"It's your last chance to get in, don't miss the boat!"

>"It's your last chance to get in, don't miss the boat!"
>Price stays flat for weeks

Fuck you Pajeets.

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Just don't buy shitcoins (TRX, BTC, BCC, EOS, ADA...) and you'll do fine

>not realising that a flat price in this bull market is a good time to buy

you mean bear

holy shit from this angle she is ugly. I feel scammed by this roastie. Roasties makeup is a scam

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you feel that virtue signalling that you like tits makes you cool or something. it doesn't. when i want to fap i go to /s/. we dont need this constant bombardment of lewd images, its frankly irritating.


right its about damn time i just asked for her name?




I can't help but think she's going to look like this in no time.

mommy smother me with the milkies pls


fucking teenagers

too many teenagers posting on Veeky Forums, you can tell by the edginesss of the comments sometimes how young they are

pic related
sadly this is probably right

Damn you! she's making me horny, keep going O_o

get out you grumpy old bastard

Just give us a name so we can fap meanwhile our savings vanishing into oblivion

Actually last chance tho.


The first time I ever saw one of her pics I reverse googled it. In 10 minites, maube less, I had her insta, snapchat, full name and surname and a gallery of everything she had ever posted.
This is the wrong board to be a sponfed faggot.


>being ugly means no one else is ugly in the world

god fucking damn, why can't i get a gf like that what the fuck guys. i'm a handsome guy have made 50k, am 20 and i work out how the fuck am i still alone.

1. she's ugly, if you're all the things you say you are, you can get a pretty girl with big tits
2. they're probably all taken because theyre pretty with big tits, you have to be willing to take them.

do you have an angular jawline? if not then give up, don't even bother. it's all in the jaw and nothing else matters. if you also have wide eyes and fat lips then congrats, you will always be a beta male.

>dont miss the boat
is it 2016? you already have. enjoy slaving away trying to pick the right shitcoins because the days of easy gains have been gone for a long time.

and no, 10-20x are not good gains.

Give us a name u fag

send 30$ eth here 0x47d8771672928B7e642d4C21e8797849425F49ec and ill give you name

seenobody knows who she is



Stfu newfag

>10x20 not good gains

Only in the crypto world... Those are fucking amazing gains compared to anything else.

plz stop giving them money user