Literally a non stoppable moon

literally a non stoppable moon

you mean 'unstoppable' not 'non stoppable' pajeet

I don't think its "mooning" in the sense that it will crash down shortly like many other shit coins.

It seems to me that a lot of people will be wanting this coin and HODLing it for a multitude of reasons. I don't see any reason not to buy. With its relatively low market cap when compared to other coins of a similar caliber, it really is a no brainer buy. ETH is decent, but it is running into a few problems here and there.

Also NEO is chinese, and the chinks haven't even begun pumping it. Maybe some of the smarter chinks who pumped TRX will learn their lesson and buy a coin that actually does something next time.

If they pumped Tron to 16 billion, this coin should be able to get to at least 25 billion mcap in the near future.

I'm wondering about swapping all my ETH for NEO now, seems like a better investment/return for this year. I'm sad I didn't do it earlier when it was $120 though...

>sold my all in neo stack at $70 for link partly due to china fud

lol sold everything rn for bitcoin, neo will crash

its the same, retard

You can fix it by investing in ICX, it's practically Korean NEO at this point with it's own Korean FUD.

>he sold his NEO. Pump it.

Neo is pretty much the only surefire 10x left in the game.
It even holds out during marketwide dips.

Comfy as fuck with my 1000 bought as ANS back in March.

I know. I feel the same way. I personally am going to hold both. Right now I am holding a bit more NEO than ETH and not regretting.

Soon NEO could be $250 and you will regret it then. People are already starting to talk about NEO more and saying it is the next "ETH".

I think when you consider the speed of NEO and that other coin ICO's will be on it, it seems like a safe bet. China is a bit unpredictable, but I think many new coiner chinks probably learned a thing or two during the TRX pump.

TLDR; I honestly think its wise to diversify some of your longer hodls into NEO.

stop right there

Hey normie, with all the time you spend shilling your dead buttcorn on here you could sign up on a site besides CuckBase and pick up coins other than BTC.

1. "Non stoppable" is not a word. Find me a single dictionary entry for "non stoppable"
2. Even if it were a word, it would be "nonstoppable" or "non-stoppable"
I can smell your shitting street from here. Don't try to teach English to a native English speaker.

this is crazy, new ATH 176.10 USD

I'm wating for this mf to dip since $120 :(

suck my dick faggot, I will buy NEO again after the crash

No, it's two words you moron.

wait un till all the coming icos are over then itll drop a little bit

Is there any point in not putting money into NEO? It survived the big dip last week and was one of the only ones on the green. Doesn't that account for something?

Kek, right.
"Pajeet" is also not a word, you wont find it on any dictionary
whats your point? I bet my message got through

Also, I speak 4 languages while your stupid american brain can only understand one

finally someone that gets it. everything that moons always comes down.

you are so fucking norm lol. bitcoin isn't rising till mid feb

shut up faggot

>eth is mooning
>wait until eth icos are over
>then it will dip

>"Pajeet" is also not a word
Wait is this a Veeky Forums thing? I just googled it, I thought it was something like "gook", i.e. a well known racial slur, but the top results are all Veeky Forums and /pol/.

>is not a word
Was I wrong?

i cn also spk in complty fuked englih and mesg will get thru. I'm also English, you dumb Pajeet.

NEO and UFR make me comfy as fuck.

So wait until it drops from $500 back to $490?

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Why the hell should anyone pa for filesharing if it is free by default. That token is worse than its discord pnd group

My only regret about neo is that I didn't buy more

There will be no crash. Only dips. Better buy up, otherwise you gonna have to be sellin your ahole for NEO.

She's already naked. I think you meant half nude.

I am happy but truth is the recent pump in price is because of all the Neo based ICO launch. So it might go down a bit

I can put a stop to it, here let me buy some real quick

>She's already naked
No, she's not.

Me too. just bought. lets freefall

dropped my TRX for this. best decision i made all of yesterday.

I dumped almost everything into this a week.

Finally a good move - the beginning of the year was rough.

Nice not looking at Blockfolio with dread

having a small dip right now. Get in you bitches.

When all the dumb money is getting into NEO remember one thing. Remember ANTshares? well it's NEO now and it's pump is going strong. But there is another ANT you should be looking to buy in now while the smart money is getting in. And that is Aragon aka ANT. You heard it here first. Enjoy your comfy gains as the announce their sponsorship with Pepsi next week.

smart move. i should have dropped more.

