You shills have been quiet past few days. What happened?

You shills have been quiet past few days. What happened?

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Shilling was only good as long as the "new launch" is on the horizont. Now its pointless since everybody realizes this piece of shit is flat out horrible and wont go anywhere

coss they still waiting for page to load

COSS hodler here. Let's sit back and analyse

>the dividends
>promise to release fiat exchange
>mobile app isn't that bad

>new UI doesn't look that great and it's laggy, certainly if you consider how long they worked on it
>Lot of question marks surrounding the team. Are they competent? Are they a bunch of scammers

site is still pretty broken but theyve just hired new staff hopefully they are more competent

the actual shilling will only begin once all the quirks have been ironed out, the site loads faster, and the new trading engine has been implemented, when coss leaves beta and goes to full release

eta for that is Q1

it's not loading.

healthy correction

but meme's aside, the team needs to get their shit together. it's clearly ambitious and not a scam, but unless they hire at least other 10 competent devs they won't go anywhere in the near run

>product in beta receives massive amount of traffic due to UI revamp and being an exchange open to new registrations
>gets blasted for being sluggish

I'm invested. Cannot kill this after ONE DAY lol. It's sluggish yes but nonetheless the new facelift is refreshing. As long as the dev team ensures the exchanges functionality over the next few days, I'm feeling quite comfy.

>wait for new devs
>wait until the site loads faster

This all just isn't very comforting to say the least. Hire good staff in the first place and only release the new UI when it works well and has a proper engine.

I wonder what they were up to those last months...

Price going up = shilling
Price dropping = fud

i dont think its the ui itself thats the problem its more basic than that

the trading engine was not slated for today thats later. it's still in beta

i think the singapore team is working on legal compliance for fiat pairs and all that, but the romanian programmers are incompetent, good thing rune just hired some new people

>good thing rune just hired some new people

I guess so. People on Veeky Forums keep saying he's a fraud tho

General Rune is whipping the romanian devs with rusty wires atm

Why the fuck doesn`t the price show up on the y axis for their charts? I wanted to place my sell/buy orders for swing trading but this shit is fucking broken and before I know it it`s down 50%

hes working way to hard for this to be a scam, hes in the telegram all the time helping people and shit

Market is shit + whales FUD + retards selling for no reason.

>gospel according to /biz

Yeah that's great and all but if you want to make real money join the best pump group

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forgot my cap

kek switch to candles


Fugg it's going down again

Floor 1.50 right guys?

this is unexcusable desu. how could they miss this in testing?

I'll admit it. I don't actually know how to read them any better than line graphs.

That dump was absolutely horrible.
Glad I cashed out my Coss one week ago with 20K profit.

Site doesn't even load. Funds are stuck.
Thank god that's just my play money.

I was shilling pfr and prl here for you on /biz since both were 0.07 and 0.01 respectively. Get profit on egas and make me (and you) rich.
Take a look@

its a tricky position for them since they had announced the new UI well in advance.

Comes down to releasing something that's a little bit buggy/laggy, or postponing release date and looking like they can't keep to schedule. Either way is bad, not sure which is worse.

They're putting loads of time and money into actually improving the exchange and building a legitimate company. If his goal was to scam people he'd have already dumped all his tokens and abandoned the project/website. There's way more potential profit in it for them to actually create a working, successful exchange in the long run.

I'm holding some COSS myself. Bought in near the all time low, I'm holding indefinitely. If it crashes to $0 I'm not out very much, but if the exchange ever takes off, even 12-18 months down the road, I'm most likely set for life just through dividend payments.

Anyone know how to invest in shelf companies?

I agree with your points made. I'm in at around $2 as I really thought this was going to take off initially but alas I agree that the nature of the release should have had a bit more hindsight to it. Naturally it was going to be buggy and slow with the increased traffic and that should have been addressed as a GIVEN, especially with other exchanges restricting new registrations.

I'm confident we'll see a completely different perspective on this exchange within a week.

>I'm confident we'll see a completely different perspective on this exchange within a week

Yup, opinions around here change on a dime. One minute it's pink wojacks and "TULIP MANIA!" talk and 24 hours later it's like it never happened.

I admit COSS exchange was slow and clunky today, but there are obviously reasons for that. In terms of actual appearance I think it's a positive change, and if they tune up the backend and improve loading speeds I think, as you said, people will see it differently.

With a $100M mcap I can't see COSS going anywhere but up over the long run. Even a $500M mcap is considered quite low nowadays in crypto, which would put COSS price up around ~$7-8 if we reach that point.

Looking to invest in shelf companies.

I still believe Coss is a good investment. Rune and co aren't going anywhere and rune has fully acknowledged their issues.

People are missing the point a bit I think. Coss is ranked around 200th for marketcap. There are literal scams ranked higher. Coss doesn't have to become the next binance. If it can solidify itself as a decent, middle-of-the-road exchange, and crypto in general keeps growing, it will still do an easy 10x from here this year.

Sell wall has been set, now sit comfy and witness pump.

This user gets it.

EGAS has a 13 mil max coin supply and the price is sub 10cents right now. Even if it turns out to be a scamcoin it will definitely get pumped to $1 before then and that will only put it at 13m market cap.
Take a look@

So where is the other Co-founder, the research and development officer and the Tech officer as shown on their team page. How come I've only hear about the Rune guy. How come the Tech officer isn't managing the website or w/e.

>I'm confident we'll see a completely different perspective on this exchange within a week.
Why? Given their track record?

>I admit COSS exchange was slow and clunky today
It's always slow and clunky.

It was way worse a week ago, things have gotten better even if they're still shit.

isnt he some romanian fuck with no cv

hah yeah fml

What are shelf companies?

They make all kinds of shelves for books and stuff.


I'm banking on the devs wanting to ensure people don't associate slow speeds and in accessible trading with their exchange. A week is like a year in crypto land so if it were me I would do something to alleviate the lackluster response.

>tfw went all in

I-its gonna go up r-right guys

Yes :)

I hope they make the market smoother, having to refresh and wait 30 seconds just to keep the order book updated makes it basically unusable, not to mention missing price on their price charts.

man one day coss will be worth something

The second that bear market hits and people are afraid to cash out...COSS throws up fiat.

My COSS are in cold storage. The website could be a big bag of dicks, but if you can fiat exit, it just doesn't fucking matter.


Threw an extra $3k into coss at $1.67. Lets go!

Website maintenance plus bear market. Once they get fiat option it’s gonna be worth a lot unless binanace beats them

It took them months for this shitty UI which is hardly even an upgrade. You think they are going to release fiat gateway before 2019 you are nuts. / api / invite / GMXVQA2HHL

Close all of the spaces after pasting. You make a pile of eth/btc if you use my link.

There will be an update of the UI in February.

Yes. It is still in beta currently.

This was keeping me out of losses single handedly but now even coss has betrayed me. I can't refresh my blockfolio today...

Kept telling you cucks to sell the news, your site fucking sucks and the only merit it has is that people will pump it because they think its another KuCoin

>b-but muh dividends
well you got me there, pajeet - 0.1 cents a week might make you a millionaire in your shithole currency

I'm halfway to a million rupees

looks like we've found the bottom at 1.60

This. The new version doesn't even load correctly for me


Really thinking now is a good time to buy this. Just after corrections is usually a good time to get in.