XMR is taking off. Get in quick before you’re too late!

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Why now???

We're already too late nigger.

50 monero reporting in comfy
Will I make it op?

my sources say yes

Keep watching...


My sell order went off at .03 when I wasn't looking and then the page lagged out and I couldn't buy back in. FUCK me.

Looks like an organized PnD though, I might not get to buy back in with a profit but I think I can minimize damage if I wait a bit.

I was shilling pfr and prl here for you on /biz since both were 0.07 and 0.01 respectively. Get profit on egas and make me (and you) rich.
Take a look@

i sold a little bit as a sacrifice. selling some of your stash gives coins the rocket fuel they need for an ATH

I wish I joined this game sooner, but this ship can't take me with what I have.

I sold 100%

It's too late now. You're better off going with the $23 million market cap alternative, SUMO, before it moons.

>not understanding why people invest in monero
Fuck off kike.

>too late
>coin which will be worth $2.5k minimum end of year
>too late
Man you've got plenty of time. Buy and forget about it and let the king do his thing.

It’s not too late. Monero has some major news coming out soon. This is just the beginning.

holding an unknown amount, see you at $1000

Also holding an unknown amount


Get in now or stay poor faggots

unknown post

good time to sell actually. typical minimoon and now it will slowly fall to 380 again

Sumo is just an old monero code fork with premine.

Is Monero traceable?

Friend of a friend of mine is asking if he can avoid taxes with it.

New to crypto here and I just invested $200 in XMR a couple days ago. I got in at the right time!

This coin is the future, invest if you wanna get rich!

shhh monero doesn't moon just a nice comfy 5-10% here and there


You can still be identified as being part of the network right? Not what you do in there, but being part of it.

Why though, what is the point in investing in Monero, if market cap hits 13 billion it will only be worth $880.00, there are better places for my money to be. The coin had IP leaks. What is the selling point here? The wallet looks like lil jimmies first GUI, I support privacy coins, I like Monero, but putting actual money into is not such a good idea

Isn't this just a clone of LindaCoin?

You will be able to avoid taxes pretty easily with Monero once decentralized exchanges become a thing.


Wait for Koveri if you are worried about IP leaks

The problem is the exit point. Monero into cash or monero into other goods is the only way right now to avoid said my friend

Mostly speculating on usage after the crypto bubble deflated this time. Monero and to a far lesser degree the Z-brand will probably be the only coins used in the darknet, the only place that uses coins beside speculation. But tho, it is stupid to assume xmr will hold the price when btc goes on a bear rampage

Monero is such a comfy hold. Keeps getting up and down by 20%, so you can make gains selling high because you know it'll slightly dip, but every time it dips the threshold raises.
Best crypto so far. Hopefully 1k USD before June.