Should I buy ICX or NEO?

Should I buy ICX or NEO?

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ICX = speculative gains for the mainnet launch
NEO = slow but safe gains
I got both



I'd wanna buy ICX but I'm just hoping it will get down a little bit

just get in now. its going to keep going up until mainet launch

NEO will be worth 1k eoy

Looks like it won’t go below 9$ again if that’s what you’re waiting for.

Nah man im waiting too, dont listen to these anons that already got bags.
Better buy neo or eth now, get them slow gains, and buy icx with it 2 days before launch mainnet. This will get you maximum amounts of icx and be prepared to do it if icx moons before the 2 days.
Good sign for ICX

It never moon on the launch day noob

Definitly both

> tfw sold all my NEO for FUN

What the hell is wrong with me


Nothing. All alts are about to get FUCKED

ICX is a scam coin. It is created by a PnD discord group. Just go to this discord link of theirs and see for yourself:


That's more proof then you'll ever get on something. Don't buy their bags! DYOR.

You know a coin is good when the FUD is this bad. I can smell the curry from here.

why would anyone buy top 50 coins is beyond me.
You put 100ICX for 1000USD. I put 1000USD into shitcoin, multiply it 10x and buy 800ICX 2 months later....
Dont be stupid, buy linda, ufr, int.......

Sell ADA to buy NEO/ICX?


2k eoy

>ICX is a scam

Yet it's not bleeding out like all your shitcoins, pajeet. Even when FUD about Korea BANNING crypto came out, it only dropped to $8 and immediately went back up. But every other coin with no bad news is shitting blood.

FUCK I fomod into neo. Got 50/50 eth/neo now. Although I'm gonna hold mid so let's hope I didn't fuck up.

Safe bets for Q1

Korea is getting fucked, don't you know?

ICX is going to have a big spike, and as many have said, NEO is safer longer term gains.

What's NEO plans for Q1 past January? I think XLM is probably better hold than Neo fro Q1

What are your opinions on Cappasity?

Nothing special, just a stable hold. Xlm a good potential for q1 but no floating news yet