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>put half of my tiny stack into this today

It’s my only moonshot chance to stabilize at mid four figures so I can diversify meaninfully. I believe in the FOMO.

Considering take a loss on two other coins to recoup with this moonshot.

Get in now. The second they release a fork date the cat is out of the bag.

There are only 3m circulating coins that no one will want to sell until the fork.

Liftoff will be within a week when they release the wallet and announce the fork date.

Fork height likely to be announced on the 16th.

Nothing will happen for the next 24 hours. But these are the last 24 hours before normie FOMO kicks in. Plan accordingly.

Poorfag here. I have 5, it's 15% of my portfolio atm. Do I double my stack or be happy with 5. Do I sell at the inevitable high, or sell after the snapshot and try to beat thousands of bots dumping almost instantly after??

How high could it go?

I have three and I’m selling them an hour before the fork.

people who are trying not to get their hopes up are saying $300. optimistic people are saying $500. Even more optimistic people are saying $1000. Total retards are saying $16k.

Who knows. Conservative estimate probably $500. But normie fomo is a strange and unnatural force. $1000 or even $1500 wouldn't surprise me. Remember, this is the first high-profile fork since the November rally.

My strategy is thus:
-Attempt to sell everything at ATH pre-fork
-As close to fork as possible, buy back the dip
-As soon as possible after the fork, sell everything
-Hold BTCP for at least 9 months

$1000+ would be my guess.

I would die. I’d have a solid 5k to put into actual projects instead of trying to chase moonshots.

This is the best, highest probability moonshot you’re going to see for a long time. And even if it doesn’t Moon like a hoe, you’ll have BTCP to hodl. No downsides.

Nice, if that actually happened I would have over 120k on just this coin.

How long does it take to transfer BTC to bittrex..?

Use litecoin idiot.

Don’t transfer BTC. Send litecoin then buy BTC. Takes 10 min instead of hours.

Litecoin isn't on Gemini.

ETH then?

best bet this month
if you are not holding zclassic then what are you doing, are you a fucking normie?

There's no ZCL/ETH pairing...

Doge and buy it on cryptopia.

The biggest issue I'm dealing with is to hold through the fork or sell right before the fork.

Honestly I think trying to sell right after the fork will be a loser for me, since I won't be able to beat the whales and bots. Selling right before the fork could screw me out of getting that sweet BTCP. So it looks like I'll probably just hold this fucker through the fork and see what it does.

What do you expect ZCL to do after the fork? Dump, I presume.

Instadump right after the fork.

You might not beat the whales, no, so you'll have to settle for a lower price than they'll get. That's what it's like being a shrimp.

That said, ZCL post fork + BTCP will probably make you more money than selling ZCL at ATH right before fork and missing out on BTCP.

Will cryptopia be supporting the fork? Whats the best zcl wallet to get the bcpt airdrop?

There will be no buy orders post fork so there will be nobody to sell to.

I’m right there with you man. I’m still not sure what I’m doing. I might flip a fucking coin honestly.

Plenty of normies will have no idea a fork is happening - they'll just see a high-value coin dropping in value, and buy in on that dip. But that small period of ignorance won't last long.

Hold through the fork.

Are you retarded? That's the whole point

What does forking mean?

Anyone who sells before the fork is beyond retarded imo.

Privacy tech combined with the Bitcoin branding in front of normies should not be underestimated.

Just look at the way Bitcoin Cash dropped to like $250 each and is now sitting at nearly x10 that.

I don't even give a fuck about the ZCL. I'm going to hold both and see what happens.

If my ZCL drops to zero, and my BTCP ends up $1000+ one day, I've gained. Big style. And I think BTCP could easily shoot past $2k eventually.

You sell the ETH for BTC then buy what you want.

how do you know when the snapshot is over?

When the Zclassic blockchain explorer says it has reached the announced height, and that the blockchain on Bittrex (assuming they support the fork) is updated to that specific iteration.

FOMO bought in at $90 as my first crypto investment, it dropped to $60 at one point, almost cried because I told myself I wouldn't buy high, held on anyway, one week later it goes up to $240. Moral of the story, hold and don't sell like a weak handed faggot and you will be rewarded:)

Why not sell ZCL at the height, if it gets to like $1k and then buy BTCP for cheap right after the fork?

I'm going to have a hard time walking away from $40k on the hope that BTCP surpasses that amount. Then I should be able to buy BTCP from an exchange for relatively cheap after the fork.

thankyou kindly good sir

>Why not sell ZCL at the height, if it gets to like $1k and then buy BTCP for cheap right after the fork?

You could do that. Manage your risk how you wish.

Let's take a couple examples:

ZCL ATH is $1k before the fork, drops to $750 at fork, $3-400 after fork. BTCP starts at BTG level prices ($300) and slowly rises in value.

If you sold at ATH in this scenario, and then bought back immediately after BTCP is added to the exchanges, you would be up $300 per 1:1 ZCL/BTCP.

