10 days



We losing so much money
buisness frog
Just tell us
Is it etherium soft
Or not


This guy has a polynomial regression model of btc priced in gold which suggests december 2017 was btcs high before a very long bear market. He's not 100% though because the exponential regression model suggests we could still go to 40k. It is certain the correct model will be revealed in 10 days by moon or crash but he won't commit to either in an attempt to be anonymously heralded a genius on an socially unacceptable imageboard


any reading I can do about this?

It has to do with BAT. OP delete this thread, I'm not done accumulating.

Try harder

thanks for these threads OP. Its funny to watch people get pissed off at them everyday

This nigga knows.

>10 days

I'll guess. 10 days from now the masterminds who created the crypto industry crash the entire market. They've been in since the beginning and they own almost all of the supply, allowing them to manipulate prices. Now that cryptos are mainstream and wall street are buying in... OP and his gang will slay them just like Bateman did to Allen. All the memes, all of Veeky Forums, all of crypto was created to suck the money out of greedy businessmen... and if you take part you will suffer the same fate.

Tell us what's going to happen Mr. Wallstreet.

Wanchain release on binance

More likely: 99% of Veeky Forums/biz/ is a coordinated group that bought up all of the supply of a number of shitcoins/dead projects (link, req, etc.). They have created a cult behind each of these overly shilled coins to the point where the followers have become blind believers. But, on day of the martyrs (lndian holiday) they will punish you for your faith in false idols by dumping on you massively.

>biz has been kind to me so it is time for me to be kind back

To add to this: They have been data-mining everyone using Blockfolio and matching this to actual market movements. Now they have you by the balls and know exactly where all of your coins are and can even predict your future movements with their Veeky Forums brainwashing

UFR alpha release

Straight up being just'Ed right here for fuck sakes Mr business frog, 70% down on one coin 30% down on another and the fucking rest. You faggot frog you got info give me now, or else biz and I will be running a train on your mum and sister

Don't ever be a marine for any coin. Market selling is perfectly fine and you will not loose money doing this. Shitcoin days were over a week ago, so now it's time to swing-trade high market-cap coins, preferably with a working product. This is because BTC is almost done it's correction and will have another ~2month bull run

Icx you retards