Become millionaire from BTC

>become millionaire from BTC
>break billionaire status with ETH
>read this board everyday
>really came to loathe the LINK stink horde
>want to crush them in a way that will never allow them to recover
>want to provide them hope, only to pull it out from under them
>buy up LINK over weeks, driving the price past a dollar
>let them enjoy the view for a little bit
>begin dumping my bags to start the crash phase
>mfw they don't even realize how pink their wojacks are about to get
I don't care about your shitcoin, I don't even know what it does. I did what I did to send a message: do not spam your shitcoins on my board. Heed it.

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Grow up and then go fuck yourself cunt

Ok show your wallet address
>inb4 muh cashed out
>inb4 in 345345 different wallets

I enjoyed this larp

>he doesn't believe there are billionaires on Veeky Forums

Buy some ChainLink. It'll save you.

there's many more shitposters on Veeky Forums than there are billionaires in the whole world
odds are against it
doubly so once you refuse to post easy to provide proof

Thanks, just bought 100k.

One of the better larps here.

Not a larp. I am approaching this level of mastery. Thanks OP btw.

You made me laugh thanks OP.

Was the price steadily rising part of your plan?
Got more LiNkIeS you wanna drop on me.

The fact you do is sad. We lads got around 1k in and we wanna be rich. Once we make it we leave.

Fucking hell... the cringe is strong with this one.

billionaire here

I really like EGAS, it looks like a scamcoin but even if it is, at this price it can still go 10x before it gets dumped. check it out.
Take a look@

>i don't care about your shitcoin, i don't even care what it does.
We want you to dump on us faggot so we can accumulate moar.

Fuck Link.
If you'd be a billionaire you'd help a poor fucking student out so he can pay off his college debt ; send btc daddy ; 15bMJHqZWgjqzDt6oUrWFTMtQu1EgPjznn
Oh and sergey is a fucking lil pajeet with a 2 man team who doesn't do shit except buying lambo's cuz ya'll retarded buying link kty.

Can you imagine what it must feel like being a complete no-linker? The only arguments are that the project may fail or LINK may not be adopted. Noone denies that if Chainlink is adopted we will see $500+/LINK. This isn't some bullshit Bitcoin knockoff or "The Chinese ______". Bitcoin can always be forked again, updated, lightning network and so on, but you think LITECOIN is a better hold than LINK? Are you kidding me? Anyone in their right mind would agree that it is more likely for Chainlink to be widely adopted than for Litecoin to overthrow Bitcoin. For less than $1,000 you can get 2,000 (!!!) LINK right now! That is a cool ONE MILLION DOLLARS once the main net is live (2018) and we see widespread adoption (2020). The only reason these unfortunate souls - the nolinkers - aren't accumulating is because they don't have the patience to read into anything that isn't directly marketed to them like the latest super hero movie. There is no excuse for link to be absent from your portfolio. Perhaps one day you'll look back on my post and be grateful I led you down the path of light. Maybe you'll look back, full of regret for buying into the FUD, right before you pull the trigger.

>implying LINK True Believers aren't thrilled to see low prices

Who do you think is buying now?

Please drop it back to 15c faggot I want to buy more, why would you go and do that when we all be accumulating, oh you said you wanted to fuck with us, good one op, now please give us some cheap link before the real boom faggot

dump it then bitch