What the fuck is happening?

what the fuck is happening?

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good question user.

pajeet pajeet he shits on the street.

Dunno but I keep increasing my position the more it drops

I sold.
Im sorry bro

Bear market, useless coins die first

youre like the people who sold eth at $20

Oh don't get me wrong I don't own any CND lol. Just looking for a good entry points.

Are there any meme lines for this one?

> useless
go read the whitepaper and say that again nigger cindicator.com/

How is a data mining scam that only benefits the creators and doesn't even need to be a blockchain not useless?

Its got a big wall on eth pairing at 7k sats
if it goes below 7k idk its gonna keep correcting
if not now is probably a decent entry point

whales are trying to shake off the weak hands. same thing is happening with bcpt and poe

convince me to buy this and not DeepBrain Chain.

good coins shill themselves

I answered 9/13 questions on the app correctly, taking about 10 seconds for each question, and was given .017 eth for this. I hold 200k cnd and have been told 6 different coins to buy that all quickly went up 20% or more. It might not be the best crypto, but it certainly benefits it's users.


I'm holding this shit for at least a year.

try harder


> whales spreading fud to accumulate more at this dip
this isnt some vaporwave hype coin, normies talk fuck all about it compared to tron/ripple/stellar etc
Id reccomend a medium hold until the long term results of the bot become clear, its had decent-good short term results but that doesnt mean the project is great, definitiely 5-10x potential without much downside