What went wrong? It can't even stay above $1 anymore

What went wrong? It can't even stay above $1 anymore.

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I will kill myself soon if this shit keeps dropping

Alt season is over bb, its k tho

m-muh cupnhandle guys its gunna do da cupnhandle any sec now

Sell before 0.4$


Oh, no. My favorite coin is on sale. Darn discounts.

If this ever gets close to $0.50 again I will dump everything I have in it

Lol buy faggots and sell in 2-3 weeks
3$ before 5th February
> cap this shit


I told you faggots this is not for shorterm profit. Why would it rise when there is no news and will not be any news before a few weeks.

just wait until the 31st
in the mean time, accumulate and hold

Should have sold when it broke the logarithmic trend line.
Too bad Veeky Forums is too damn retarded to do that and would rather hold till $0.00.

That bastard Jason Parser is dumping this coin to 0.20c.

i'm with you


REMINDER: weak hand will never make it


THe ChainLink network uses AI to sense when there are too many newfags on board and then corrects down to shake them off.

You guys are funny - I bought in at 87 cents when you got justd. Doesn't matter we'll both be in profits from 2 weeks time

I can't believe an unproven and superfluous concept crypto run by a dude with an MA in philosophy and no experience in contracts or computing who hasn't tweeted in four months could possibly fail.

>Flush it

We've hit below 20 cents before. We held through that shit. Its going to keep bleeding as long as we are still in this bear market.

>Assblaster leaked. flush it.

*BA in General Studies with two electives in Philosophy

Implementation of the BAT routine. It's a good sign. Relax.

>who hasn't tweeted in four months could possibly fail.


so, it's time to separate the wheat from the chaff

t. 200k LINK

not pendering to twitter subhumans is a good sign
nice trips btw

>he didnt buy before the dump and bought back in at 20 cents

>he didn't predict the future xD