This is the best kept secret in crypto

Probably the best kept secret in crypto. Looks like the biggest shitcoin, no volume, no communication, but huge stuff going on behind the scenes. I happen to know a bit about it, gonna make threads in the upcoming days where I drop some hints for you lads, so you can get in before redditards realize what's going on.

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Thank you based OP

>website doesn't even have the basic https encryption

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who cares about their website
who /100k/ cruise here?


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what did he mean by this

So much pathetic shilling going on in this thread

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First hint for you: EDGAR

I think you mean TAU (agoras) ;)

If this piece of crap tries to confuse future TAU holders I am going to be very angry. Go away you Indian.

Lmao shut the fuck up OP, I barely have 1K of this gem.

TAU is also a good hold, but not really a secret. Do some in depth research on Altmarket. Project goes way back and there is not a lot of info on it. But you can find stuff if you look hard enough.

oh no another music coin

It's a music coin, but also much more than that. My second hint is Altmarket, the first one being EDGAR. This alone should be enough for you to keep your eyes open. Something to do with these two things will go down in a few weeks. A lot of people found out about it while ccex was closed. I recommend you watch the price of XTO on the 21st, when ccex reopens.

>1k tao
not gonna make it

Best kept secret. My ass.

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Yeah I have so little I may as well sell it for more REQ, but C-cex isn't accepting withdrawals or deposits.


What do you mean by this? Have you looked at the volume? There is no movement, the coin looks dead, but it has gone up quite a bit. So why is noone taking profit? Think about that for a minute user. Everyone is holding.

Because ? Yeah, I don't know, they have been talking about this since about October.

The coin is pretty illiquid, and C-CEX is a crappy exchange. is due Q2 2018. Seems like you did a bit of research on it. Have you found the roadmap user?

>"diverse" team
ill pass, thanks.


it's for TAU not TAO.

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Everything is linked from the CMC entry I posted. It links to the Bitcointalk announcement and this has a fat "new roadmap" entry. the roadmap has "" on the front page,literally. Type in browser - boom. Twitter handle as well.

That's not even research, everything is laid out, you just click through.

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Don't judge man, this is a huge challenge for the average biztard already. Step 2, are you in the private slack, where all the communication happens?

No, unfortunately not - I have a family and a day job. I can hardly follow one slack, and I would need to follow 15 at least.

Could you drop some morsels our way, pretty please?

This team is for Lamden, not for XTO. This faggot derailed this thread with another coin.

Basically there's a cruise or something among those lines as well as masternodes for 100k+ XTO holder ? I don't know much

Okay man, you actually seem interested so here it goes. Altmarket will be an SEC compliant crypto exchange based in the US. According to the Team, everything has been filed already. So if you track EDGAR for Altmarket in the next coming days and it does show up, you can safely fomo in as long as XTO is below 500 million market cap imo.

The reason it is not getting listed is because the team is following SEC guidelines like a crazy person would follow a cult. They are dead set about becoming a fully legal, regulated exchange in the US and will avoid anything that could jeopardize this endeavour, including approaching exchanges by themselves (all movements in that direction has to come from third parties) or even paying listing fees (which could be intrepreted as bribery).

Altmarket will offer normal crypto trading pairs as well as celebrity token pairs, which will have XTO base pairs. There will be token generation events called IAOs (initial artist offerings) conducted through XTO. If you look through the roadmap, you will see pictures of certain celebrities, high profile ones. You'd think "how the fuck can they use those celebs? This has to be illegal!". But no, every single celebrity in there is under contract already. Some IAOs that have been confirmed/strongly hinted at in the slack are Jimi Hendrix and Ol Dirty Bastard, where the rights were obtained from their respective estates. Jay-Z has agreed to have his token minted, but will wait to see how other IAOs go before deciding.

Also, there was a mention of an Interscope Records partnership where the "ink was drying".

There is more, but I'll save that for another thread in the near future. I don't wanna drop everything here, I want anons who can be bothered to put in some legwork with research to get in. Get in the slack, get in the discord, ask questions. It's worth it.

Nice just bought 100k

Looks pajeet as fuck though OP but im buying

Can we stop with the actual infos on XTO though ? It's not there yet, no point in letting bizlet buy this shit

Too early to shill

Just wanna give people a head start. First step is to join the slack. But please don't be one of the pajeets asking for OTC deals, noone will fucking sell to you anyway. Wait for CCex to reopen and fomo in with the rest.

They actually have OTC deals on the discord last I checked though I'm not sure anyone's selling.

It's mainly people begging someone sell them bags at a premium but noone does.

>hurr there's this 10000000x shitcoin right here but oh wait you can't buy it, but make sure to buy my bags at 5x on the 20th so you don't miss out ;))))

This is some next level larping, pajeet. Even if by some off-chance this is true and the coin does moon, there's far better ways to make money in this market. Fuck off.

>implying I'd sell this at 5x

Have you been listening? I'm expecting this to go to 10 dollars at least if the EDGAR listing actually happens. And the best thing is, you can simply watch out for it yourself. No pajeet, no larping needed. Just one hand, one eye and an IQ above 70. Everyone can do it and decide for themselves!

What about XVG?

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This is another Bryce Weiner gay fat Jew scamcoin like all his others, he'll either abandon the coin or screw his clients like he did the Rainforest Foundation.

I’m always very reluctant to get in on a coin that’s already 100x’d like this one

100x from a volume of 11 dollars per day. Every coin that has been around for a long time has seen these kind of gains.

A fucking bryce coin

Please extend ? He cleared up much of the fud I threw at him but I'd love some more bullets