All of you stupid bastards need to remember is MAINNET IS NOT FUCKING RELEASED YET.

Buy the dip.
It dips some more?
it hits the fucking floor?

Just buy and hold for three years and you will be unfathomably rich. That's all there is to it. That is quite literally all you have to do to be a multimillionaire in 2020.

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They will never listen user, and the ones who did are silent waiting for gains.

most Veeky Forumstards don't deserve link, I hope it bleeds under 2k sats and they panic sell then, I'll be there for buying their bags.

>Just buy and hold for three years
Implying any ADHD spoiled subhuman would be able to hold for three years. Most of them would have sell ETH under one dollar

Just bought 500 more linkies, im at 1400 now, i know it aint much but i hope to get 5 k at the end of this month, i could go all in on link now and have around 4.2k but NEO is performing so well, i wanna let that ride and see howmuch link i can get, or should i buy Link now with this low price?

all the fud is great for link in the long term. once mainnet is released most of the link will be in strong hands, as nobody is willing to sell the price will increase a lot faster than it normally should

Don't get LINK. It's a scam coin. Created by a PnD discord group. Just go to this discord link of theirs and see for yourself:


Don't buy their bags! DYOR.

my fucking boys.
Iron hands until the end.

You'll get there lad. I won't say to go all in, it's up to you at the end of the day.
But here's something, I went all-in about 2 weeks ago and it felt great. I'm sleeping much better, deleted my Blockfolio too. There's something about LINK. It feels like ETH in the early days. Just follow your gut, user.

pajeet my son

I bought 1300 at $1.25 and have no money to byu the dip. can brainlets ever make it?

You noticed those UFR Shill threads newbies ? This is the same, getting shilled all over the place while it isn't going up!

Dont make the mistake.

except theres an equal if not greater amouunt of FUD for every shill and has been for months. this is nothing like UFR
this is the ethereum moon of 2018

and everybody should remember, holding shit like ant shares and etherum (and obviously bitcoin) was NEVER easy. it wasn't an obvious moon, and there many big dips especially in the sub $10 area, that shaked a LOT of weak hands out. imo this is exactly the same.

I dont see how this coin will go above billion marketcap max even with partnerships and what not. Def. overvalued

Remain poverty stricken, faggot

84 cents and falling


do you even know what link will be used for? lmao. forget about whether you think it will reach a market cap, and think about whether or not they their product will be successful. if you can see that it obviously will be, then 1 billion market cap isn't even the bottom floor of links potential.

I could only afford to get 1k but man am I comfy. It’s funny watching all these discord groups shake these idiots out of their LINK. I highly doubt that this will be another ETH. But in a couple years, LINK will definitely change my life.

It's over....

>tfw I only have 200
Can I still make it if I HODL for 3 years?

Stay strong linkies

Would 200 NEO or DASH be something to be happy about?

you should be buying this dip. you wont "make it" with 200 link but you will be able to buy a corolla or something

Can some please fucking explain this link Platform token I have seen for about a month now, first seen it on mew and now see it in delta, what the fuck is it?

Yeah it would

>selling right before all the bankers buy LINK with their bonuses

Alright then so stfu and hold, buddy. Nobody ever said this was going a quick and easy ride.

Is this a game for you guys?

>hold the cup and handle it is mooning soon insiders lol
>idiots you have to hold it for three years buy it on the way down don't sell your bags!
>wow look at these dumbass weakhands selling just because we are heading for a -50% correction!

Yeah hold link kids, what could possibly go wrong?

1 fud = i buy 100 more link. keep em coming

I'll buy their bags so fucking quick, I'll sell what ever shitcoins I have trading, I don't care if one is at a 50% loss, I'll fucking sell it to buy that link, fucking do it do it do it. I don't have enough, was a poor fag when I got my cheap link and find it hard to spend x6 if not more as much as my initial investment to get less then the stack I have now

B-b-but I used all my spare cash user

>drop it 20%

A-a-are you sure it’s still a bargain? I guess I could use some credit cards. Ok, done

>drop it 30%

I-I-t sure is so cheap now. Imma have to get that second mortgage.

>drops another 40%

I-I-it will come back r-r-right?like drys???

Okay, I will

>believing this larp

Hey dude I work for a big venture capital firm, hold link for 3 years trust me big christmas bonus coming soon

Of course the price will correct, LINK's true price by now would be around 0.40$ without the bull run on december. Everyone who got in earlier knew this coin as a 3 year long term hold, if you're expecting to be a millionaire by EOY you better sells your bags to me you dipshit.

