Hold or sell?

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Ask yourself this simple question: Am I turning a profit. If the answer is yes, go right on ahead. If the answer is no then fucking hold it you retarded mong.

It never fails to amaze how much the average biztard fails to understand this.

hold untill Wednesday sell at the pump for a loss if you have too and then never listen to biz shillers again

im all in and im below my intial investment with this scam coin

Same this has been really disappointing, but at least I learned something out of it

m8 i dont know if you know this but a whale duped a bunch of us biztards and dropped some pretty fucking heavy bags on us

It's the bottom so it's time for you to sell


Never sell at a loss wtf. This hasnt even mooned properly yet. Is this the current state of biz? Cant even fucking hold for weeks. You havent traded stocks have you?

i fucking hate this coin

even if it moons i won't regret dumping it as soon as i get small gains

I've never even done this before too. What's mooning and a whale?


im sure you can understand why public opinion of this coin is so low
i cant speak for everyone else but i got pulled in when i saw a few threads claiming it was going to moon soon, biz is rarely wrong on moonshot calls (mostly because they call them when its already in progress) so i thought fuck yeah im early for once
dropped like a rock for days almost completely wiping out my portfolio
trust broken

It really shows that current investors really have no idea what they are doing.

>if it doesn't instantly make me rich it's a scam!

Christ these people are idiots. They are ruining the market

Fucking kill yourself now you worthless piece of shit

a whale is a big sea creature and the moon is that big thing in the sky


This response is perfect


what's a mooning?

If you invested in this coin it's best you not know so you don't lose sleep over it
You will be bankrupt soon walking away thinking this whole thing is a scam and go back to your normal life

Okay I'm just shitting you. I have an idea what mooning is and have been interested in crypto for years and started as soon as binance allowed new registrations. I've diversified over several coins and put about $50 into APPC so I'm not losing any sleep regardless. So far I would have made back all of my investment if it weren't for APPC. Right now I'm just using spare money to buy large amounts of alts you guys are recommending while they're cheap (while trying to avoid shills). Pic related is my current portfolio. I'm seriously wondering what more should I do when I have extra money.

Pic related.

You're joking, right? Please don't be a real portfolio

I'm a poorfag and this was all the extra money I could spend yesterday until I get paid again. I'm not putting my life savings into this or anything. Didn't you guys say some of these coins were going to so great?

Dude, nothing is going to happen if you put $25 into every shitcoin that is mentioned on Veeky Forums. I'm sorry but you've diversified waaaay too much for the amount of cash you have to spend. Focus on 2, maybe three coins until you reach 2-3k and then you can diversify a little more. Right now, even if one of your coins triples, three others might be in the red (especially in the current climate), rendering the moon essentially pointless. Take it slow and spend a little more on sure things until you've taken some decent profit.

This is just opinion

While you’re handing out advice what would you do if you had $200 in appcoin right now? Just sell and cut your losses or wait and try to break even?

I was thinking of getting more BNB, ETH or NEO, and FUN. Does LINK have serious potential or am I getting memed? The LTC was just to buy the ECA because I had to move shit from one exchange to another to get it. I want to get rid of the APC and hold the ECA ideally.

What price did you buy in at?


I used to have more coins but I started consolidating them quickly.

Just hold and sell on wednesday

I have 1.2k in it right now and I'm just going to hold it because, to be honest, I don't have any coins I'm really confident in investing in right now so I might as well wait for a profit. I've already decided that I'm not moving any of my coins until Feb though so it's more of a personal thing.

I mean it depends on what you would do with that $200. I think this will actually moon one day but that might be a week+ away at this rate.

That’s probably what I’ll do

I mean I was probably going to reinvest it into icx. I just don’t want to burn money because I was impatient, but at the same time the fear of this not going back up is real.

>It keeps being pumped and dropped below original sale price
>Meanwhile I could redirect I things actually mooning

OK, since you've already gone and bought them, keep the BNB, ETH, NEO, and maaaybe LTC. I'm not a Linkie so I can't say one way or the other. The rest of them you should sell when you're at a profit and then invest the proceeds into 1 coin which you have researched extensively and believe is a sure thing.


you guys are fucking retarded

appcoins is going places

please sell so i can buy more for my grandma

lol a huge buy wall of 53,000 coins was briefly added to the ETH pair order book so at least one whale will be trying to push the price up in the near future.

Guys apparently there's an airdrop going on that gives 0,3 APPC for every one you hodl. Get it, wait wednesday and cut losses.


Their twitter. On the phone now so can't link it, but it's official. You need an ether wallet, not exchange.

>On the phone now so can't link it, but it's official
Yeah that totally makes sense, I can’t link things from my phone either.

The airdrop shit is a complete scam don't fall for that lol

Chill nigga and DYOR

Sounds like complete bollocks. What a shit show.