craving some crypto normie laughs, specifically TRX or XRP

pic related: does anyone get a little bearish when they see ghetto black ppl posting about crypto? I live in a highly nigged out city and I've already seen plenty of them online and IRL either 1) shilling nasty shit like Tron or Ripple, or 2) attempting to spread their "cautionary tales" about getting scammed or not using an ATM correctly and losing their coins and how it's a "predatory scheme" that preys on dumb people in the ghetto blahblahblah

anyways lets see the best normies you got, I'll give away 250 TRX to anyone that can make me laugh.

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>mummy and wifey
>milk tits


>having trx
>wanting trx

>Giving away TRX
>user i'm sorry but those coins are worthless.


I recently started going back to college and one we had to "interview" one of our classmates

It was recommended that I buy ripple.
only ripple.
I wasn't even talking about currency trading.

woops wrong pic

I won it playing pool with a friend

it's a bit of a joke, I don't even know if binance will let me w/d that little

i want her to lick my asshole after spray painting my butt cheeks with the XLM logo. Dubs confirm I slay this thot today


kek has forsaken me

Did she mean Nipple Queen?


gonna be posting some of my personal collection, bump if you're enjoying em

I wanna smell a fart that ripples outta that. Lord please

Gets me errry time

thats not a normie you retard


Holy fucking shit.
I have lost faith in humanity.


fucking dorks in here.

Moar pls!


been on a mission to collect orbiter-advice-seeking whenever I can find it


I'll do my best

>not a normie
>has crypto in the username

kek. Veeky Forums is full of normies also, though.

>Wolf of my street
Top Kek

>#Crypto #Expert
vwwebsource.com/modules/Certification2016/build/docs/Complete_Catalog.pdf (see page 4)

>"Not Goliath" Goldshekelstein
he probably does have certifications in "advanced finance skills assessment" and "Office Skills Workshop"

i cringe everytime i see some dumb ghetto nigger talking about crypto.

>jewish car salesman


>Being so lonely you make generals about normies because you can never be like them
Anything for a little attention, it's why you're an active poster after all, you just want people to talk with.


Skip to 3 minutes in. This idiot got scammed 3 times tryna buy btc lmao. Best part is she explains it like it’s not her fault at all


Why is it always cripple?

fucking kek

what are you on about?

Its not even crypto related but it slays me every time i see it.


crypto is now unironically full of normies, niggers, women and kids trying to make easy money doing nothing

These threads really illustrate how important it is to stay away from Tron and ripple


Good, they’re all bagholding idiots. It’s all ripple, tron and ltc lol. Let them get pajeeted and depleted while autists and neets actually make the money

Her tits look like this o_O

What an embarrassment to the Jewish masterrace.

Most of the videos like this are pajeet-tier referral linking.

if you really are the masterrace, why are most of your faces so unfathomably repulsive? literally every other race is more attractive and healthy-looking

normie trying to fit in detected

How is this ant different from the trailer park subhumans who post here prognosticating about shit they know nothing about

You are the same and probably get shit more wrong than the nig

Mass adoption is the whole goal you fucking idiots. You expect to get massively wealthy if crypto stays an obscure project of basement dwelling losers like us?

>basement dwelling losers like us

Nice try fitting in here, norman

check out that beak looks like a mcdonalds toy

There's a difference between money coming from big partnerships, new coins with relevant use-cases and new technologies, and money coming from normies (the so-called "dumb money").

If they were actually using cryptocurrencies as an alternative to fiat - which would break government and Central Banks - I would not complain. But they think it's a new stock market where you can double your money, and panic when their shitcoin drops just a little.

This just reads like a paid ad.

Wish I could find the upvote button!

nice projection, not all of us have rich mommies and daddies we can mooch off of to invest in crypto

why are women allowed to vote?

Because our ancestors made a lot of terrible mistakes


my current emotion reading this thread
not quite disgust, not quite cringe, but i do feel ill
is there a pepe for this?

lmfao I cant wait till the market crashes

She's right though. Hayden has a higher IQ than you, user.

Horses are beautiful, but they don't run the world.

I'm from Moldova, it's all true.

very happy Veeky Forums is the only sane place in the universe

It's just all politics. Back in the old days, campaign options were very limited, so the (American) politicians decided to include women in voting "rights" and then there's the racial campaign which included the colored, just so they could increase some greedy politician's votes.

You need these newbies to bring there fiat so we can cash in. Some will make it which is great cause they love to brag bringing in more people.

The sanest people can see what the world truly is behind beds and roses, which is in this case, the entirety of Veeky Forums.



You brought it on you self and the law of cycle's completes

AND miss out on decentralized 4 chan!? no thanks... My TRX allows me to decentralized EVERYTHING


EGAS has a 13 mil max coin supply and the price is sub 10cents right now. Even if it turns out to be a scamcoin it will definitely get pumped to $1 before then and that will only put it at 13m market cap.
Take a look@ coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/


She's been shilling XRP for a really long time. I've only been following it since 0.17, but she was one of the top shills at that time as well. She's probably been shilling XRP since it was less than a penny. She's OG.