Is this the end of bcash?

Seems like Roger dumping his scam coin

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looks more like someone fat fingered kek

never trust a dude named roger

He would never. Bcash is actually a decent token, like litecoin really, the problem isn't the token, it's their front men. Both of them clean bbc cum out of each other's ass hole

what about BCD

if you check 1min chart there are 10 or so big dumps

just a dip

holy smokes

very odd dip tho you don't just dump fucktons of coins all the way down to the all time low buy orders

kek, the amount of circlejerk around BCH

Corecucks have been masturbating to eachothers stories since BCH first came out, that BCH will die soon
Half a year later and BCH actually has a better working product and catching up on the network effect

Still, these posts pop up as if someone cares about Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash anymore. New, better coins are on the market that are gonig to have way more upside in 2018 than the two old DinoCollectables.

Mega dump because it's all over for crypto, fucktards.

Probably some newbie seeing if the Binance Android app has stop limits and sold at ATL

binance dones't do that you have to buy out all the orders to sell that low you always get the highest price

I had a stop loss at 0.18 lmao feels good

why the fuck do people buy bcash above 0.7-0.8? The chicks obviously won't pump it again until they can accumulate below 0.1. And the pumps aren't even that great. 2-3x.

Brainlet this is the perfect buying opportunity.

Coinbase is launching a new BCH pair tomorrow

BTC/BCH launches today. EUR/BCH launches on the 17th.

Bcash is a scam coin. Created by a PnD discord group. Go to this discord link of theirs for proof.


Don't buy their bags! DYOR.

>buying a literal scam coin with malicious intentions

Have fun losing everything.

even better. The spam attack (which barely impacted fees) and this dump are probably a corecuck attempt to lessen the pump that will come with the pairs.

Thanks corecucks, I got in a few cheap buys and will continue to buy when it dips lower

lmao. So what? Now they can dump to EUR?

*returns to yobit/binance after shitposting about bch*

wrong by the way

selling BTC directly to BCH will save trading fees

never bought bcash and never plan to lol

Check out BTG
Weird shit going on rn

And that pumps bcash why? One exchange adding some pairs to bcash reverses a $40 billion coin's bleedout why?