Hello Veeky Forums

Hello Veeky Forums.

You've probably heard of us by now. Messages both good and bad. Opinions can and may be had, but facts are undeniable. Fact is, that we made a coin go 1000%+ in less then two weeks. And mind you, this is a coin whose dev team has stated to have no funds for marketing and promotion. We made this coin go up by our shilling alone, without spreading rumors, without spreading lies, without dumping. Just old fashioned honest shilling. An impressive feat for a group that is no older then two weeks. However, due to the attraction of whales, pajeets and jews, we've decided to close the doors and go private.

This will be one of our last efforts to get more anons aboard that have good writing or meme skills. Are you good at convincing people, are you reliable, and do you want to make 10-100x gains? Then come by and introduce yourself. We might have a position open for you.

Dis_cord: WXs6uNC

This group is 100% legit, i have made serious gains already and it will be a LOT more by the end of this month. The admins are great and i fully believe they just want everybody to make gains, they are not in it just for themselves like alot of other discord groups. Focus coins are voted for by the members so everyone has the same opportunity.

This is NOT a pump and dump group, no sell signals, no buy signals, no set price targets

You know how "Cryptobro" now charges 97 bucks a month for his early tips? There is no jewing like that in this group.

We're all in it together and nobody is trying to rip others off. There are also no early tips or calls or whatever, everyone gets info at the same time. And people are genuinely helping each other, there's definitely a sense of community going on here.

We democratically chose the first coin to shill, and we chose it for its inherent value and quality, because we're explicitly not trying to PnD anything. Join us if you share these values.

Group of anons trying to support a good project that solves a problem and has a use, but is lesser known and undervalued. Helping each other out and making money at the same time.

Honestly even outside of the shilling it's a fun discord to mess around and have a chat in.

Not a pump&dump group. Dedicated to shilling low marketcap coins so they are adopted by a larger group, at which point those who got in early, like those in the group, will have made a nice profit and can sell if they want to. At that point, the contributions of the group members should no longer be a significant portion of the coins value.

There is no specific time when a coin is supposed to spike, and when it is going to get dumped.

Come also to just chat about crypto.

Couldn't have made a better choice in the cryptogame. I love our team, everyone putting so much work and effort into this. God bless.

A lot of misconceptions about this group on Veeky Forums people screaming PnD on every thread, but that couldn't be further from the truth. This is a great community to be a part of, I look forward to the gains to come.

I just like this group because of the chill people, go firefam

Lmao all these different IDs.

Pajeet stop. You are worse at shilling than national Cricket team.


I like this group a lot. Everyone is very friendly (even to a newbie like me) and relaxed. It is not a PnD group tho so don't join expecting that, and you'll have to put in some work for the shilling too. But at the end of the day it's worth it

Fuck off faggots.

dis-cord: XsdQcUw
This is a good community, not some pump and dump shit. Genuine signals are posted here

kek go fuck yourself. You are the bane shilling ufr on here.

Consistant contribution leads to a long term great result, bitcoin did not rise to this price tag within 1 day, it took years to do that. I think this group might be able to walk furthur down the road than most of the PnD groups out there and have a better return for the community.

Some more proof of shilling. You are killing Veeky Forums

supporting a project = shilling?


>admin advocating for everyone post honest opinions
There's only one race of humans that disavow honesty. Jews. You've outted yourself, you fucking retard.

Thank you for doing all the hard work OP.

I copied all your content and I'm starting my own group. Cheers.

So wait. The thread is literally openly an invitation to the discord group, and people within are giving their testimonials, and you are "capping" this image which shows that the admin is making a thread and asking for testimonials.

Is this somehow surprising to anyone? Are you fucking brain damaged?

Why the fuk even use white background?

Knew there had to be a reason I was seeing so much shilling for that shitcoin ufr

These guys fucked my dog and didn't pay me

It is like working in a PR Office, you promote awareness and get paid.
I am in love with this group, and fuck off if you think it is p&d, yet you didnt take a minute to read thru the rules etc

The testimonials have to be positive for the group to grow. To incentivise this, users get rewarded with shillpoints.
Also, all you assfaggots coming to defend this shitshow is literally proof of what was claimed; it's a shill channel to pick any coin that is at a low price, shill it to hell and back on this board and then gtfo of it before Anons realize what happened.

Please, show me a ONE comment, where someone said something about UFR, that wasn't true.
You won't find one. I'll in turn show you 100 comments fud lying about UFR and lying about this group

It's not about being true or not. It's about the constant shilling. It's in every thread, seeping through comments like there's no tomorrow. You are the cancer killing Veeky Forums along with the influx of redditfags and normalplebs.

Shame the group got such bad publicity from the start - almost made me get out of UFR lol. I just checked it out to make sure I'm not falling for some bullshit pajeet-ery, and found it quite obvious it wasn't a PnD scam like most people claim.

desu it's pretty much what you'd expect Veeky Forums to be, but without the pajeet FUD, scams, and all that. You get access to decent info.

>but muh shill points

Yeah I know it might seem bad at first, but wouldn't you expect the people who want to make a profit from your work to be committed to it? It's really not a big deal.

tl;dr you should definitely get in on this group if you want solid crypto advice

>It's not about being true or not.
It's not about it because you are lying and we are just saying the news.
All /biz is is telling the news about coins, platforms, etc. If you want something else, then fuck off

Why are you so fixated about this group? Are you really autistic enough to devote yourself to spread FUD about the group?
>muh shillpoints
Jump off a bridge and stay poor

I'd like to think you're Pajeets but this level of co-ordinated shilling means you're a bunch of Changs