alright im done accumulating. Time for proper shilling

Does anybody here NOT know what SCP is or why FairX might be a big deal?

Feel free to ask, any day now we get a partnership annoucement its going to jump 20%+. Also keep in mind the normie wave is now headed towards Stellar. Do you know what that means? Everyday the number of people searching for Stellar and learning about it just to find out that its probably the BEST thing out right now compared to BTC & ETH, they will INSTANTLY BUY.

The rally has already started slowly. $1 (10 days) Jan 25 screencap this

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this coin needs no shilling desu

big if true this is most of my portfolio since 10 cents. You got support stellarwhale

Eh if anyone has honest questions, im more than happy to answer.

dont understand the fudders.
comfy hodling since 750 sats. best long term hodl in 2018.
all those adhd coin hopping crypto kiddies can go fuck themselves and get burnt while i went x5 in a month by doin nothing.

xlm is unironically one of the biggest players 2018 and everyone with fucking glasshands can please sell.

I am already strapped in since $0.03.
Kinda wished there was a better market response for what XLM offers

Why are you up so early user

Maybe the 100b supply?? And shitcoin

Jelly. I missed XLM until 0.15$ because I was an idiot.

The whales are the reason we're not going up. Anybody not seen the constant sell walls?


either youre trolling or a fucking retard. stay poor pajeet.

I think there isnt enough marketing going around about them being very legal friendly, or practically about anything really. Its still under the radar when it comes to its actual potential of a global asset network. The fact that its open source will test its

Stellar is going to exponentially increase this year when it comes to adoption. The team behind Stellar Foundation isnt amateur and with the number of people finding out about the advantages, INSTITUTIONAL money is right around the corner due the comfortable regulations Stellar is designed to meet.

108 billion total supply that is going to be released 1% every year while distributing it to the wallets synced up for inflation pooling.

There's only 18 billion out right now in circulation (with about 2-3 billion actually trading)

Citation needed

Kinda thinking of getting into the mobius ico, but will have to part with some of my lumies. Hard choices

>The fact that its open source will put it to the test to see if it can actually withstand being an opensource, decentralized, free and global blockchain network

EGAS has a 13 mil max coin supply and the price is sub 10cents right now. Even if it turns out to be a scamcoin it will definitely get pumped to $1 before then and that will only put it at 13m market cap.
Take a look@

The money will come when you can buy Stellar straight with fiat and probably not before.

Many more will come that's for sure

>buy Stellar straight with fiat
>we interstellar now

The REAL money will come when you can buy Stellar with fiat(or crypto/commodity, u name it) then go onto a global market to trade ANYTHING in the world

I don't think it will ever explode and get huge, but it's guranteed to be constantly growing just like BNB because it's a backend coin for an exchange.

Thats exactly what its going to do. Anything else is literally people trying to pump and dump. The steady rise upwards has already begun

It may exponentially breakout like Bitcoin/Ethereum did end of 2018 or well into 2019

Dont underestimate the amount of adoption headed towards Stellar

XLM and ADA are the coins that will go 2018 to the moon tbhfam. Pretty comfy with these bags.

>the steady rise upwards has already begun

u can see where the floor is

scp? also what is this mysterious they alluded too a couple of months ago, any ideas?


I'm not as optomistic as most about how soon this fairx will be here. Expect delays

>Stellar Consensus Protocol

It's similar to how Bitcoin is POW but Stellar is more. If you do not know those terms google them.

Its probably a payment provider of some sort, a global one at that

FairX is honestly March in my opinion, but we'll find out and see what happens in February. Too much shilling of FairX has put a bad name on it. Those guys didnt even want to hype, just the rumor spread out to Veeky Forums then pajeets...

We'll see how the actual hype behind FairX really is by Feb.


XLM will be $30 EOY. screen cap this

I want to believe

That would make me a multi millionaire. Never gonna happen though. 5$ eoy would be great too

Stellar, IBM, FairX and a whole lot of money are working together to give cryptocurrency what it's always needed to gain mass adoption: a legitimate, decentralized platform to exchange cryptocurrencies with each other and cash

You have to believe user, it WILL happen. It would make me a multi millionaire too