Preparing for that GAS LIFE! Salute to all the antshares holders with those fat stacks! UUUHHHHNNNNNNNNN

What, you expect /pol/ and Veeky Forums to actually know anything about who they hate?


My dick is ready.

>converted everything to BTC after seeing tether printed $100T USDT including NEO
>NEO still going strong
what the fuck bros

The gooks are propping it up. A massive correction soon

Alright, I now own 6 neo. Feel free to crash it.

NEO will go over $200 this week

Got a green ID, I should drop 100K more.

Its been correcting for the past few days. NEO will have many ICO's in the future. It's just revving up.

This. Neo is a legit pump and dump coin, that’s its primary business model.

What do you reckon would be a good $ price to aim to buy NEO at at this stage?

>This. Neo is a legit pump and dump coin, that’s its primary business model.
Neo has been more stable than 99.9% of your shitcoins you salty brainlet

bought it when it got shilled here like a week ago
juuuuuust before the big mars mission
only regret is not buying enough
might sell soon because it can't keep ATHing like that

the last dump NEO had was sometime late November IIRC, after that it has been 24/7 ATHing

Its only at 10 bil market cap. This coin could 10x from here. Also if you noticed the big dip today in BTC, ETH and BCC, and you have an IQ above 90, you will realize that it is because whales know something we don't. They are going to PUMP Neo because of some type of annoucement most likely.

The end is near, the devil Lucifer is sending to us hordes and hordes of brown pajeet demons and yellow minions to destroy all the good things in this world. The bringers of disgusting stinky curry and soy are going to make our beliefs shake. But let's not fear brothers, for we are the true humanity that will prevail.

Bitcoin was stable until it crashed too. Genius

People use ETH all the time in exchanges, to buy tokens and now for stupid collectible games. Who actually uses NEO? Are there any smart contracts of note?

Gas ladling?

top kek

Is India big on soy?

>he fell for the Tether meme

I'm glad you sold.

lol fucking 56%er, enjoy your kids' spic and nigger mutt genes by 2030 when jews fully open your borders, you mad

Many things coming this year (ICOs, dApps similar to kitties, conferences, etc.).

withdrawing with NEO is free on exchanges like Binance

Lol. Watch. Bitcoin going to rebound 50k in next few weeks, Neo back to sub $100. Screen cap it.

This. Easy 1k eoy

Had your fill of soy yet?

LMFAO, you must be the same stupid bitch who shorted NEO at 75$ dollars and claimed it would never ever break 80$

So are you a ven bagholder, possibly qtum, eth? What shitcoin did you get scammed with that you are so buttblasted?

>mfw I bought 70 NEO at $80-90

Feels good brah


Everyday I wake up filled with regret for not buying this

i sold at 10000sats :(

Anyone timed the dip during Christmas to buy in at 49 usd?

Well its definitely not too late. Only getting started.

I hold Neo in my portfolio, it's a shit coin. BTC rebounds to 50k+ within the next few weeks. Neo sub $100. Again, watch. I can 100% guarantee this. ;) Screen cap you stupid faggots.

no, I bought in at 40 in November after ignoring it until then newfag

>might sell soon because it can't keep ATHing like that

But is just keeps doing it nonetheless

You're about to BTFO NoNEO

no one cares about your shitty predictions based on pajeet TA logic

I remember when it was 50 and thought it was expensive lol

Son, NEO will never see 100$ again, probably wont even see 150$ ever again

The run might go up to $300 before icos dry out, and then dip back to $250. In the end you’d be buying higher. Look up oportunity cost.


sorry about your shitty bags that hurt you so deeply

Well, it will be 400$ soon or later

Retard. I won’t even tell you what you did wrong so you can keep making mistakes.

you missed this moon so you keep hating, wishing it dips so you can say to yourself "good I didnt buy this"

The fact is, NEO will be worth 300$ by end of the month


>bought eth @ $10
>bought neo @ $25

and i'm elon musk, buy some more FUN fgt

You are guessing

Already priced in for 1K+

wish at could short it

I sold all my NEO for XLM at $90

>that arm hair

No it doesn't. It dips like all the other coins. This is the exception because it was mooning right before this dip.