I have 50% loss on my CAN position. Fucking pajeets. Anyone else still holding this meme coin?

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Bought at 5usd buddy. A great lesson to be learned.

Right here with you. -52% currently. Think it'll be -100% soon.

Just bought the last 1k to hit the new holder club min. Dont even give a fuck, just tucked it on my ledger. So much delicious fud its insane

That's ok , more exchange to come next week.( i heard about binance )

Dont own CAN, but many of you will regret selling these coins that are down right now.

Ofc selling right now is retarded. I will just hodl. There is no alternative.

Why would you buy user?
They barely crossed the softcap.
Buy SelfKey got sold out in 11mins

I know how you feel user

t. faggot that bought at $4.50

I put 1eth into the 2nd tier ICO. Long term hodl right here. Solid team and project.

CAN and AIX were clear shitcoins since the ICO.

But they are dropping hard because during the ICO ETH was lower.
so if you bought the coin for a certain price the same price will worth much more now.

just HODL

70% loss here,
on the bright side. 37 million confirmed circulating supply, and that puts CAN on below 100M market cap.

keep calm,

I never sell at a loss, so yeah. Probably hodling that shit into eternity selling at the first opportunity

I've been shilled too.
Fucking pajeets.
Fucking normie I am.

What can I do now ? I am literally in my shit.
Too late to sell.
I just have to keep these heavy bag of shit, I consider this money totally lost.

And if one Day it will go again to 4$, I'll sell and break even. I don't want any profit on this ShitCoin.
Those fucking whales have killed CAN, but they killed themselves too. Nobody will buy their heavy bag of shit.

Wait until the 13th when the contest ends

bro contest already ends a few days ago

you are the pajeet in this setup
t. sold 2.5 btc of canya shitcoin @ 80k sat (x6 from now)

I was shilling pfr and prl here for you on /biz since both were 0.07 and 0.01 respectively. Get profit on egas and make me (and you) rich.
Take a look@

You guys... Why do you not research what you invest in? And then cry when you lose money? Fuck, you either throw money at shit YOLO style and then not give a fuck about it, or you carefully research and invest and THEN be a nervous little shit about it. Not both at the same time.
This didn't hit its ICO hardcap (and it was only like a $20M hardcap to begin with). In today's crypto world, this basically means that the coin is complete and utter shit. MEDIOCRE ICOs hit their hardcap in days, good ones minutes. This went for a month going to about 50% of its cap and ended. Red fucking flag. How new are you to not notice this.
Second. The token itself. It's a payment tool... For an app... That isn't really used by anyone... And that people that did use it would just prefer to be paid in fiat. I mean come on. Put two and two together. This shit is useless.
But if you ask me, I fucking love this coin! It's done nothing but make me quick money. I bought at ICO and sold for 5x+ like a day after getting my tokens. I could have sold higher, but didn't feel like risking it too much. I knew even trash ICOs like this could be flipped for at least 2-3x because of silly billies like you. But buying at 5x+ ICO, without even knowing how many circulating tokens there are or what the market cap is? Jesus wept.

Let this be an expensive lesson to you. Fucking DYOR. DYOR is not a meme. Dumbasses.

I don't want to sell at a fucking whale.
I prefer to loose

i dumped this trash for over 50% loss. I think it could actually make decent money some day but I was done holding it back to under ICO price

Stop being the "pro"trader. Why do you try to rationalize a market where the Dogecoin worth 1.5 billion ?
Nobody cares about the tech.
You are just a lucky fag like everybody here.
No ones has no idea of what they're doing.

I'm hilariously unlucky, actually. Every single time I try to daytrade I get royally fucked in the ass. I lost so much money last year to bear markets and my general stupidity. That's kind of the point. I'm a dumbass, but it's really fucking easy not to be a bigger dumbass than me, and yet you still fucked it up. You could have avoided this by doing some basic googling before FOMOing in this shitcoin. But you didn't.
Stop trying to absolve yourself from responsibility by implying that nobody has any control over the outcomes of their crypto investments. It's untrue, it's childish, it's coping, and it's going to keep you from becoming better at this.
Dogecoin is the original meme(shit)coin, it's been around for years, everyone knows about it, it's on a billion different exchanges, it's cheap, it has a fuckhuge supply so it appeals to normies, etc. The "but muh dogecoin" argument does not apply here at all.
>nobody cares about the tech
But people care about the potential. This never had any potential unless you think this piece of shit app will actually ever be used on a global scale and that people will be willing to get CANYA COINS for their labor, both highly unlikely events. And even if that did happen, it would take years.
I can see a >1 billion marketcap for this if that did happen (unlikely) but even then each coin would be worth only $10 (because all the coins would be in supply at that point). That's what, 2x your investment? Good job.
Seriously. DYOR. Fucking THINK before INVEST.

I confess.
You are true from A to Z.
I'll keep this lesson in my mind.

Probably the stupidest investment I've made. But guys it seriously can't go any lower?

Yeah It could. May be 0.1$. Nothing is impossible at this point.