So when will we get our ABTC in white people time? (GMT+1).

Also should I sell this now or just keep holding for infinite forks?

How does this shit even work?

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I got mine a few hours ago, you should definitely have yours by now. You put all your ACT into the wallet first right?

I have all my ACT on Kucoin - I heard the fork should work there as well. Do you have it on Kucoin or in the ACT wallet?

i was in the snapshot at block 148888

i sold after. do i still get MUH ABTC

Did you hear this directly from Kucoin? Please tell me you didn't listen to the retards on here.

I listened to the retards on here.
Does that make me one of the retards?

Seems legit tho

Kucoin confirmed ABTC distibution, as well as Achain devs.

Put 200$ in this, holding it and its forks till EOY. It's down 50% since I bought tho.

Yeah I'm just messing with you, mine is on Kucoin too, I don't have my ABTC yet
Pajeets saw all the selling after the fork and thought RED, SELL SELL SELL

Hahahah fuck you man

I just saw the fork coming up and bought in as soon as I could without really reading up on it.

But afaik I should just hold ACT and get rich from all its forks? Still having quite a hard time understanding this shit.

Im 50% down on achain at this point all I can do is hold and hope they fix their marketing

Did you get the ABTC fork though?

Does anyone know what an ABTC is worth? I cant find it on CMC.

You should definitely hold
they recently got invited to this, where they can shill to normies as they have done 0 marketing so far
They sound positive about this and aren't specifying which one, which makes me think its a larger one, they usually say a month in advance when its a smaller one, whereas with bigger exchanges they announce it when they're ready.
And then long term you have all the forks, theyre are about 30 planned so far I've heard.

Im on kucoin too so Im still waiting. ABTC was worth 14$ at some point last few days but it dropped hard after more people got their share.

its 0.10 usd on ourdax , and ppl got their hopes up for this crap

Mate that's sick!
I am currently holding 686 ACT and now also 686 ABTC so I hope this is going to work as intended.

Thank you for your help and advice, is is really appreciated and refreshing aside from all the FUD and shitposting on here.

I wish you a good day user

Who did? If you bought AChain for one fork you're a retard.

Oops, that means I lost money buying ACT

Oh well.

Don't sell it yet, every BTC fork starts out as pennies, and you can look for yourself where some of them end up.

What BTC forks are there now?

ZCL, Bitcoin Private and Bitcoing Cash right?
I still haven't quite grasped the whole forking concept - I need to read up on it once I get home.

Again, thanks for the advice. I will hold it tight.

I’m down 1300$ on this, but if it is a fork farm hopefully it becomes a good coin this year. Just read a medium article about it that says maybe it can even surpass bitcoin kek