W-Where are my BNTY bros a-at..?

W-Where are my BNTY bros a-at..?

>being the only one left on the "moon rocket"
>look down, realize the thrusters are made out of duct-taped Styrofoam painted black


Here but barely hanging on....

riding the bomb straight down

Predictions for EOM?


Sold to buy hpb, it's at the start of that chart.

Still hodling haha...

Eaten by coyotes


Fuck that’s when I bought!

your bros are getting food stamps

I don't see how their whole market (bounty program fees) is worth more than the current marketcap.

Same. I just asked biz if I should sell and go all in on NEO.


A pattern!!!!

I feel you brother
I'm on this, DBC and fucking CAN
Should have just left it as ETH kill me now

Should have sold at $0.8 and then waited for now to buy back in.

Bounty will suffer the same fate as all of these cult-like shitcoins such as Link. The whales have all the supply and are tracking your movements by data-mining Blockfolio. Their motto goes something like this:
>buy it
>use it
>break it
>fix it

UFR is a scam coin. It is created by a PnD discord group. Go to this discord link of theirs for proof.


Don't buy their bags! DYOR.

Yea, I already know. All coins that are shilled here trying to get you to keep holding are scam coins. The way you win at cryptos is by swing-trading coins with high liquidity, not by holding onto garbage in the hopes that it'll moon