>we going to $50 EOY!
>OF COURSE it is dipping you have to hold this until 2022!

The absolute, eternal reality of deluded linkies

it may be overvalued in the sense that everything is, but there's a shit ton of stuff to make it go up right around the corner that will come completely out of the blue when it finally drops. The main net, the corporate partners setting up nodes, the Go code base being released, new people on the website, Sergey shilling to normalfags on the SXSW stage. Maybe, maybe after all of that come this summer you could argue it's overpriced because at that point a ton of news will be out and at that point it'll be a slow grind of adoption, but right now the only place it has to go is up.

But you're right the only ones panicking right now are the newfags watching 30m candles and the truly deluded who genuinely expect this to hit $100; they should be shaken out. Anyone with half a brain isn't even watching the price right now.

>tfw bought link at the bottom

Not even, not that I care what the price of link is at the moment, but anons were saying for Months $1 eoy, stop making out like you are so kind of crypto wizard and can fore see every fucking move. Bullshit faggot, everyone knows link $1 now and dips but $5 in end of march, that's what all you faggots have been saying for months, so what is it user?

>grows on bull market where everything grows
>gets dumped on conferences
>grows on bull run
>dumps on conference
>turns out no SWIFT
>dApps start using other oracles and api solutions

And that is why you have to hold until 2025. My Venture Capital bros are accumulating for BIG insider news that they heard from their bosses. Trust me.

By the time link does a 100x all the other coins will have done a 150x
So what's the point.

Only nu-linkies who bought ath give insane predictions like 1k eoy, linkies who know what's up stay conservative and even fud the product in hope to buy more cheaper links.

there are different groups of people holding link. The people who bought and held since sibos or sold and rebought in november are reasonable Veeky Forums oldfags who made the threads you used to see that were mostly intelligent and articulate and hold10ks of thousands to hundreds of thousands of LINK. The majority of link threads today are made and filled with literal telegram-tier pajeets who unironically think link will be $1000 one day and hold under 10k link and often under 1k and fill the threads with delusional fantasies about what they'll do when they're rich from their 1k link.

Ignore the second group and hopefully they'll leave.

should I invest 1000 in this or enigma

or both?

Never said 1k end of year, got my link at 15c. Link $50-$100 eoy if not $100 definitely 2019. $200 2020


Both. Never put all your eggs in the slowest coin in the market.

thanks for this seriously. Link threads have turned to garbage because of these pajeets.

Don't worry only the ironest hands hold link we wont be seeing any sell offs once we break the ATH, trust me.

FUD me link all the time, shit can drop to 40c,im just saying we all said $1 end of year and you are making out like it should have been 40c this whole time..

>owns link

Oh I'm not worried thats exactly how a cup and handle formed and exactly whats taking place right now, it just finally clicked for me where all these idiots are coming from when I joined the telegram last night. I didn't realize how patrician linkies used to be.

>sells low to cut his losses just before it launches to jupiter

Trust me bro big venture capital knows Sergey is the real deal and they are stuffing their coffers with the most valuable ERC20 token

Thank fuck I came to biz in November after wondering off another board, you old fags saved me and made me get these goodies, fuck I love oldfags now. Too those oldfags I tried my best, got as much as I could and you know what once this dips enough selling all the extra funds I have made on other shit coins after I put a bit more cash on after link hit a price I couldn't afford with my jew bucks, now shitcoins have made me a bit and dumping in all on link. Might finally get to the cuckwage goal of 10k link, I ly have 7k, would have 11k if I didn't get hacked early in the piece, thank fuck I picked myself up and got more link.

>tfw my ufr bags recovered plus an additional 15% just as link dipped below 90¢
Managed to rank up from second to first lieutenant. Feels pretty fucking good being a stinky linky rn

I feel the same way. I sold all my bitcoins (that "s" is the most depressing part of this sentence) when they hit 1k and fucked off from biz and crypto because it was too upsetting to watch. Came back at the end if November and managed to sell all my silver in time to get into link at 23¢. I'm an Atheist but this has me questioning everything.

