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wanna buy UFR but too pussy right now

I sold ant/NEO at $5

I sold low father

please forgive my weak hands

Bought TRX at 1200 sats,

sold today at 550 sats

I'm holding PRL and BNTY. I want out.

Bought XRP at .20
Bought even more at 3

I had a chance to sell for a break even/small profit on a coin and greed took over thinking the rise would continue. I will not name the coin because I believe it still to be better than most shit coins. I am currently down 30% on said failure to realize a small gain....

Bought TRX at .102 instead of NEO
Still holding strong.

Sister and I thought we were going to die in a nuclear attack yesterday and had sex.

Been awkward since and I havnt slept

>had a full day to sell at 600% ATH
>didn't sell
>now everything is only up 200%

I went all in in Litecoin at 300. Had to wait 3 weeks to get the value back by selling bit by bit at intermittant peaks. Went in in ETH instead, but thought LTC was stacking up for a moon so moved everything out of Ether to buy the 'dip' at 278.

Was she good?

I sold XLM at a loss




Could’ve made an easy 10k+ with TAU but fat fingered

Nuclear attack options

a) calmly proceed to beyond presumed blast radius.

b) hide under table

c) bang your sister

I dare say, you chose wisely, user

I bought 250 ripple at $3.09.

i sold verge at 0.02

I FOMO'd into a pump and sold sideways before the pump was over because there was a slight dip after I bought.

Didn't sell PRL near the high, at least I sold low and rebought some more lower, but I am technically down alot.

You're worse off than any of us, user, you didn't even buy crypto

i sold 500 NEO at $40

Bought salt at just under 0.001 BTC. Still haven't sold because I'm too stubborn to sell at a loss. But am poorfag so it ties up a significant part of my portfolio

Even if I make it, I have no interest in buying a lambo

have been watching the crypto shit show since the false crypto ban in korea, haven't sold 1 fucking coin

I bought my first crypto last week and FOMO’d in and bought a lot of stuff at an ATH, luckily 80% of my portfolio is ETH bought at intervals of 1100-1200. But I LARP on here as someone who’s been trading crypto for years with over 500k I made with a 200 dollar investment last year.

I sold my panic sold my FUN and rebought when it went back up. Forgive me father for I have sinned.


Give more details.

Not doing my own research and just buying ICX and LINK as you guys tell me…

Bought UFR at 3$ because of the shilling, didn't believe them and panicsold at 1$, now backed in at 1.5$
=> lost 4/5 of my position because I didn't buy and hodl till promised land

not a sin baka

Wasted 20btc on chaturbate tipping traps

In some alternate timeline:

>Turns out there's more to the story of the "Nuclear Lovers", who died in the nuclear blast on Honolulu in 2018 and have since become an internationally recognized symbol of love. Recent analysis reveals that the two lovers are actually brother and sister. Furthermore, it has been revealed that she didn't even orgasm and was thinking of Chad the whole time

I left my coins at coinsmarkets. The site has been down for 2 weeks now.

I baught Ripple on March and sold on April for barely a profit...

same, i wish i could do this but i dont know what im doing so holding is simpler

So… when are those ICX supposed to grow in price, and when should I sell them?... And what to buy next?

Bought DBC at 8 cents and I never sold. Now we're below 20 cents again.

i bought the hype but didn't sell the news

I dont read any whitepaper

Went all in on VEN with the tobacco announcement. -14% today.

I sold 1,500,000 XVG below $0.01.

Not bad here is (you)

Will you try your luck convincing her there will be a nuclear attack again? If she plays along then you know she's game.

I hope you havent thought of suicide

I bought DBC at 23c, 32c and 42c. The last 42c was when I was 50% ETH and 50% DBC. Since then I've been 100% DBC and I've watched my portfolio literally split in half

The only whitepapers I've read are Shitcoin and Kimcoin

I nearly did that luckily I held and sold right after this.

never all in

I bought SNOV, RPX, DBC DENT and LTH and I really think about sell everything but I cant. I dont want to be weak but when I see that my coins are 30-50% on red I havent power. Pliz Father.. give something, some reason to live, to not sell....

bought CAN, thinking it would go up, shit is fucking crashing, I've never been so justed on my fucking life.

Doubled down on DENT at 650 sats, sold some on the way down but still bag holding.

Wtf is wrong with that coin it's literally a working product

Crypto is all about who can tell the biggest lies and hype their buyers up the most. Just look at LINK


I dont know, i really like this project. fucking whales...

Your right and I try to see through that, I use biz to get names of potential coins and then start searching them to see what the actual sentiment is.

The price manipulation on it has been insane, constant walls up moving around.

I genuinely like the project aswell I thought I'd finally found something to get in early ($0.05) and hold a nice amount, at one point I had 50k of them.

Ngl I'm tempted to get back in that these prices but the money I took out I put into ven when it dipped so I'm bag holding there aswell.

Dear father forgive me for I have sinned.
I borrowed money from the russian mafia and made all in on a coin called TRX aka TRON. If I don't pay my debt with them next month with 60% interest, I will lose a toe. Next month 120% interest, another toe. What now?

I was part of the team paid by John McAfee to spread FUD and fake news on Verge XVG. We are still buying..

I feel horrible after reading all the people that lost money on this.

Sold antshares at 15$, bought higher and sold again at 50$ dude fuck me

i bought prg for $2,5 in the ico

pretended to be into TRON to trick this kid who just copies me at face value to invest all his money into it blindly. feeling really good atm since hes probably down 50%

I didn't understand the concept of "Moon Mission".
I'm digging under 0 with my CanYaDig bag

I fomod into link at 1.40

I'm sorry about Canya stop falling holders but let it be a lesson. The more expensive it was the more likely you won't forget it.

I went all in on shitcoins for the first time since june


>The more expensive it was the more likely you won't forget it.
I wasted 0.1eth in this shitcoin when it was around 5$.
Could have sold for less and cut loss but it kept falling.
Fuck this hodling shit.

If a coin is already worth hundreds, I don't invest in it. I want more coins, not fractions of coins.

i lost all my gains this week from hodl meme


i got scammed by bitpetite

my stomach hurts and i don't care about money

I hope like hell Crypto hasn't seen it's best days already and I'm just one of millions of bagholders waiting for a market explosion that will never happen .

looks painful

i got lucky and did a 10x in my first month of crypto and now i think that I will be able to do that every month

>tfw brother and sister didn't die, but now live in shame

same here buddy... same here

I bought the wrong KEY on ED, luckily I got out unscathed.

Just buy EGAS and hold it...13mil max supply and the price is sub $0.10 - at $1 it will only be 13mil market cap and even if it turns out to be a scamcoin thats still 10x returns.
Take a look@

I thought the opposite of a bull market was a cuck market for way too long.

Forgive me father for i have bought trx at 920