But this scenario is a big "if". Fork prices might now drop to half ATH. Exchange debut BTCP prices might not be as low as BTG/BCH exchange debut prices (remember, this is post-november rally). An outsider scenario might even be that ZCL doesn't hit the ATH before the fork.

Not all these scenarios are equally likely.

In my estimation, what will happen is that we reach ATH a few hours before the anticipated blockheight; at this point, whales will start dumping and triggering sell-limits throughout the order book, buying up cheap ZCL on the dip they created. Immediately after the fork, they will sell everything they have at that current price level with little regard for price dumping. This is the scenario I am counting on happening, and I will try to do what the whales do; sell at ATH, buy the dip, dump after fork, hold BTCP.

But DYOR. Plan accordingly.

USE LTC Dash or neo.

quality assesement
nice to see

i figure for those of us who have less then 1k in zcl we should be able to sell easily post fork no problem

Enjoy your bags fags, no exchange is supporting this shitcoin

Sometimes I wish I can identify who people on biz so I can spit in their face in a weeks time when ZCL is >500

Bittrex has had multipul zclassic wallet maintenance since the announcement with their twitter alive with it. It is free money to them.

No hate, just gains!

if this was 2016, $300. But with normies overpricing even dogshit like $TRX, I see $1000 in the horizon
>tfw bought at $4

i wish i was you

I wish i just fucken bought at $4 like my gut told me to

>being this new
>calling others retarded while his stupidity shines through
open up a chart of every single fork and enlighten your lizard brain. Then thank me by downloading a high quality star of david png from google and whispering "thank you based Jew"

dont be mad, I got tipped at a LISK meetup

So I still have opportunity to buy in today?

You have until the fork block height is announced - which will probably be tomorrow.

Ok so about the actual snapshot time. How will we know the snapshot happened? How precise the timer will be?

Thanks user. I am new as of November, still trying to lurk and learn as much as possible.

why are there still people selling at 200, surely they could all just list zcl at 400 and instantly double their payouts?

The coin is hovering back and forth in 20$ intervals.

Those who have sold top and bought bottom in this pattern are probably earning tens of ZCL per day. Of course, that all ends when block height is announced and FOMO kicks in. Then it'll be a neverending pump till fork.

I bought at $230. Am I going to make it?

How does one access their forked coins? I have a eleos zcl wallet. Do I need to transfer my zcl to another wallet?

you have to copy your private key(s) and import them into a btcp wallet

Strapped in at $38-$50-$114. Let's go!

I remember you from the other thread user

It seems like the same people browse biz all day

How do I get my private key?

Also tightly buckled.

Can’t fucken wait for this to pump

if bittrex doesn't announce support is this all going to flop? who wants to use a private wallet when you're trying to sell post fork. people will just leave?

Godayum nukka that's some zesty shit right there

yes you are user. strap in
yeah i lurk Veeky Forums and have a laugh when flying. Veeky Forums is funny af

probably right click the address in your wallet, or find the export private keys function. really depends on your wallet.

I'm honestly comfy not buying just to watch the potential crash this gets.

>yes you are user. strap in
Mabye I should put some more money into ZCL. I'm a poorfag, but I can afford to lose about $600.

i went all in
i can't even find any coins worth buying anymore, i keep losing. i'm just gong to throw it all at zcl and then give up

you should never do this, but in this case you'll probably even be rewarded.

why the fuck would anyone invest in this shit coin when there's ZenCash, which was literally built because ZCL was eating too much shit.

Because of free BTCP.

btcp has a better marketable name and logo

you're not trading based on merit, are you?

I got 70 mate.
Lets go for a ride!

>muh technology

ZCL is the pure protocol. it does one thing and it does it well.
much easier market to the masses than a high tech coin that does a bunch of other stuff
still I think ZenCash is an interesting coin I think most Zclassic holders agree

Sounds like a good strategy but from what I've heard lots of people plan on selling pre fork and buying post. Makes we wonder whether it's safer just to hold through the fork

$1500 is doable

I believe I qualify as a "whale" (89BTC deep)

I think you think like a day trader with a small stack; things aren't so flexible when 10% of your holdings are enough to move the market.

What I'm trying to say is that those grandiose strategies almost never work on thinly traded markets.

I think the best and most risk averse way to go through this is to hold through fork, then use the "premium" Bittrex APIs and empty the bidside of the orderbook.

Since they'll need to allow time for exchanges to come to a decision, expect the fork date to be later, rather than sooner

I've got 8, hold me senpai

100 reporting in

Sold my COSS baggage at a loss to bring my holdings to 10.5 ZCL. This bullshit Korean FUD chewed 3k out of my profits and COSS killed me another 1k. Started out with 2k, soared to 10k then settled to 6k. Ridiculous times.

>save me ZCL

started with half a bitcoin (I found in my old wallet) from way back when, got up to 11k with a few lucky moons, went down to 6k and am now around 8k, all in on zcl.

My hats off to you sir. May ZCL fix our woes.

I doubt it could go above 5M sats even on fork day.
That's when I'm taking my couple of BTC.