Who else is having fun? Get in here

Got in at the ICO, fun times ahead.

here we are

Every day is one less of casino opening


When will it stop bleeding,it's getting scary guys...

Why are has the FUN been deserted.?
Where is Chad?

Why has the FUN thread been deserted *

Been in since 4cents, im up quite a bit, im more worried for the future. Holding with iron hands, i will be bagholder until the end of my days if it comes to FUN, but that doesnt mean I want that to happen. Still safe to say we will hit 22cents end of month?

10k fun here, bought in at 1100 sats

Its just normies with weak hands.
Lost 1000 FUN on BNB scam.
Feel like killing myself. Thatsa be so much 2022

I was so confident, what the fuck is happening everything is red. I went from being excited to check Blockfolio to being afraid of looking at it.
(still haven't checked today)


>he doesn’t measure in sats

>M-muh sats

It was 0,15 one week ago, it's on a downtrend since then

>bought in at .16
One Dollar EOY right brehs? I’m not having much FUN as of now.

Yes before the Korea FUD and BTC crashes

You bought at ATH dumbass

45k fun, wish I could buy more

Fuckin gooks, when will it recover?


I bought in at 17 cents

Iron hands brother

Early Feb, maybe earlier when roadmap is released


>implying I will wait this long, while everything else is going on Mars. Fuck you

Easily. We're only 2 weeks into 2018.

How much u got

>implying that over 70x gains in a year is bad

For me it means I can retire (though I won't). For you it means nothing because you're so poor that any amount of gains means nothing.

Fuck you pajeet, sure I can easily imagine how you can retirre with 50 dollars in your shitting street house. I have 100k, it doesn't mean I can retire but I can buy a flat in my clean white country street.
Plus, it's not my only investment, but I imagine you are one of those dumb bitch claiming 'I'm all in' proudly on reddit before it tanks and drags you in it's fall.

I'm not Indian you fucking racist. I was in at the beginning because my source of information isn't this racist shithole. Enjoy your redneck relatives in the south.

'muh racism' I am a human too, I have feefees. I'm proud of muh race ( where at da white wimin at though)
Fuck off and FUN better reach 1usd by the way.
See ya

Hodl for Fair-chan

I have 96k FUN and I have no plan of daytrading or holding other shitcoins.
I just wanna hold FUN for a 1, 2 maybe 3 years.

Yet gon' make it boi

I'm white dip shit. We're all white. You guys like to make up enemies for your blatant stupidity.

You's told him goooood. Eric.

Now get ya ass back to da Cuckold subreddit before i hit ''your'' wife a.k.a MY property.

> (You)
>You's told him goooood. Eric.


Says the guy with yhe pink ID.

Pajeet detected

Chad and his fade have left us, face it boys

> Doesn't know his colors


> being colourblind
> being retarded
> being a sjw on a anonymous imageboard
> being subhuman

This combination, can't be.
Might this be the work of the jew?

> not being racist means SJW

That's exactly what you've been doing, being a social justice warrior.

>I won't wait a year to get a million dollars

Yeah, I'll wait

>tfw missed the pump and couldn't sell high and rebuy low


More adorable fun mascots
We have like four so far, two animeshit, two drawn

If only it helped our prices

We were at a floor of 18 - 19c before the Korean fud. It did help out prices. Whales just jumped at the chance to accumulate for cheap a second time so they've got walls up.

A week before ICE they'll let the walls down and it'll pump. I wouldn't be surprised if we end up at 20c+ as the new floor, which will only build up until ICE where it'll boom further.

>kept on buying more as it went up