I wanted to drop at 1.15 desu as i felt the futur dip but i didn't.
Congrats for you balls but you are playing with fire, one wrong prediction could leave you behind forever

hahahaah you guys still shilling this meme coin, when i said it's going back to 40 cents no one sold at 1.20$ stupid niggers you are, this coin is a meme coin sergay is going to jump ship THERE WILL BE NO MAINNET, WAN will make LINKIE STINK and USELESS

Any anons know when lamden will hit a decent exchange so I can dump it for link please. Won't use aids infected ED. Yes I know how to use it but don't trust my computer anymore using the fucker, plus it's cancer I swear

>see 100k links being rapidly sold off


Never once swing traded my link, won't don't it. Would cut myself if I lost any of my stack, no have other shitcoins to get more link, though do wish had the balls to sell the top as I knew it was going to dip back to sub $1 but just can't do it, balls are not big enough

I bought at 1.23 and got greedy and didn't sell at the peak. I only dump half though because that put me over the cryptopia withdrawal limit. For all the shilling against it though, transferring to binance with xvg was lightning fast.

Yeah what stupid cunts right user, best sell silly faggots, we all need more link

I want to buy user...

actually I want to buy over 100k$ at this price, but the order book doesn’t sell me linkies at this price...

I need to pay at least 30% premiun what is this shit?

200k linkies oldfag here. Bought and held since ICO. This man speaks the truth.

Lamden looks like it could either be the next big thing or a total scam based on their shit website. I think it's on idex and that's pretty easy to use.

pic related.

Is index like Ed at all, and in what I mean filled with hackers?

Just put a buywall hopefully some whale will eat it.

Maybe just hold till faggots fomo on a not bullshit exchange?

Thank oldbiz fag if you ever shill this to me when it was cgeao as fuck, you are a good Man

153k link sell wall. So long old friends. Hello November.

I will buy if this drops again below 0.20 or something. Those 10k holders now will not wait for payday in september or december. They will flood the market in some weeks. Thats when you buy.

just got off the phone from my buddy on wall st. he said the guys in the office all love browsing biz, and they laugh at all the random shit that is posted / all the theories etc.

but he said that most of them will unironically be buying the holy trinity of link/req/qsp at about 50/25/25 ratio

you can call this a larp idc either way, but just sit back, and enjoy the pump and if you sold your stacks already to buy back in, well.. don't say i didn't warn you.

Just sold all my Links. Thanks for letting me know that the whales are gonna dump their shit with your desperate shilling you cancerous fucks.

Its a decentralized exchange that you trade directly from your eth wallet with.

wait which one is it. Whales are dumping or wall st. is buying?

You could probably make a lot of money doing that. I don't like buying coins that I'm not sure about though.


Even seemingly smart people make predictions with market cap as some kind of an indicator. Do yourself a favor and dyor on market cap. Misunderstanding mcap is the most common mistake people make in crypto imo. It means nothing. Tokenization is a whole new kind of a economical structure. Crypto mcap could be bigger than the amount of money in the world and it wouldn't mean shit. People with the bubble talk don't understand the new economics that apply to tokens. Fiat and tokens can be thought as parallel systems interacting with each others


sell the dip just before next ATH

that was my entire point...? thanks.


>waiting for my usd to crypto to clear
>watching this dip
I'm going to be more than furious if this shit recovers.

is there a way to watch binance charts or any live charts without being logged in?

Been in pre-SIBOS. ain't selling shit. Stay poor whoever panick sells their golden ticket

You said even 1b is not the bottom. Whatever that means you were using market cap as it was something with any kind of significange. What you need to understand is it means absolutely nothing

There is no volume in that sell off. It's just weak hands. Wojak hands.

this will recover violently

website is confusing but you can


thanks mang

>both the REQ and LINK main nets are going to come out in a bear market
it's over

the crypto market needs bad news to fall, this is just a correction

I highly doubt the market will be less than $1 Trillion by then. I'm optimistic it's $2-3 Trillion.

Once this Korea FUD goes away and institutional money is able to take a seat, many will regret not accumulating any decent utility token in January.

>be me
>bought 400usd bitcoin yesterday during the dip
>takes hours before it's in the exchange
>in the meantime link has gone up from ~0.90 to 1.03
>req has gone up from ~0.69 to 0.73
>I fomo buy because I thought I missed the dip
>next day the dip is back but even lower

My emotions got caught in the bull trap..
Oh well, I'm in for the long run, at least that is what I tell myself to calm down.

stop selling your LINK you fucking morons

>linkies on suicide alert

it's only the fucking r*dditors
cucks don't deserve to be rich