Chainlink, or should I say NIGGERlink

Chainlink, or should I say NIGGERlink

Invested 10k in this shitcoin @ 1.40$

Did i fall for biz shilling?

We are probably going to fall under 0,50 until mainnet is live

yes well done retard

You are fine faggot relax, if you knew anything all links knew it would dip back under $1 for a bit, silly cunt though you will be ok, you like just x100 that money you homosex

If it starts with Chain and ends with Link, it's a scam

eeeyup gj moron

rekt peabrain

how fucking stupid can u be


You bought at ATH, you're a special kind of faggot. Just hold and you'll recover

It's a longterm hold, if you have ADHD sell everything right now

Imagine being so retarded and blind that you invested in LINK because of what you read on Veeky Forums and not because it has more potential than the top 10 coins combined.

Please, please sell OP.

I don't know, did you? How much research did you do?



I hope he does, the idea that some people may become rich just buy failling for a meme is pissing me off

God fucking dammit user.

Link, fun, dbc-> meme
Can’t believe you gave your money to a meme sack of air.
I’m not saying that as a FUD, I don’t think this is a sport so I don’t want you to fail because we’re not competing.

ChainLINK is a scam coin. It is created by a PnD discord group. Go to this discord link of theirs for proof.


Don't buy their bags! DYOR.

great news

>@ 1.40$



Lol way to suck, use my referrals because obviously you like transferring currency to other people.