, they move better anyway.
Don't invest in fucking decentralised Fiverr.
You're literally causing a bubble investing millions on shit startups.

>I will enjoy having wasted half a year of my life holding bags of this shitcoin instead of just having accepted a 10% loss and making gains elsewhere
Months of compound gains... lost.. like tears... in rain....


what the hell are you talking about?
I just looked at kucoin graph, ca is 1.50 usd +, has never dropped under 1 usd, what are you all saying lol?

idiot, I sold the bought the ATH and sold the bottom and it's your fault and I hope you suffer


i sold all of my fucking substratum for this shit

have lost over 50%

what should i do? really don't want to sell at a loss but if this piece of shit coin keeps tanking i might die








Lmao kids like you still think having iron hands is holding this shit after being down 30+%, retard hands i would say, learn to cut your losses


Im guessing this IS co-ordinated FUD from some faggot discord group. Read the white paper and DYOR newfags, this is one of the only coins that actually has a real world use. They want your bags.




Okay wtf back the fuck off!!???!

holy shit now I owe THEM money

Reiterate and make some fucking sense yeah?

i remember, convinced me sell for 3100 when i bought at 2800, thanks for the heads up, also whats a good buy in price now?

Fuck how does that even works... do I have to pay KuCoin or those aussie cunts?


>Fuck how does that even works... do I have to pay KuCoin or those aussie cunts?


Same, except I still hold. I can afford to lose this money in the short term, so I just hodl until there is a big pump (which will probably come one day within a few months)

BCD and CFD are at the top on KuCoin right now (both confirmed scams). While legit coins are at the bottom (not just CAN). I absolutely wonder what is going on, hmmmmmm.
And no, stop begging me for my bags, I won't sell them. Go and buy em from a panic seller.

yo do we win anything for reaching the lowest relative ATL ever on a coin?

At this point of the race I am really excited to see my 5 bucks turn into 50 cents, it's like when you're taking a test and you are so ignorant that you just start painting cause you know none of the answers


I am looking a kucoin - the price is fucking 1.50 usd

What the fuck are you smoking fellas, under 1usd - what?

They're time travelers from 1 day in the future

lmao ur graph goes negative

It's almost like you replied to a thread thats 3 hours old.

Its as if almost the price was NEVER EVEN CLOSE TO 1 USD.

I checked the graph, the price now is as low as it ever was, 1.50 usd you weird peopl wtf

Who’s selling those bags?

Didn't fucking listen because I was a jew and didn't want to pull out at a 20% oh boy fuck me I would suck your dick now for that 20% loss, fucking dumping this cunt as soon as I can to be honest, some fags will pump this some fucking time, what ever I put on this I'm taking out of my jew money and onto the blockchain, fuck this not missing out

>dumping this cunt as soon as I can

I was thinking the same thing. Its never come close to dropping below a $1

This must be a coordinated fud

Canya work at McDonald’s user?

They will have to pay extra in order to hold the bags


Jesus christ user

This was my first hodl ever.


Told you guys repeatedly, it's a coin made by Aussies.... Aussies!!!!

Do you associate Aussies with anything related to technology? These guys aren't even Asian-Aussies!

>within a few months)

Thanks for shilling this coin to me biz. Lost so much that there's no point to sell

canya dig it?

Imagine being me
I bought this piece of shit and sold it for AIX
I had 2k now i'm down to 150 euros
I got fuuuuuucct

So they are going to burn tokens soon

>below zero
>gonna have to pay to hold my bags

lifes not fair

you bought meme'd biz shit? you deserve to lose

I owe them so much already, how low can it get?

Lmao. Time to drop your bags and get aboard the spaceship!

lol dumbfucks

Doing even worse than TRX. Good luck out there, Canya holders.

lmao the CANYA banter in this thread


I'm not in this token (wasn't keen on it) but remember, you only lose money when you sell.

Imo at this point the best policy for any holders will be to hold on for March 2018 when the platform is due to be launched. If it is launched, and works well, the value will fly past what it is now.

Selling at this point with such a loss, when there's a pretty good chance of it bouncing right back on release, would be retarded.

Yeah if I had CAN I would wait for that moon. You don't have anything left to lose.